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  1. It sounds like I've never had the pleasure of riding it when you were operating it then. I know it's almost impossible not to stack that ride for a little bit but holy hell that crew usually sucks. PS: How come the grouper on that ride absolutely refuses to ever follow the park's own policy of letting people wait for the front even when they're standing under the huge sign about the front row line and therefore also standing on top of the obnoxious yellow line they painted for the front row line? Every time I rode this year, they allowed me to wait. One operator told me that I was waiting on the wrong side though. He said "stay to the left" 'meant his left and not the left the sign directs to.
  2. I just emailed Jerry. It's fine to share, I read everything. Plus,all of this info had been released. The Instagram account New England Coaster Club, a known troll for the New England region, shared true info but added false facts along with it, which caused all of the confusion regarding this. I would trust the ACE account, but not NECC.
  3. No, Alan Schilke did design the double up. The park announced months ago that the triple up was going to be removed. I have personally talked with jerry Brick, and the triple up is indeed going away. ACE confirmed with the park that schilke designed the double up. Why can't you people grasp that info?
  4. Why? SC,Joker, and Wildfire are all on schedule for what they've been marketed as. Lightning Rod isn't RMCs fault, as Dollywood chose to use a cheap launch system.
  5. From what I know, Premier rides designed a launch for the ride, but Dollywood went with the other company to save money. Well, you get what you pay for I guess. I find it weird that they would half-ass the launch system on a ride if this caliber honestly.
  6. This has Tony trolling us written all over it When SFNE was putting out markers for Wicked Cyclone, there was one or two of them that said RMC. Don't know if this means anything though.
  7. No unfortunately, the park was not able to get the licensing for either to be possessive. I find that strange as SFMM has Riddler's Revenge and SFNE has Catwoman's Whip
  8. Yeah, it's sucks, but really people. A lot of people are overreacting. And all the reports I'm hearing are saying that they are not assigning today. It sucks, but you still get to ride one of the worlds best coasters.
  9. So what Arrow proposed for Stratosphere tower a while back. This isn't a new idea or original.
  10. Honestly, Superman The Ride at SFNE. it's an amazing ride, but it's trains suck. I think if they got brand new trains, and did some track work, it could easily be the best again. It's still my #1, but it could be better.
  11. No, Storm Chaser has an element called a Corked Roll. It's like a mix of a corkscrew and a Zero G roll.
  12. I actually disagree completely! I think it depends on where you are seated on the train. I was at the park on Saturday, with all my rides towards the back, and the airtime was as good as always. As for the vibrations, they have been there forever, and are a lot better than they were at the end of last year. I think once the summer weather hits, it will be running great again.
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