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  1. I did Nemesis Inferno 21 times in a day with my friend Rob, not bad considering the normal queue was 70 mins (huzzah signle rider).


    Done Megafobia a good number of times in a day aswell, the park was totally dead, maybe thirty times - all I remember is zipping by the lake many, many times - yey!

  2. ^ It's not so much as the cheap and space factor, as the momentum factor, inversions take quite a bit of steam out of a ride, so without having something massivly tall - the easiest way to get many inversions is to have those that dont remove much kinetic potential majiggy from the train - ie, sloped barrell rolls

  3. Newsflash: Choice IS an issue.


    If Vekoma coasters do you no good, stay of them, if I dont like a coaster I take the sensible option ..... dont ride it again, no fanfare and no parade and no second chances.


    But then again, I've ridden plenty of coasters and had no issues with one yet, sure, some have been rough - but elts face it you're swooping around at high speeds and twisting through inversions, do you expect a skate on ice? Not charicteristic *ties hands down to stop rant* blah blah.

  4. It has to be expedition ge force, without a doubt - it's absoloutly amazing from start to finish. Crazy drop, crazy airtime, crazy turns along with a smooth ride and brilliant trains - brilliant combination


    Plus it was raining, we flew into the breaks, it keeps its speed very well, damn I want another go!

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