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  1. The documents were for additions and enhancements for 2018-2020. The park got something from B&M this year....new seats for Diamondback. Doesn't mean there won't be a B&M for 2020, but it was brought up elsewhere. The only people who believe that it is referring to the seats do not understand the document, did not read it, or did not look at the dates on the document. But in short it was filled months after the seats were replaced and it is a warning that work with the following companies would begin soon. While it’s possible it is not a new coaster I have yet to read a single credible alternate explanation. I'm interested. Were these documents posted earlier in the forum/are they available to view somewhere? This popped up in the KK forum. I'm starting to doubt my doubts, the timing seems a little too impeccable...
  2. Please don't take away my hope. Plot twist: Firehawk replaces Nighthawk and Nighthawk gets scrapped While CF can be a bit predictable in that way, I hope not. I'm holding out for an RMC hyper. A ground-up topper track coaster. The world's tallest wooden coaster(again)! Yes, CF loves B&M a little too much, but recently Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengeance have proved to be hits, so I could see them working with RMC again. Seeing as they're installing a Mack multi-launch looper in 2019, I could really see anything happening.
  3. While I don't see KI getting a new flyer, I don't think we should jump to the conclusion that the whole chain is going to rid the parks of fliers. They do provide a very unique ride experience. I'm sure the issue for KI was mostly just capacity and maintenance. That being said, there aren't very many other fliers in the chain, and if the others have maintenance issues the individual parks may find it more profitable to remove them than to keep them around. I don't think it'd be related to a chain decision, but it may happen. Like it has been said, if Firehawk gets scrapped it will likely provide parts for Nighthawk, hopefully improving the ride experience and keeping it profitable for Carowinds. Plus, there's always the possibility that Firehawk moves somewhere else in the chain. Other parks with lower attendance and fewer big rides could definitely use it, as has been pointed out. However, if Firehawk gets scrapped and Nighthawk closes within the next couple of years, I'll stand corrected.
  4. Which Superman? The original installation at Over Georgia blew away the clone at Great Adventure because it was built with the terrain, greatly enhancing the sense of flight. My flying coaster rankings so far: Tatsu > Superman SFoG > Batwing > Nighthawk = Superman SFGAdv. It actually was the SFGAdv one. I went in with pretty low expectations but came out having still enjoyed it more than Firehawk. It has lots of fun, swooping turns. If we're talking setting, though, Firehawk is certainly not a contestant. The grassy field it's over is pretty comparable to the one at Great Adventure.
  5. Firehawk >>>>> Nighthawk. Like others, I had no problem with Firehawk and it was actually one of my favorites in the park. I'm not surprised it is the one to go, but I'll still miss it. RIP Firehawk. I hope they don't just scrap it, but I wouldn't be surprised either if that's what happens. All in the name of progress! I'm sure the excitement for whatever is going to happen in 2020 will far outweigh whatever lingering disappointment I feel about Firehawk. Maybe its an unpopular opinion. I've never ridden Nighthawk so I can't tell you if it is as good as Firehawk or not. I just much prefer B&M flyers to Flying Dutchmans. Of the three flyers I've ridden; Tatsu, Firehawk, and Superman:UF, Firehawk did the least for me. I definitely enjoyed it every time I visited KI and it was a nice touch to the park, but it never really felt like a "real" flyer to me.
  6. I'm actually super glad it's Firehawk. Vortex and Bat are just so unique. If you really miss Firehawk, just drive 7 hours to Carowinds. I personally much prefer B&M flyers. Even the Superman clones give more of the flying sensation and are much more re-ride-able. The final helix on Firehawk was really the only part I enjoyed about the ride, the rest of it just didn't feel so much like a flyer. It makes sense, too, given my last post. The operating cost is high, ridership low, paint chipping off, capacity horrible, and land prime. Is there going to be a new coaster there? I could see the park maybe starting a B&M Giga there and wrapping it around toward Action Zone. Or maybe we'll get a ground-up RMC hyper-looper themed after SoB. Or maybe, if my wildest dreams come true, B&M will finally build a 4D coaster I'll just leave that speculation for later. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Kentucky Flyer since the announcement. It looks like the KK thread shut it down pretty quick and I can't help but agree. I don't think KK would put something this big in. It could be possible, though. Shipping costs wouldn't be that high, I guess, and if KI was getting rid of the ride anyway maybe they bought it for cheap. What do you guys think?
