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  1. I thought it was supposed to be open for opening day as the parks flagship.
  2. Going opening day. I'll try and find what's changed. I'm really exited to see Skyscreamer and stuff.
  3. I'm sure they started, but their social media team is in a limbo. It may become more active when the website and app switch over. Other than that the theme song is odd but fits Six Flags
  4. I know a great place it can go! Its called Hanson Metal LLC, right in Central LA. Not the most family friendly park but it's great for the ride!
  5. Anyone else think Six Flags will thowback and Viper will return to green? It'd be pretty cool, but I prefer it black. I also think Ride Of Steel looks good in pink!
  6. http://cogeneseeny.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=0600d51c145b44c1b13dfb773063af03 Find Darien on this map and it shows Tantrum in at least April. Also those operations are really bad on that day, they were dipatching Tantrum like no tomorrow everytime I went. The queue was filled and I waited <30 minutes.
  7. ^ It updated a little before 2017 opening day I believe, if you dig deep enough you can find Tantrum being built in the snow. I think it's on the county's site.
  8. ^I think it's Six Flags new logo, it's interesting because it resembles Fantasy Island's logo.
  9. I rode in the blue car once, I rode in the 2nd row seats though so I didn't notice.
  10. The only thing is, blue train has barley seen the light of day, so it couldn't be peeling that bad. But it's the one they have unwraped, so I'm thinking they may just be repainting the trains.
  11. Watch Six Flags return it to how they made it and paint the track green again and make the trains the old school colors.
  12. One of the shreds is on my drawing, I don't know if they were there during regular season, but during haunt they we're right next to the break run. My username may be Ride Of Steel, but Viper is #1!
  13. Yeah, you can find a bunch of vynil shreds near it's Fright Fest exit. I'd be lying if I said that there isn't a bit on my phone.
  14. Can someone tell me what's up with Viper's blue train? The area around the wheel seems to be jetted out more than Orange's and the whole vynil is gone! The "damaged" train How the trains are supposed to look
  15. The only issue being that they've owned the park for more than 5 months already.
  16. We just want Darien connected to the other parks in websites and apps, but they haven't switched.
  17. I've been constantly downloading the Six Flags app hoping Darien Lake is on it, but it just presets me to TGE.
  18. ^I guess I'm just not used to seeing so many ads placed around the park, I'm used to Tops ads here and there (RIP Tops X Darien) but the Six Flags way will always prevail.
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