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  1. Glad to see they went with the old style Six Flags logo for the campground! Looks amazing.
  2. Google Maps updated to September 2018. Now shows Tantrum and fright fest construction.
  3. Wow man thanks, gives me a ton of hope for the season ahead! (Edit): Fast pass was mentioned in that TR for parks that do not carry the DC theming, on the other hand we at Darien have Flashpass.
  4. The park posted a few pictures of signage around the place. Here's the upgraded entrance sign looking great!
  5. All the other SF Parks are active, once Darien gets in the groove it should be like it was. Maybe better. (Although it was nice when they did fan pictures.)
  6. I just wanna see the comment again, I have a few people who wanna see it.
  7. She probably also was in a Essential Oils group on Facebook. Can we find her profile again?
  8. Also Six Flags hates Gerstlauer so of course they'd make *that* ride the delayed one.
  9. I'm sure there was Facebook outrage like last year when someone said that Tantrum was B:TE repainted.
  10. A DM from Darien on Twitter. They didn't give me much info as they want to make a big announcement or something.
  11. Okay, there will be a normal passholder event later in May. Details from the park coming soon.
  12. Just saying, the one in Orlando got built and opened in like 3 weeks. It's also 2x the height of ours.
  13. The park should be looking nice by then! I'm happy for a season of general improvements to the park.
  14. A few things, I hate what this thread has become, at this point it's people with "better" parks to go to bashing this one. If you're not here to have a civil discussion then why are you here? Secondly more on topic, the campgrounds near Viper are extremely nice, we've spent upwards of two weeks there. Some have patios and stuff, also the parks skyline from the campground is amazing.
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