  7. ^That's very true. Kinda like you pointed out, though, most of it is tree covered. It would be a lot easier and cheaper for the park to use an old queue area or old coaster plot than it would be to clear out a bunch of foliage and flatten a fresh plot of ground. That wouldn't be a problem for the ride layout, of course; KI is no stranger to terrain coasters. But at least the queue and station area need to be in a good place. We're probably over-analyzing the idea that the coaster is being removed to make way for a new ride, though. If that were the case it's almost certainly not Vortex. The park has to have several reasons for closing down the ride. A lot of KI's rides are aging and there are many problems with the rides that even we enthusiasts aren't aware of. Maintenance issues, low ridership, cost of running, and contribution to the overall park environment are all possible reasons for closure that have been mentioned here. The only other possible thing I can think of is an RMC conversion, but the only real candidates are Racer and Beast and we've pretty much concluded that they're not the ones. Again, I vote Firehawk.
  8. Wow! Looks great! It's not exactly giving Steel Vengeance a run for it's money, but it'll definitely be one of the best RMC conversions out there. I'm glad the RMC fad is going to Japan! I'll probably be living there next summer, so I'll definitely have to pay Nagashima a visit.
  9. How dare you suggest such heresy! But yes, I could see it. Even with Banshee taking up a good chunk of SoB's land they might be able to squeeze something in if they took the Bat out. With all the teasers of Outpost 5, I wouldn't be so quick to say that it's not on the chopping block. I just really don't want the Bat to go. It's one of my favorite rides at the park, and, like has been mentioned, one of a dying breed of Arrow suspended coasters. Not only is it surprisingly forceful and intense, it's part of the brilliant line up that makes KI a great park. There's something charming about non-marquee coasters in that way. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.
  10. As much as I'd like Firehawk to be the one to go, I have a hunch it's vortex. The GP hates that ride. Yes, they ride it, but never more than once. I personally have fond memories of the ride, and as much as I hated on it during high school when I lived right by the park, I've really enjoyed it more recently. Maybe it's the fact that shoulder restraints no longer hit my ears haha. This may be far-fetched, but do you think maybe RMC could take on the project of re-tracking an Arrow looper like Vortex? No, it wouldn't be nearly as easy to modify the support structure as a wooden coaster, but given it's not super engineered like modern B&M's I could see the crazy guys at RMC trying something out.
  11. Ride X2. It's one of my favorites, and the GP loves it. It's really intense just because of the pure craziness of the controlled flipping. I've had a few rough rides and imo it's worth the roughness. Even if you don't re-ride it's definitely worth riding at least once. Goliath is a good ride, but one worth skipping if pressed for time. It's not my favorite hyper coaster by any means but it does pull some fun g-forces on the final helix. The 1st drop is very disappointing if you've ever been on any other hyper. Almost no airtime and not very steep at all. If you've never ridden a hyper, though, you should try and get on for sure.
  12. Except that next season is 2016 and I'm pretty sure the answer to that question is "Did you really think we'd tell you?" Those PR people at Cedar Point are such trolls sometimes.
  13. There are a billion different explanations for the fin. SW made a video that said it was because their whales spend so much time at the surface. In the wild, I'm pretty sure the whales still spend quite a bit of time sleeping at the surface, so I'm not sure of the validity of the claim. I always thought it was because the currents in the ocean that made the fins necessary for the whales mobility don't exist in manmade tanks. Thus, the dorsal fin is essentially useless in captivity and flops over because it never has any stress placed on it. This would not explain why some wild whales have collapsed fins, however. I don't think anyone really knows the cause. I'm pretty sure it's not reversable; Keiko's fin never stood back up. I was just thinking some younger males whose fins have not collapsed yet may never have their fins collapse in the new habitat.
  14. Every Ohio school district is different. There are schools that start everywhere from mid August to early September.
  15. Plus there's the fact that there's an extremely large construction area at CP already. If something big we're coming to KI, we would have seen construction by now.
  16. Last I heard was "late June." And welp, it's June 28th and here we are. Wouldn't be surprised if they just ditched the idea, we won't get a 4th train, and down the line they'll let it become something of the past that never happened. Oh Magic Mountain, stop letting your reputation proceed you... And BTW, I haven't ridden Riddlers in years, but I've heard it's been rather rough as of late. Could it be because of the train which has been passed back and forth like an unwanted stepchild? Riddlers was never the smoothest ride in the world anyway, the wheel compound was always pretty hard which made riders feel the vibrations of the track, and even riding it's rather loud. Probably has to do with those big heavy trains. Would it be pushing it to get 2 new B&M sit down (not floorless) trains like Hulk/The Time Machine? I don't think it would take much from the ride. Considering how well the Rougarou transformation went at CP, I'd be all for a sit-down Riddler's. It would be sad to see the standup gimmick disappear, but I feel like it was a one-and-done kind of thing anyway. A cool experience, but not something I'd want to do multiple times.
