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  1. It doesn't mean it will be opening soon but Kingda Ka should begin testing next week . Assuming the testing goes well we could see it open very soon.....or not.
  2. Yes, I also heard the PR director on MSNBC confirm that King Kong was destroyed. Fortunately it looks like the film vaults are unharmed. I still can't believe they are opening the park though!
  3. First off, awesome trip report and nice camera. I always annoy my wife trying to get those perfect shots while the kids are ripping her arms off running different directions. Anyway, I was just curious if the 2 girls in the back row of this picture are in a "normal" and safe riding position. I was a bit shocked when I saw them holding hands but then wondered if people do this all the time...
  4. Being that the title is Discovery Channel Shoot at Kingda Ka, what were you expecting? The park is only open weekends this time of the year so we were very fortunate to even be there And yes, the rain HURT lol
  5. Great job. Thanks for the report Just curious, I've been going every year on the 2nd weekend of October for the last 4 years. It usually ends up being Oct 6, 7 or 8th ish. And just the same, I'll be there next Saturday night. However, last year after getting pissed at myself for not getting the express pass, I went back the following Wednesday night to finish what I missed and it was noticably different. There wasn't nearly the same about of streetmosphere or scareactors and it just didn't have the same vibe going on. Do they really scale back the number of scareactors on the week
  6. Kingda Ka has had outstanding reliability this season. This was scheduled so I don't see what the big deal is. And last night for the entire time I was with my son in Balin's Jungleland and every time I looked in it's direction during the evening it was launching train after train with 4 train op's. Its not worth comparing the 2 any longer. They both have their share of hicups and oddities.
  7. The way this park has been operating lately, I'd even go as far as saying you don't need one (but DON'T hold me to that lol). Even on the most crowded of days lately they have been keeping the B&M's and Toro to 30-45 minute waits and even Kingda Ka has been at a steady 1-2 hour wait. Get there early though. That line WILL be brutal for the bot on a Saturday and could be the worst wait all day.
  8. I have to agree. Things definately seemed to go downhill after that accident which was deemed human error. Sad that it could operate 90 years without incident and then screw it up now . Anyway, on the S&S lemon comment, I had not realized the state made them hack/change the ride. Perhaps it would have ended up better then (learn something new everyday!). However, I still firmly believe this ride is way more than they can handle. Although admittedly, it has had moments of greatness . Apologies for the thread highjacking Looking forward to the rest of it!
  9. Being a local that grew up in Audubon and now living in Deptford NJ, both of which are only 10 minutes away, I can tell you this place has gone HORRIBLY down hill. They had a AWESOME antique carousel in that wonderful building that now houses the cat show (replaced by a chance on the tarmac), a great Whip and of course, the Jack Rabbit. While it was only a junior woodie, it was the PERFECT coaster for this park. 3 year olds could even ride it and it was still fun as you got older. I would wait 20 minutes for a ride on many times while J2 is a walk on nearly every single day with 1 train!
  10. Too soon! Also, As far as i remember (and i remember Viper well, one of my favorite rides) Viper didn't slow down at the top. I believe I may have ridden El toro with the slowed lift hill... just because my last ride.. I got off and was actually completely bored of the ride!...so I went over to Medusa and rode that 14 times. A day later i remember seeing the Gadv TR with the "Slowed lift hill". Me, i guess you could say being a Great Adventure fanboy... El Toro went from being my #1 coaster.. to.. umm.. below #10, and i've only been on 85 coasters. j2 = my new favorite woodie. huh?
  11. No matter how fast the train hits that first drop, it can still only go so fast due to the size of the wheels. There is no difference in the ride. In fact, as Rob mentioned above, its running faster than it ever has. My rides late Saturday night were the best I've ever gotten and thats with 60+ rides on it. Toro is even giving air on the final hop into the brakes In my opinion, having the great anticipation at the top before going down that drop is even better now. And the whip effect in the very back is
  12. What is really frustrating to me is that clearances should have been allotted for on that guardrail to prevent a tilted train from hitting it. The catwalk is simply to narrow. It makes you wonder how many other coasters are like this since it is very likely this woman would have sustained injuries like the other riders had she not hit the railing. This is beyond sad. While I'm feeling really bad for this poor girl’s family, can you imagine being another rider that witnessed this happening? They are going to screwed up for the rest of their lives . Tragic... I’m still wondering how
  13. Nice TR Ironically, the Intamins were the ones having issues in the cold, not the B&M's. Although Toro appears to be two trains again now that it "warmed" up. Yup, you missed Chiller but maybe by some chance both sides will actually be running together next time lol
  14. Well, if you were asking if they were actually both working would they operate them at the same time then the answer is yes. They just can't launch them at the exact same time. They just have to wait til one train is on the course but not on the spike LIMS and then launch. Usually one is going backwards while the other train goes out. This happened for a whopping 5 weeks last year lol
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