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  1. I think they'll dig up an old concept name of theirs; "Centurion".
  2. There's been talk in Germany about it moving to Prater Park.
  3. My UK top 5 are: Megafobia Nemesis BPB Wild Mouse Odyssey The Smiler
  4. Take a look at Webcam 1. Let the real teasing begin! http://pixelcaster.com/live/cedarpoint/index.html
  5. Cedar Point have now put a notice on their website about Wicked Twister being closed.
  6. Me too! I'm also from the UK and it's my first ever trip to Cedar Point. I'm scared of how long the queues are going to be though with it being memorial day weekend...
  7. Holy mother of God. This and Medusa look like the best Iron Horse's in my opinion!
  8. Hi guys, first post on here. Check out the webcam, has Raptor just stalled? If not, what're they doing with the crane in that position?
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