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  1. I hear plenty of breakroom stories from my friends. Not reliable AT ALL.
  2. Got on the second train in the station. Train in front of us rolled back twice. Fml.
  3. Not accurate at all. Ohio weather is bipolar. That being said there's as good a chance you'll have more as opposed to less rain than predicted. Actually I just looked at the forecast. Looks like they're pretty sure it will rain all week next week. The only thing up to questioning is whether or not there'll be thunder. You could still chance it and hope for on/off rains. That would make for a great, uncrowded day!
  4. Nobody for Kings Island yet? Maybe it simply doesn't have three strikes. Here goes nothing 1. Removing Son of Beast (especially since it was right before RMC became a thing. Not that Cedar Fair would give it a makeover or anything, but seriously, Son of Son of Beast could have been AWESOME) 2. Adding seat belts to Diamondback 3. Turning the Backwards Racer around But they have their reasons, that cannot be denied. I think these strikes can be cancelled by 1. Building Banshee 2. Building Diamondback to overshadow Son of Beast before its demise 3. Being the greatest park in the world I don't care what you say its my home
  5. I agree, It keeps you on your toes right until the end. The corkscrews at the end are my favorite part, though. Wish they would've put a couple of those on Banshee.
  6. It's all about your mindset. Maverick definitely throws you around quite a bit, but it's designed to. Anticipate the curves with your body and appreciate the fact that ride keeps you on your toes. I used to hate Raptor until I realized it wasn't designed to be glass smooth and forceless like all the other B&M's I'd been on. I changed my expectations and now it's my new favorite invert.
  7. I agree that this should be the biggest question. I have friends that operate a certain ride that has the potential to stall in one area of its track. They need to specifically watch that section as they operate and take action even if the train goes too slow through it. Considering the Smiler has rolled back twice (now three times) in this section, I don't understand how a ride op or maintenance person would overlook a stall like this. Even before the accident, the ride ops should have been taking special care to watch the batwing, and if they weren't they most definitely will now. They should not have even dispatched a train, let alone a train full of riders. They should have seen the problem beforehand and stopped operation. When the train stopped on the lift, they should have check the block, especially the batwing. Even if they didn't think much of it they should have at least glanced over at it. I'm starting to think this wasn't human error after all. Perhaps the crew knew and was preparing to evacuate the train from the lift when a computer malfunctioned and started the ride again. Even then, though, the crew should have e-stopped the ride, which makes me once again think that this was human error. What a puzzling accident. My prayers go out to those injured in the crash. Luckily nobody died, but we should not dismiss the fact that at least one person's life will be changed forever because of what happened. This accident is as devastating as it is puzzling, and that is what makes it truly scary.
  8. I think linearinduction explained really well why the policy is in place. I honestly can't see how you could argue with him or the policy. So...Cannibal! Sorry (not sorry) for the subject change. It's funny to hear that rumors are going around the GP about dummies falling out. Lagoon's definitely going to lose some marketing power because of that. That's what you get when you take too long to open your giant new ride that everyone knows about despite (for the most part) a lack of marketing.
  9. It's a rumor that's been thrown out on the LiF forum once or twice. You might be wise to doubt it. It's something that may or may not be true. If it is true the redesign was not nearly as radical as you are thinking. Cannibal most certainly still doesn't have OTSR's. To the GP it might need to Cannibal is going to have more hangtime than most rides with inversions that have OTSR's
  10. The park is silent, but it was noted that a new train was uncrated on Thursday, and there may still be as many as 2 more to be delivered. There was a rumor that the park was not satisfied with the restraints and they were re-designed (as well as countless other rumors). I have no idea if it's true but it would explain the highly delayed arrival of trains and the seat that was removed from a test train and sent to the "padding manufacturer for sculpting" or something like that according to the park's Facebook page. There's also a small decorative fence in front of the station that's bent, so maybe it's because of that. Where did you hear this? I'm not doubting, just curious. I really hope it doesn't end up with OTSRs. I think that would severely take away from this seemingly world-class ride experience.
  11. I believe SWSD has a 30 foot height restriction that they had to get special permission to exceed with Skytower and Atlantis. Hence, Manta. As a kid I always wanted them to build something like Steel Eel. I wonder how set in stone the height restrictions are? I say this because I remember reading an article a few months about a proposed 400 foot tall observation wheel for the San Diego waterfront. If the city is willing to let somebody build a 400 foot tall attraction, you would think they'd be ok with a 200 foot tall coaster. But then again, this is California we're talking about and most things there don't make any sense. We should probably move this discussion to the SWSD thread, but SW is a little bit removed from Downtown San Diego, where there are several skyscrapers and such. I believe SW's height restriction has something to do with an airport... Check the SWSD thread I'm sure it's been discussed many times.
  12. This looks great! This will definitely get SW some positive publicity outside of Blackfish. The ending looks to be one of the best out of B&M hypers. Also, I'm loving the trains from what you can see in the concept art I believe SWSD has a 30 foot height restriction that they had to get special permission to exceed with Skytower and Atlantis. Hence, Manta. As a kid I always wanted them to build something like Steel Eel.
