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  1. --Robb "Games are getting more and more expensive to make and in some cases, more expensive than movies." Alvey


    Robb is right, games will be more expensive, excpect to see the same (if not more) with PS3 and it's Blu Ray disc's, Dual Layer is expensive, but Blu Ray more so, don't expect this generation's technology at last gen prices - you'll be sorely dissapointed if you do.


    Seriously though, they ar'nt over heating on their own, if you stack then on a crammed shelf - what do you expect?.


    It's the same with a PC, keep the back too close to a wall, and the air being pushed out by the fans can't escape into the room properly, I can guarentee you that 9/10 of the over heating issues are because people are putting the consoles in a crowded space - not using their noggin'!

  2. You should have got an X800 GT or X800 GTO if you wanted an ATi card, or the much loved (but not by me) 6600GT if you wanted a mid range performance card, frankly, the X700 pro is poor when compared with the above card's, but with a minimal price difference!

  3. that and thier custom "cell processor" will be expensive


    Well, it won't be costing much more to develop than the processor in the 360, they are effectivly the same base unit (IBM Triple Core 3.2Ghz CPU), they just go about the cache, pipeline's and FSB differently - Also, Microsoft's will have been a bugger to do, sicne it is directly linked to the GPU through the FSB.


    This kind of stuff is why I'm a Playstation guy. These stories are ridiculous. Gotta hand it to Microsoft for only making a limited number this first time.


    This has happened with ALL revolutionary console's, the PS2 had issue's beyond belief when it launched, and I can guarentee you the PS3 will have the same issue's.


    Also handing it to them for not making load's seem's strange - Jay Allard openly said they could'nt make them fast enough to supply demand.



    sony will step up and provide their Triple A developers with devkits early in the development cycle


    Oh yeah, Sony at E3 - The people who had a games console that uses around 250 watt's of power but it did'nt have any ventilation hole's, amazing!


    They did'nt even have a finished Graphic's Card - Nvidea said that a week after the show, the video's they shew were done by the same people who made the introduction movie to the PS2 game "Killzone".

  4. ^ Apparently (RUMOR ALERT) Sony will be selling the PS3 at a loss, to hawk out the Blu Ray technology inside it, noe, personally - I can't see it happening, and it would be a massive gamble for the company, but I dunno. :?


    You can bet you're ass it'll cost more than XBOX 360 though, that's for sure, Blu Ray hard drive's are EXPENSIVE, very expensive, I can't see the console costing less than $500. They'll probably throw out a few model's though, one with, and one without Blu Ray HD tech.

  5. People saying "Oh well, glad I'm waiting for the PS3" will more than likely be in for a shock, I'd bet my cat that the same problems will arise, hoard's of folk's and dare I say it ..... fanboy's *shudder's* will be assailing themselves upon the shops's just like they have done with the 360.


    Mental note to self: On December 2nd, take Shotgun to GAME in Huddersfield, the fanboy's may lack common sense, but physical threat's still work!

  6. I see an Microstar International motherboard - good man I say, good man!



    I think I've got you beat:


    Yeah, you kicked my ass:


    Two hard drive's Raid 0, CD / RW DVD ROM (combo drive) and a floppy drive, used only to install the RAID driver's - I son't know why it's still in the machine! :? :?

  7. That was the most disgusting keyboard I've EVER seen.


    Haha, you should have seen one of my old keyboard's - we called it Derek, since we were sure there was *something* sentient under those key's, it made a squelching sound when you used it!


    We dared a mate to lick the thing, and due to him being rather sensible, he refused!


    That's a pretty sweet deal, but I still stand by my AMD flag on this one: Booooo to Intel!

  8. A saw a guy on a different forum post "1337" earlier, I mean, what the HELL is that?


    His house number?

    His credit card pin?

    Part of a phone number?

    His account password?

    The amount of time's Robb has made a fool of himself for the public?


    I MEAN, WTF? :?

  9. However, any ERT or Park Perks will just be for trip participants.


    Give you a mega hug if you give me ERT on the Grand National!


    but at the same time, it will be one of those rides that's so awesomely bad it will be great!


    Oh man, You'd LOVE it if you like terrible ride's, it's like having a aluminium trash can put over you're head and then having someone bash you around with a lump o' wood, and as I said before, if you're lucky ... it may complete the circuit! :shock:

  10. Quite a few thing's, but the gypo's with the golf club's did the best job of knocking me on my ass! Git's!


    When I was 10 I was hit by a truck. I still have a scare in my forehead.


    Yeah, I got mine in the form of a transit van though, but that broke my right leg, to this day I still can't run without looking like I've pissed meself!

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