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  1. How were the restraints? Do you think they will allow for fast loading/unloading?
  2. Looking forward to seeing all the videos and reactions tomorrow! I see that the media event is from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM.. Anyone know why it starts so early in the day? Sunrise is at 6:30, it seems odd to me that the event would start before sunrise.
  3. Looks like Steel Vengeance had its first riders! Another reason to be jealous of Tony.
  4. Just want to throw this here.. https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/special-events/holiday-in-the-park
  5. Currently in the park. Boss is testing. I'll try to get a video of it.
  6. Has the park announced when Boss will open? How likely is it that it will be open this weekend? I really want to ride it without the painful helix! I didn't mind the rest of the ride, but the helix really beat me up.
  7. According to the website Boss, Xcalibur, and Shazam are listed as "not open yet". And I've heard that they are still finishing up on Boss. Uh oh. Anyone know when they'll be done with Boss? I'm heading there next weekend, would hate for it to be closed.
  8. Quick question - has Knott's ever officially disclosed why Xcelerator is down, and if so, where? I know someone that has said it's down due to a programming error. However, seemingly every other relevant source and account I've seen contradicts that, they all say a part of the launch broke, and a new part is shipping. I googled it to see if I could find an official statement, and I couldn't find one. Have they made a statement specifying that it's due to mechanical reasons or is that just a guess?
  9. Is there a way to "refresh" google maps to view that? When I view the park on google maps,Valravn isn't even there..
  10. I'm going to the park 7th and 8th of June, which are a Thursday and Friday. Park closes at 8 on Thursday so that means they aren't expecting much crowd. What exactly does that mean for Cedar Point though? About how long would Maverick's, Millennium's, and TTD's lines be? On Friday I'm planning to get Fast Lane, so I'm good on Friday, I'm just wondering about Thursday. I'm hoping to get tons of Steel Vengeance re-rides!
  11. Do we know how and where the queue will be placed/structured? I remember King Chaos' queue being tightly packed in a small area, and now it's gonna have to hold hundreds of people.. That area is pretty tiny.
  12. It's gonna be chaos in the station, I wonder how that's gonna work out. They'll have to have a fork at some point for those who want to ride forwards and backwards, I'm interested to see what they can do to make it efficient.
  13. Am I the only one that finds that incredibly odd? You'd think that if they were, well, proud of their new addition, they'd, well, give it a name, right? I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't give it a name, that makes no sense to me.
  14. The helix was by far my least favorite part of the ride, I'm glad it's going. Also, last year, they were running two trains on Boss, yet they only actually loaded one, the other had sandbags and they sent it empty every time. Why would they do this rather than just putting the empty train in storage?
  15. Wait, when will boss re-open then? I'm hoping it won't be closed when I go, but I'm only going on the second week of operation this year.. Also does anyone know about when does the park releases the year's schedule?
  16. I'm planning a trip to the park second week of June and like prozach626, I'll probably do Thursday (7th) without FLP and Friday (8th) with, as I really want to get re-rides on SV. So I'll be good in terms of crowds on Friday, but anyone have experience with the crowds on an early Thursday in the summer such as the one I'm going on?
  17. Hey all, Last year I went to Six Flags St. Louis on Easter weekend (thanks for the advice, by the way!) The place was absolutely empty. I'm planning to do the same thing this year. Only thing is, Easter is two weeks earlier this year.. April 1st versus April 16th last year. I'm afraid that it might line up with Spring Break for many people, which might make the park crowded.. Any locals have experience with this? I don't need any advice on what to ride; as mentioned I've already been there, but I'm wondering if the earlier Easter could draw in more crowds.
  18. I was at the park on the 26th. It was completely empty, got to ride NTG 14 times in a row. Unfortunately there were only 5 coasters open, NTG, Titan, Shockwave, Batman and Runaway. Everything else was closed. However, yesterday, the 27th, I went to Fiesta Texas, and everything was closed except for Boomerang, Scream, and the kiddie rides. They said it's too cold to open anything.. It was fourty degrees! SFGAM runs rides in 25 degree weather.. I was extremely disappointed, I was looking forward to riding Iron Rattler.
  19. Hey! I already posted in the SFOT thread, but was wondering if you guys could offer any additional advice. I'm going to SFOT on the 26th and SFFT the 27th (of December). Any advice on how to avoid the inevitable crowds? I've already been to Fiesta Texas, but it was a few years ago & the place was practically empty. I plan on getting the flash pass this time if necessary, but I'm not sure how crowded parks such as the Texas ones get, given that they are open all year, versus my home park, which is barely open half the year. Can anyone offer advice as to how to navigate through the parks? Do you think a flash pass would be necessary?
  20. Thanks for the advice! Seems like flash pass is definitely the way to go. I'm really excited to ride a few more RMCs!
  21. I've booked a trip to SFOT December 26th, then SFFT the next day. After checking isitpacked, it seems like those days are awfully crowded.. I'm planning to get a flash pass if needed, but do you guys have any tips as to what to ride first and how to tackle the crowds? It's only open for eight hours that day, but I'm hoping with a flash pass I'll be able to ride all the major coasters.
  22. Hey all. I was at Great America (SF) yesterday. I wasn't expecting much from the eclipse, since it was only supposed to be partial. But what I ended up getting was sooo, terrible. It was cloudy, so we missed out on the whole thing. What we did see was kind of pathetic. Oh well. I had an amazing day though, I got a total of 21 rides from open to close.
  23. Tony said on Twitter that the event will live streamed on Cedar Point's Facebook page. And if that doesn't work for whatever reason, Wild Gravity Thrills will also be livestreaming on Facebook.
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