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  1. At least put a sign up, Viper had a birthday party with cupcakes for God's sake, this is Ride Of Steel we're talking about.
  2. They're not gonna draw attention to it because of the down time when they could be paying attention to the other working rides.
  3. I mean they've paid attention to the other rides, Vipers station and electric are getting fixed and it got new lights, as well as Mind Eraser getting music. But I guess they see ride of steel as a liability because of it's downtime.
  4. Yeah I've been pissed at Six Flags all season, so far they've barley paid attention to it. I wouldn't be suprised if it got the new trains either.
  5. I think it was the Goliath twins at La Rondé and over Georgia. Or Superman at Six Flags Mexico.
  6. Jeez, I've never seen a POV of one of those things, I'd rather have a SR2.
  7. Interesting, Tantrum had a ride time of roughly 21 seconds this year, freespins are shorter? Odd.
  8. Guys, we're getting a Giga called Batman the Escape! (I saw it on Instagram)
  9. I got my uniform today, let me say they're amazing. The color doesn't scream "Traffic Cone" and more "I work here stop putting me in the road".
  10. Yeah, I looked forever for a charging station at Darien, they dont have one but I think that should be the next big improvement.
  11. There are speakers in the older rides stations, if you watch the 2001 off ride of Viper there is music. Mind Erasers was the only one on today though.
  12. Six Flags Skyscreamer is currently at the top of the tower. Nice photo TR too.
  13. Music is on in Mind Erasers station. Gonna move around the park to see what I hear.
  14. Hey I was there for that thing with the lady, my brother was one of the people who got kicked off instead of her. Also with some fooling around I found out that Buffalo, Batavia, and Mt Morris areas will be within SkyScreamers horizon. Meaning that you will get a decent view so not entirely nothing.
  15. I'm starting to think it has something to do with the Ignite the Night. They started testing lights on Opening Day and when they did the music near Crossroads all the way up to Skyscreamer started playing.
  16. I'll be there tomorrow, you may be right about Blast Off's cable. The one facing Boomerang has been covered in oil for years and they just out buckets and towels under it. The others looked fine.
  17. Ah, there's a Manhatten Sqaure in Rochester. So I thought possibly in Buffalo too lol.
  18. The roof is sitting next to the ride right now. Behind the bar building next to it. Also with tons of asking around a POV watching I've concluded Gateway Arch is not visible from Skyscreamer as there is a massive hill in the way (Pretty funny if you ask me) but knowing Six Flags with their whole "combined speed thing" they're talking about a small part if Buffalo called Manhatten or something.
  19. I did a crap ton of Geography. I don't think SFSL is telling the truth lmao.
  20. I hope they meant Buffalo, because the Buffalo skyline is visible from RoS, Viper, and Ride of Steel.
  21. Yeah the line was massive on Sunday. All last year it was as well. The death of the backwards cycle helps with that I'm sure.
  22. Next year it doesn't even swing, and there's no lapbars either. It's an omnimover now, Six Flags will love advertising that.
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