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  1. December Second in the UK, which is a friday, just in time for Christmas. But I pre ordered mine a few weeks ago, couldnt wait to KNOW I was going to get one, gimme gimme gimme!


    As for PS 3 and Revolution dates? Hahahahhaa! You wont get those till this time next year - and thats if you're lucky!


    They still havnt finished the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for the PS3 (all the frames at E3 were pre rendered, Sony admitted it afterwards) and they are up in arms about the whole blu ray drive issue, should they or shouldnt they? Blu Ray - top stuff for speed, but it'll push the price of the console waaaaay beyond that of it's main competitor, the 360.


    As for Revolution, they seem to be rather tight lipped about that one, but I cant wait for it!



  2. I like the black ones, but I have a mini (silver, 4 gig) and I can't justify spending another £130 so soon after getting this one, and since the mini stays in my laptop bag size isnt really a problem, no pocket space needed!


    But that black ones really nice .... tempted! :?


    *edit* I just looked up the precessor and it's 1.7Ghz. Thats fine, but me being a gamer, I would get something faster.


    The baseline Powermac would be plenty powerful enough for casual gaming )read my fist post) , nothing immense like Doom 3 on top res, but I use my ibook for a bit of Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament and Age of Mythology from time to time and it plays them all top notch - remember, a laptop is NOT a PC replacment machine, they may end up being marketed as that, but maaaaany factors would prove different, overheating being one of the main issues.

  4. Sixteen hundred dollars? Man, you could get a powermac g4 for that price, and it would troucne it power wise - Mac's are FAST, friendly and if you're after editing: Look no further.


    IBM G4 power processor:


    G4 Mobile Processor's are great, it may only have a 1.4 ghz clock speed, but the support a higher L2 cahce and better Front Side Bus (FSB), along with better "pipelines" which the (for a lack of a better term) data runs along, the shorter and more the better, so it crunches the numbers faster than a P4 or AMD Athlon with TWICE the equivalent clock speed, for example:


    A G4 processor with a 1ghz (1000 mhz) clock speed will out run a 1.8 ghz pentium 4 or 1800+ Athlon XP processor in all basic and editing applications.





    EDIT: I just realised that the laptop you mentioned has 128mb integrated graphics, compared to the 64 mb DEDICATED graphics in an ibook / powerbook, integrated graphics rapes the amount from system memory, for example, if it has 512mb memory, it will use 128 mb of it for graphics, thus the PC will effectivly only have 384 mb of memory, which will slow down applications if you hvae a few running, this wont happen in the G4 as it has a dedicated graphics card.


    EDIT 2: Also, a G4 comes with a bluetooth chip built in, which I absoloutly LOVE in my ibook, great for getting things to other Mac desktops / laptops or even you're mobile phones / PDA's.

  5. Man that sucks, the lil guy ruled, may TPR siggy's forever glorify his memory!


    Also, will you be getting a Rattums Revenge? Surely if Six Flags keep naming coasters Batman you can keep naming hamsters Rattums Revenge I, II, III and so on?


    Rattums for President of hamster heaven!

  6. "That's an awful name! It's even worse than Rita!"


    ...and yeah, I'd hve to agree with them.


    LIES! It's a GREAT name, I can see it now, TPR's 2006 Thorpe Park visit, come and have ERT on a HUMDINGER of a ride, it's shitty on so many levels that it rules!


    EDIT: Read the sections Q&A, oh man, Erol from CoasterForce stuck it to the man with his question, lmfao - they'll have loved wriggling out of that one.

  7. I voted "I wandered aimlessly", then realised - I LIE, I LIE!


    I was looking around for piccy's of Flaming Lands Magnum Force for a school project type thingy, and you guy's had just got back from the European Oddessey tour - cha ching! I hung around and checked the updates and videos (some of my fave on the net), then a few years later - forums!


    *Much rejoicing*

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