  17. Can we just talk about RR for a minute? And how it literally has THE WORST station queue layout possible? Interesting observation with the train. I'm really curious to find out. I've never seen it run more than one train but I didn't notice it was from Great Adventure. How long has it been like this? I was there this past winter, but I skipped RR because of its impressively slow line.
  18. This. Regardless of your opinion of the film, it's driving some much needed improvements to the parks that will make them way better for both the animals and the people that visit. A good improvement? Absolutely. Much needed? Probably not. While I am a huge fan of what they are doing with the enclosures, it's not like the whales were swimming in a bathtub before. I believe the current enclosure is something like 5+ million gallons, 30-50 feet deep, and has multiple pools to which the whales have access (including the large show pool). That's not small, even for a whale. Just seeing how small the whales look in the tank and then seeing how gigantic they are up close on my last visit gave me a respect for the current enclosure Seaworld has. That being said, I give HUGE props to Seaworld for doing what they're doing with the Blue World project. I think this really needs to be put into perspective, just how much Seaworld is sacrificing for their whales by doing this. The new tank will hold 10 MILLION gallons of water. That puts Seaworld's whale tank alone at something like the second or third largest aquarium in the world. 10 MILLION gallons. For 10 whales. Not to mention the $100s of millions of dollars they're throwing at this. If this were a roller coaster park like Cedar Point an investment of that size better break 1000 feet. As an interesting side note, there's a chance this may just fix the collapsed dorsal fin issue. If the whales have water currents and more space to where they don't have to spend so much time at the surface, I predict some of the younger whales' fins won't collapse over. Manta was just three years ago. SWSD is not overdue, especially with the Blue World project coming along. I know you didn't specify roller coaster, but I'm sure some people will think that's what you meant. IMO this park does not need more roller coasters. Manta is crammed in as it is, plus they have the 30 foot height restriction to work around. A new attraction would have to be a new animal exhibit or something like the penguin thing in Orlando. Personally I really want to see the Commerson's dolphins back on display. I love those little guys!
  19. First coaster to span two parks. Impressive. Technically Magnum spans Soak City
  20. Oh Blackfish, how I despise thee. Seaworld posted an awesome response video, go check it out on their youtube channel. There's also a great response video from a former trainer named Kyle Kittleson that goes to show just how deceiving Blackfish is. These videos do a better job of explaining why I hate Blackfish better than I can, but the bottom line is Seaworld's killer whales don't have terrible lives like the activists want you to believe.
  21. I totally agree. Every time I see the show, watching divers do flips off high platforms for half the show seems like a chore. Don't get me wrong, they're talented acrobats, but I want to see the dolphins. I also think they could have done much more with the story. I'm personally very happy to hear that they're changing the show, especially if the new show will be more like the original one. Maybe it's just the fact that I don't go to the park frequently, but when I saw the holiday show it seemed to feature the animals more than the regular Blue Horizons show. Am I wrong in this? Also, does anyone else think that the Shamu show could feature the whales a bit more? There's not a ton more they can do without waterwork, but the new movie seems more drawn out and less interactive than the one in Believe.
  22. Are you or are you not allowed to tell us what it is? Please don't give him the attention he wants. If a full time employee knows and some online goofball knows, we would all know. Basically. I know people that work down there. They know I love coasters and tell me any news they hear. I heard about Diamondbacks seatbelts well in advance, as well ask the giga-invert from 2014. Wait, Kings Island doesn't have a giga-invert! Sorry buddy, even if you did hear something, it's probably not true.
  23. If you watch/listen to the cables as they pull the swing, you'd be surprised if the ride DIDN'T have problems. It's totally burnt through the steel. That's just poor design imo. Don't get me wrong, I love Skyhawk, but it legitimately scares me to ride it.
  24. I've taken plenty of rain rides at KI. That was a while ago, though. They've probably changed their policy a bit. Diamondback and probably Banshee will be the first rides to go down. You can always just ride FoF over and over Beast in the rain is awesome btw. Get on a night ride with a nice drizzle coming down. That is the ideal Beast ride.
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