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  1. I'm waiting for the day that the first SLC gets scrapped for good - I'll have the champagne on ice!


    Devil!! The SLC is a great little ride, and with hte new chassis and axles on the cars - apparently quite smooth.


    The jaws of life can cut through a roller coasters structure? Wow those things are powerfull.


    Nah, it will probably have been some walk way or smaller structures, you'd never get through a coaster track tube with them, you'd need a "BIG FOOK OFF" cutting disc, and it would take forever to get through the thing, so if they had to cut the track, they'd use that and not the jaws.

  2. They could crank the speed up, but it wouldnt be safe, like I said, just a few mph makes ALL the difference, KK makes it up 36 feet of track with just 8 mph extra speed, so if TTD did say, 130 mph, it would absoloutly rocket over the top hat, and it wouldnt be comfortable - or safe, it would put too great a stress on the riders and over time, the trains.

  3. so when it launches twise, does it stop and then launch or does it not stop and go forward instantly?


    It just slows down and rolls back into launching posistion, they then reset everything, which takes about ten minutes, it *technically* isnt needed though, you could just set it back at the start of the launch and try again, but Health and Safety you know, plus, all that wasted power.......


    So I walked out of the station and took a glance to find the train perfectly on the top hat. It was so crazy to actually see in person.


    That would be so cool to see, and even better to have it happen to you, odd's on it wont happen often though, it would have to be PERFECTLY balanced for that to happen, I suppose you could just go up there and give it a quick shove forward to get it going, but it'd take a good few people!


    KK always comes soooo close to rolling back but it dosn't


    That doesnt mean it wont, it could happen anytime unless its well and truly over speed when launched, the difference of even two miles an hour can make ALL the difference when it comes to the train making it over the top, odd's on, its bound to happen every now and again.

  4. and why people think I'm mad for riding SFMM's Psyclone 6 times in a row all but once in the back


    Because it's a right bone shaker Pete!


    I'll ride soemthing as many times as I can, if I could get twenty rides on something, I probably will, me and Rob did it on Nemesis Inferno, and I've done it on other rides, Megafobia, Shockwave (DMP), Goliath Holland, The Ultimate, PMBO and the Big Dipper (BPB) to name some of my "most ridden coasters".


    Go on! Repat ride, you know you want to!

  5. Got a bit of everything rolling through here at the moment!


    Iron Maiden: Live at Donington, Piece of Mind and the Seventh Son album.

    Incubus: Morning View.

    Inme: Overgrown Eden.

    The Killers: Hot Fuss.

    Rammstein: Mutter.

    Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand.

    Marilyn Manson: The best of (Lest we Forget).

    Guns 'n Roses: The best of GnR and The Spaghetti Incident.

    Metallica: Ride the Lightning / And justice for All.

    Muse: Hullabaloo and Origin of Absolution.


    Yey, music of the week!


    EDIT: Oh yeah, I found the site of a band called Five Lessons Learned, one of there guitarists (Tom) is a member of CF, some of there songs are top:




    I had a 13 hour flight back from New Zealand (to UK) a few weeks a go and the time difference is 12 hours! This means i arrive back home 1 hour after leaving, but i've been on the plane for 13


    Thats impressive, hats of to you mate, I went last year, and it took around eleven hours to get from Singapore to New Zealand alone, so you did really well.


    Rob and Dave, you got lucky, I had stuff nicked from my bags when they were lost (NY to UK) AND I had to go BACK to Manchester airport to collect them (via train), now THATS customer service!



    Sometimes it's not avoidable, but I think it speaks louder when you stop giving your money to places than it does yelling at someone about it.


    I agree, but usually I shout and then dont give them my money, petty, but it satisifes me!


    Glad you had a good trip Robb

  7. What is wrong with Vekoma coasters?


    Nothing at all.


    Vekoma coasters are cheap and thrilling, Flamingo Land's new Booster Bike cost HALF the price of Alton Towers Rita - and it's a better ride, so obviously, Vekoma have to be doing something right to get a ride down to that price and still have a decent ride for a park.


    There SLC's have been subject to a bit of change too - they've re designed the wheel assemblies and axles, like on the SLC at Magic Sprigns, which apparently gives a smoother ride all round - and I've always believed that if they could take a bit of the bumpiness out of the SLC there on to a winner - an excellent ride for the up and coming park.

  8. It happens all the time - people who arnt enthusiasts MAY NOT (not wont) follow this type of news - and therefore wont know, or maybe they just dont care untill they see a sign telling them what the ride is all about "tallest this fastest that".


    Hell, Nemesis still has a sign saying it is "the worlds most intense ride experience" - it wasnt then and it isnt now!. Same with The Ultimate at LWV "The worlds longest coaster" - hahahaha, hasnt been that for years!

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