  13. Maverick by far gets the most love out of the GP as far as CP is concerned, but I'd venture to say Gatekeeper gets about as much love as Millennium or any of the park's other big coasters (besides maybe TTD). People like it. I like B&M, but I don't LOVE B&M. They make very aesthetically pleasing coasters that offer very smooth rides. If I want something big that won't give me a headache, something like Diamondback or Gakekeeper is definitely on my radar. The new ones aren't forceful, but they are very graceful. You just have go in with the right attitude when riding. That being said, I'd take forceful over graceful any day. I just think it's important to recognize that it's a different type of experience. Apples and Oranges, as they say. That being said I hope SWO doesn't get a B&M hyper. They're all over the place these days. Sure, there isn't one in Florida yet, but there is one very close in Atlanta. No matter where you are, you don't have to go very far to ride one (on the East side of the Mississippi at least). Even if it is B&M, though, at least I can trust Seaworld to make it look awesome.
  14. I lost hope in these forums for a minute there. My hope was regained when I read all the replies to DCSports' comment. AAAAANNNNDDD for your reference... JK reread the rules and I can't post links to websites yet but I have a couple great sources for why Blackfish is complete bull. If you want them maybe I can get permission or I can message you.
  15. As a formerly very active blackfish opposer, I can tell you that the reality is that the activists speaking out against Seaworld are a very active minority, and, in the big picture, their strong opinions don't really matter. The "real" problem Seaworld faces are those people who have seen Blackfish once and decide never to go to Seaworld. These people are not necessarily activists; it's just really easy to not go to Seaworld. Even these people, though, make up a relatively small number of people that would go to Seaworld anyway considering many will never travel to Orlando/San Antonio/San Diego. I think their new "Ask Seaworld" campaign is genius for this. Activists try and burn Seaworld with certain "facts" and statistics they've heard, and Seaworld calmly shuts them down in front of everyone on the internet. Knowing all this, I was pretty confused as to why Seaworld lost so much business. That is, I was confused until I read TPR. I came to understand this "identity crisis" that Seaworld is going/went through. By countering Blackfish so strongly, Seaworld's marketing campaign was much more reflective of that of a zoo than a theme park. For example, their marketing campaign for their new penguin exhibit in Orlando was completely covered by anti-blackfish propoganda, and even Manta at Seaworld San Diego was under-advertised. From a moral standpoint, perhaps Seaworld would be better off as a zoo, but I digress. Zoos are generally nonprofit and subsidized, and Seaworld was marketing like a zoo and making the appropriate cash to go with that title. This is why it's so great that Seaworld is getting a new coaster, it shows that Seaworld is finally putting Blackfish behind them and returning to their theme park marketing.
  16. Spent the day at the park today. Totally empty except for a couple of school trips. I got in 24 rides throughout the day and even spent a couple hours just chilling on the beach. Wicked Twister opened up in the afternoon and was on-and-off running with riders throughout the day. The new Maverick restraints are awesome. Rougarou is also a very solid improvement from Mantis in case you haven't already heard the reviews. Also, the Millennium trains run much quieter with the new bodies, which much improves the queueing experience. Also, this could go in the "Weirdest things the GP have said" thread, but as I was walking by Millennium force I heard some guy talking to his friend. When talking about Rougarou, he told his friend that "It used to be called Centipede or something" They've already forgotten.
  17. It doesn't have any inversions but has plenty of airtime moments, so in my mind it's pretty much a mega/hyper coaster. It's not 200 feet but it's not a small coaster by any means either. It's not exactly a hyper; it's pretty much in it's own category. That category just happens to be closer to hyper than any other category of coaster (in my mind, at least). Enough of me arguing my case, though. I feel like I've done too much to derail this thread form SeaWorld discussion.
  18. H:RRR is a very unique and excellent ride. It definitely packs in some good airtime and has a nice "punch" to it that B&M coasters generally lack. Even though it's not 200 feet tall it's basically a hyper and is my favorite of all the rides I've been on in Florida (Disney and Universal parks). I can't believe I totally forgot about it when discussing "Florida's first hyper coaster."
  19. I'll be there on Thursday along with all the seniors from my high school. I doubt the park will be crowded. I, too would like some advice, although I've been a few times. I've always gone to Maverick first but from what I gather (and I do not doubt this is true) it's better to go straight to Millennium, then head to the back of the park as Maverick's line is usually longer in the afternoon. From my experience Dragster never has a huge line, although it breaks down quite a bit. I usually just include it in its place along the path. For those that have been to the park already this season, how is Rougarou's line? When would be the best time to ride?
  20. I doubt the GP will care about how similar a wing coaster's elements are to Kraken's, but I do agree the FL needs a hyper. For the sake of speculation alone, maybe this will be the first hyper-invert?
  21. Just fyi Flight of Fear capacity should be back to what it was before last season.
  22. ^^A launch into an overbank into a brake run seems a bit pointless to me, but if it is a thing I'm not going to question Dal Freeman.
  23. Mid course launch?! Is that a thing? Am I the only one that missed this?
  24. I thought I'd check Lagoonisfun.com to see if there's any update there but it seems those forums have gone to crap with the delayed opening and all. From what I gathered, nobody on the outside has any idea why this coaster is taking so long to open nor has an opening date been released. I'm a bit salty that I wasn't able to ride back in April but I'm sure Lagoon has their reasons for delaying the opening. Actually the most intense part of the ride is probably going to be the double barrel roll thingy after the brake run. Trimming would just make that MORE intense.
  25. ^They still use Tilikum in shows. The whole Blackfish story is super blown up. They've always had special safety precautions around him. Plus, they (unfortunately) banned being in the water with the whales after the accident, so the shows are "safer" in general. He's the most majestic whale at any of the Seaworld parks and he's super fun to watch. Journey to Atlantis is a Mack water coaster and is therefore a credit, even if the "coaster" part is a little short. The takeaway is that there is a coaster part, and in my opinion the technology is pretty cool.
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