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  1. My money is on 3 coasters. I won't be surprised if it's 4... or 5... or 6...
  2. Maybe, just MAYBE, they're preparing for bigger lines? More coasters = more lines = new coaster soon? Although this theory will probably be shot down and chucked down the toilet, it may be something... and something is better than nothing And I'm aware there is no footer pouring or any construction. yet. And I'm very disappointed about that. New coaster or not, an all season fast lane pass is an actual smart idea by Valleyfail, for once.
  3. I would actually HATE if we got a boomerang, because we would have to wait another 40 years for our B&M invert, and have to be stuck with a painful wreck.
  4. That's Valleyfair logic for ya If we keep thinking this way, Valleyfair will read these posts and think it's fine that they neglect their paying customers.
  5. Wild thing's trim brakes. 100% beating a dead horse here! It already died way back on the 3rd hill, no need to make it even lamer! It's coffin trains don't help at all either. Heck, the layout itself is a ride neuter!
  6. Wild thing at Valleyfair. Well, not that overrated, as I've heard many people say it's borIng. Though, saying it is boring is overrating it. It's not the most boring ride period, but as far as hyper coasters go, wild thing is a snooze fest. Whenever I ride it, there is rarely any excitement of any sort from any of the riders when it ends. It's all silent
  7. Think Outlaw Run's sideways airtime hill, but at 45 degrees instead of 90. It would be diagonal airtime
  8. Not a new coaster, but a new element. What about an airtime hill that is shaped normally, but the track itself is banked 45 degrees?
  9. Nah, Wild Thing looks underwhelming in the shadow of Flying Eagles But you can't snap on these Eagles. Really? Dang! I've always wanted to try that
  10. Nah, Wild Thing looks underwhelming in the shadow of Flying Eagles
  11. Wildfire at silver dollar city was my first ever b&m! I was not into coasters at the time, and I was offered $20 if I rode it, and I am oh so glad I did!
  12. Weird, I found banshee more intense than raptor. I should ride them again and see what I think then.
  13. Well I meant to emphasize the 'little' in that post. When I rode it 3 times in an hour, I felt a little disturbed. I guess I'm used to extremely tame coasters, with miniscule airtime at Valleyfair (With the exception of Renegade/Excalibur). I would gladly ride DB as many times as I possibly can! There are many coasters that are more intense, but I find that Diamondback has a perfect balance.
  14. Banshee, it's really forceful. Close second is Diamondback, I can't really ride it more than 3 times in a row without feeling a little queasy.
  15. Woodstock Express at Kings Island, if it is a 'kiddie coaster'. Wild Thing gets an honorable mention for being the tallest kiddie coaster.
  16. One reason why Diamondback is my favorite SO comfortable and futuristic! One of the most comfortable, If not the most comfortable, things I ever sat on Best coaster seats ever.
  17. ^It was rather immature of me to write that post like that, so I edited it to be more tasteful. If they intended to tease us though, then that's beyond rude of them, and immensely immature. I still think they shouldn't do this kind of stuff.
  18. Laste year there were these Valleyfair ads that said "Go whenever YOU WANT" with a red and yellow B&M invert, and the YOU WANT was in huge bold letters under the B&M invert, as if to tease us... I took screenshots. That element looks amazing I edited this post to be less rant-y. But I still think it's weird how they made a B&M invert on there with a HUGE 'you want' by it.
  19. Valleyfair's 2016 announcement. There are no words to describe how enraged I am by this! Even if it wasn't a coaster (Gasp!), they could have done a LITTLE MORE for their 40th anniversary! I mean HONESTLY! Talk about LAME! If they did do more, like at least 2 family rides, or maybe a medium thrill ride, then I would be less mad. This doesn't have much to do with the 2016 announcement, but it is now 20 years since our last steel (Not counting family rides or steel venom, which is more of a flat than a coaster), and 9 years since our last coaster at all! I wish valleyfair would look at those facebook comments! That's my honest opinion on valleyfair's 2016 announcement, and I'm not planning on changing my mind. /rant
  20. I wish valleyfair would get one of these! I would prefer this instead of a small or medium b&m invert, because valleyfair would never do large.
  21. ^ I think they could have done a little more for their 40th anniversary, even if it wasn't a coaster or large thrill ride. I must have missed it. I'll check again, thanks Just checked and I can't find it! Can you confirm it's there? Maybe I'm experiencing a bug or something. I am checking on an IPad so maybe that's the problem.
  22. Did anyone else notice that they removes their 2016 announcement from their Facebook page? Maybe theyre trying to avoid/hide their shameful announcement and it's feedback.
  23. I really hope this post was a joke Rest assured, it was sarcasm. The day valleyfair has a better coaster selection than cedar point is the day valleyfair has a better coaster selection than cedar point. Too true.
  24. Surely cedar point. I mean they have a mediocre collection compared to valleyfair. Wild thing beats any of theirs hands down.
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