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  1. I wonder if Canada's Wonderland will actually put ketchup in the ketchup containers this year? Oh wait. Never mind, that won't be happening.
  2. The transit systems that serve Canada's Wonderland do not accept any change. You have to buy a card called PRESTO. They are available at most stops and stations. You must load the card and then swipe as you enter and exit the transit vehicle. I hope this helps. A warning though. Don't try to avoid buying or swiping your card. If you don't use your card correctly, then Transit inspectors will ding you with a $500.00 fine. That isn't true. Both the subway system and most busses accept cash still. Wonderland is also in process of building a bus terminal in the parking lot. Accepting change and providing change. Buy a PRESTO card and you won't have a problem.
  3. The transit systems that serve Canada's Wonderland do not accept any change. You have to buy a card called PRESTO. They are available at most stops and stations. You must load the card and then swipe as you enter and exit the transit vehicle. I hope this helps. A warning though. Don't try to avoid buying or swiping your card. If you don't use your card correctly, then Transit inspectors will ding you with a $500.00 fine.
  4. Yeah it's a family event, which is why the low amount of adult rides. From what I have heard, the first weekend has been crazy busy. BTW skating is free. Winterfest is not aimed at enthusiasts, its a family friendly version of the. Christmas market in the distillery district. Is it $10 to reserve an ice time, or is it always free? I got the $10 information from Amusement Insiders, which is no surprise as they generally give out incorrect information. At first, I thought Winterfest was just an easy money grab, but it really does look nice. My family might go a couple of times just to look around, but I think we are going to try to hold onto our wallets, just like at the Toronto Christmas Market where you can pay $15 for a grilled cheese.
  5. Krachenwagen, Klockwerks, Wilde Knight Mares, and Vikings Rage are the only 'adult' rides that will be open for Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland. No coasters as mentioned earlier. This is a 'family' event like Camp Spooky. Planet Snoopy will be open for kids. Here is a list of things to do while you and the kids are freezing, going on rides at Wonderland. Freezing cold days will be empty as cold days are during the regular season as well. I hope this works out but, I had egg nog and candy cane funnel cakes during Haunt and I can skate indoors anytime. I see why Season Pass holders get in 'free' now. You will need to fork out money to get on the skating rink. Yep, Snow Flake Lake is an upcharge and skating times are limited to 45 minutes. Free or not, I will not be there unless it is way above freezing. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/play/winterfest/attractions
  6. I always find it interesting the past few years how no one ever talks about Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland anymore. Oh wait . . . that's because it hasn't changed at all in the past few years. Never mind.
  7. The coasters aren't running because the park is owned by Cedar Fair. It has nothing to do with the quality of the wheel heaters. Nobody should ever expect decent ride lineups at any Cedar Fair Winterfest event at a seasonal park (aside from Great America but that park shouldn't be seasonal anyway and the limited lineup is still sort of pathetic considering there's a Six Flags park up the road that's fully open all year long). If this were a Six Flags park, Leviathan would probably run. The daily average in Vaughan is virtually identical to the daily average in Gurnee by the end of the event (actually one degree warmer Fahrenheit for the high and 4 degrees warmer for the low) and they run 8 coasters including a 73 mph hyper (and possibly more this year). All of their B&Ms run for the event. So out the window with safety eh, bill? Just let the ice fly off Leviathan, onto the guests walking in from the parking and smash and destroy peoples cars. Correct me if I misunderstood you, Bill.
  8. I thought they were going to open some of the coasters where you can see what I at least thought was base heaters attached to the track in the stations of rides like Leviathan and Yukon Striker. If they actually installed the heaters as we all thought, then they probably didn't work in Canada as I think they were testing the heaters on Leviathan last winter. Having heaters on the wheels are going to keep the wheels warm, but it will not melt the ice and snow off the track. We don't really have to worry about no coasters . . . if we have an ice storm or a big snowfall then no rides will be open anyway. I have been to Wonderland in winter time when I worked there. The brick pathways become very slippery. They are going to have to constantly be clearing the snow off the pathways. It is going to be interesting walking over the bridge on main street.
  9. Stocking Stuffers and Festive Funnel Cakes are open now at Canada's Wonderland. Yesterday, I ate an Egg Nog Funnel Cake. It had egg nog drizzle, a gingerbread cookie, pomegranate seeds, red and green sprinkles, and ice cream. mmmmmm . . . They also have Candy Cane and GingerBread Funnel Cakes. The Stocking Stuffers shop looks beautiful. I know they have to set up in advance, but I am going to have a Candy Cane Funnel Cake at Halloween Haunt. I am taking my group on the first weekend. This is the earliest I have ever gone to Haunt, but after the experience from last year. It was ridiculously busy last year so I am going to see just how empty everyone says it is on the first weekend. I am also going on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.
