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  1. 17. When the money comes out of the ATM, scream, "I won, I won!"


    Good idea, I cant wait to try it


    26: Play dress up - I played a Vampire:The Masquarade live action game at Lazerquest Huddersfield last year, I went in my character's guise: Union Jack boxershort's, an orange bathrobe, a PVC mask made to look like someone's torn of face (a'la Lisa Trevor, Resident Evil) whilst dragging a teddy bear along in a dog leash.


    Victory to the Malkavian's!



    (No I dont have a picture of it, and if I did I would'nt show it, you don't want to see me in underwear!

  2. Depend's on what you want, if you want a games machine, build one, hand's down - no pre built for the same price will touch it (and forget about people like alienware and falcon northwest, DAMN expensive). I'd reccomend an AMD 64 (SKT 939) 3500, a gig of RAM (go for a brand like Corsair, not cheapo stuff), any hard drive you want (but SATA II is where it's at, apparently) and defo PCI Express graphic's, and if you can afford it: Crossfire or SLI, but that would put a BIG hurt on the wallet.


    If you just qant a machine for everyday use, by all mean's, buy a Dell, but just get an AGP 8x graphic's card for sure, and dont settle for anything less than 512mb of memory - ever. Personally, I'd never buy a Dell - as an enthusiast I pick holes: Crap cases, cheap memory, intergrated sound and graphic's, and godforbid ....... a crap and inefficent PSU *shudder's* ..... Dell, IMO have one thing good in their computer's ... Foxconn motherboard's, they roxorz!


    EDIT: Intel P4 processors in them too! *Shake's head tutting* Go AMD!

  3. Went on a bit of a bender with my mate's last saturday night for a haloween RPG party, over the night I drank:


    Nine can's of Carling.

    Two Black Russian's.

    Three Tequila Slammer's.

    Two pint's of mother's milk (Vodka, mixed with coffee liquer and milk).

    Two can's of Special Brew (God help us).

    Half a pint of GREEN (2x Archer's, 2x Gin, 2 x Vodka and 1 x Blue Curacao, topped up in a pint glass with Dry Cider).


    I was well and truly on my ass by 4 am! Yey celebration's!

  4. No it can't be Goliath lol, its just some coaster that the recolored to look like Goliath will look...


    Yep, it's Nitro, anyway, LOAD'S of park's use existing ride's and re-colour the photo's for advertising, or just use other rides completely, make's sense to me..... People want a realistic idea of what the ride will be like .... look no further than an exisiting ride of the same model!

  5. -B&M won't build over 250 ft

    -they would need to use a 500 traditional lift

    -where would they fit the above?

    -imagine how fast it would go and the g forces, I don't know if the human body could handle them in that position


    1: A flying coaster does not have to be built by B&M, I'd bet my cat that Intamin either have, or are working on a design for a flying coaster of sort's, maybe not like B&M's, but still a flyer.


    2: Not true, a vertical lift could well be possible, and a modified cable lift could be used, MF get's to 310 feet in a space roughly two third's the space of a "normal" lift hill, so five hundred feet could be done, not impossible.


    3: See above, vertical lift / cable lift = less space.


    4: Again, not set in concrete, who say's the ride would have a single drop of 500 feet? It does'nt have to get all that way down in one go, it could drop in "sections", true, it would make the ride far less spectacular, but that's a possibility.


    The posisiton would also not affect thing's big time, infact, posistion affect's thing's a piddly amount compared to the track, tight corner's, drop's and twist's create high g forces, not lying down.


    Another thing you seem to be missing here is COST, that thing would cost million's of dollar's, I doubt the park would be able to pull enough punter's in to fund a ride of that proportion, it simply is'nt financially viable.


    Rubbish me say's!


    I'd like to see CP let Arrow Dynamics build them another coaster. Doesn't have to be a huge coaster, just something unique.


    I assume you mean S&S Arrow? Ad themselve's no longer exist, they collapsed during the construction of X at SFMM over a legal battle with the firm, then S&S picked up the pieces ...... and those yummy 4D designs!

  6. Haha, The Ultimate at Light Water Valley, seriously, it may be old, it may be brutal, but ride back seat and you absoloutly fly down the drop's, the second one in particular, since you're pulled along a straight section of track before hand!


    Here it is:




    Fun fun!


    The lift's themselves however, are piss poor to say the least, so god damned slow!

  7. Some folks just need the tax break... or just a little bit more in the welfare check


    Yeah, but it doesnt work like that, you'd get more money, but you'd still have more mouth's to feed, they seem to enjoy this idea in places like Africa, more kid's working = more money! But the uneducated fool's dont seem to notice that more kids = more food to be purhcased! Zing!

  8. EDIT: SuperCrack beat me to the Ralph qoute, damn his hide!


    Bart: Aren't we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas time? You know, the birth of Santa.


    Duffman: Hey Duff lovers! Does anyone in this bar looooooove Duff?

    Carl: Hey guy's, it's Duffman!

    Lenny: Newsweek said you died of liver failure.

    Duffman: Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him. Oooh yeah!


    Chief Wiggum on phone: Uh, Mrs. Simpson, I have some bad news. Your husband was found DOA.

    Marge: Oh my god! He's dead?

    Chief Wiggum: Oh, I'm sorry. He was DUI. I get those two confused. (hangs up the phone)

    Woman walks in: My name is Mrs. Phillips. You said my husband was DUI?

    Chief Wiggum: Uh... talk to one of those officers over there. I'm going out to lunch.

  9. ^^Rita gives loads of airtime...


    No it does'nt, it gives three shitty little blast's, now the Grand National, that's LOT'S of airtime, rita is just "meh", fourty second's of green scenic blur and neck chopping.


    The train's are fine, no need to complain, they staple you in the same place as the T bar, but just have the over shoulder loop (which doesnt touch you anyway), so really, it's no biggy, there will be plenty of airtime.

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