  10. There is a difference between writing about it on TPR and filling out a comment card/letting the park know. I did speak to the restaurant manager, and guest services at the front gate. The next time I go, I will be sure to speak to the park director I know on behalf of the people who think I am wrong for mentioning people have been able to do this the entire season. Perhaps some people are upset that I am bringing this to the attention of the park much like how people are able to just walk into the exits of the food booths and fill up any bottle they want to for free.
  11. Your two cents are wrong. I paid. I was only there for a half an hour and saw many people and an entire family walk through without paying. Just think of how much money that restaurant lost during this season.
  12. Regardless of how expensive food is at the park, you should never recommend anyone to do this. If it becomes a common occurrence, people do get caught after repeat performances as there are security cameras in every store and restaurant at the park. I just don't think promoting theft/shoplifting online is something you should (or want) to be doing. You must be an honest person like me. But if you were sitting at the table with me on Sunday watching everyone just walk out without paying while I am trying to enjoy my $16.49 pasta in a box, then you too would be commenting like I am right now. I am certainly not promoting it, I am making a comment. Hopefully Wonderland park directors will see this and do something. My family couldn't refill their $32.99 bottles so we had to try to eat again at Chicken Shack where there was no Coke and no ketchup, but the ketchup issue has been going on now for a few years. They just don't keep the bottles filled.
  13. It has been awhile since I have commented on things that should be easy to fix. I am not complaining, just commenting. The Chicken Shack food stand did not have any Coke syrup only plain water came out of the dispenser. I was told to walk over to the Coke booth by the arcade. I shouldn't have to walk around looking for some Coke. The Backlot Café charges $16.50 for a box of pasta and a garlic bread. At the pasta counter, there is a sign the says, start line here. I stood there along with another gentlemen for 10 minutes with no one serving us. On the other side of the counter another line had formed and the server was taking orders from the pick up area. I commented to the manager and I got an extra slice of garlic bread. The prices are crazy in the Backlot Café but if people are willing to empty their wallets then at least put the pasta on a paper plate not in a box for $16.50. One more comment for today. The Coke dispensers in Backlot Café are no longer turned on as people were refilling their own drinking vessels without paying so now you can't refill your $32.99 drink bottle in Backlot Café. By the way, you can get free lunch at Backlot Café. Just get your food and walk to the right. There is no cash register on that side of the restaurant. I saw an entire family walk through without paying anything and no one said anything. Just a comment if you want to save some money. As usual, there was no ketchup at Chicken Shack.
  14. Line jumping in any way is NOT permitted at Canada's Wonderland. If you see a kid or adult line jumping, then let the ride attendant know before they get on. They should at least make them wait a few cycles but they should really kick them out of the line completely. This goes on hundreds of times every day at Wonderland. There seems to be no enforcement unless you say something to the operator. Just don't confront the offender. That will only make the situation worse. You are NOT griping.
  15. I find it amusing how they used actual cut and paste pictures of Wonder Mountain in the depiction of Mountain Bay Cliffs. I guess will all now know what that new hill by Minebuster is going to be.
  16. I'll say it plainer for you Bill. I am referring to the people in line for Guardian, The Bat, The Fly, Thunder Run, who have already bought FL+, but can't use it on these coasters. If these coasters were added to FL+, then these lines would be much shorter for the people who do not use FL+. Understand now Bill?
  17. Here's the thing with FL+. Those who want to waste their money on FL+ are complaining that Guardian, The Fly, The Bat, Thunder Run are not on FL+. But the people who are really complaining are the people who do not use FL+. If these coasters were to be put on FL+, then the regular lines would be much shorter and that is why I will never buy a FL+ at my home park. It is just not necessary. Let the out-of-town visitors on more FL+ coasters and make the regular lines much shorter for the people who go to Wonderland every day. Makes sense?
  18. Yes. You win. Are we sure? Was Guinness there to verify your world record breaking feat? Guinness was not there, however, the ride ops were letting us stay on, so just ask them the next time you visit. They will remember that night.
  19. Toronto Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment private function. If you have enough money, you can keep anything open past public park hours.
  20. Tuesday was Toronto Marlies day. My group went on Yukon Striker 12 times after park close, between 8:30PM and 10:30PM, with many times not having to get off. Is that a current record?
  21. I just checked the weather for Monday and Tuesday. Hot and Sunny both days. Good luck, but I have a season pass and I wouldn't go on those days. I wish you luck, but just enjoy the rides and coasters you are able to get on.
  22. There is no way you can go on all 17 coasters in one day. The park is only open for 12 hours. You can't get on Taxi Jam without a child. Ghoster Coater and SilverStreak will take you at least between half and hour and one hour. Thunder Run Gaurdian and the Fly will take you at least half an hour. There are many coasters not on Fastlane that will take you at least a half hour to get on once, but I wish you luck in your endeavour.
  23. I was actually referring to SkyScreamer, Rolling Thunder, the new boardwalk, compared to Yukon Striker/Vortex area, which is always a very dark area of the park at night, sir.
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