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  1. LOL, dude, Magnum sucks if you're in a wheel seat. Also, I've only found one train that's smooth. I think it was #1. But yeah, DJs in Millennium Force save the day. Magnum, you only hear them for about ten seconds as you skip through the empty switchbacks, but I do remember hearing "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers.
  2. Oh my god...no...way...someone else uses Trillian...no...way... Oh yeah, my background. I need to change it to something. So, what should it be? http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/130/p10100186mg.jpg - Train at the top of MF http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/2780/p10100221tm.jpg - What the hell is that tunnel? http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/6877/p10100461yn.jpg - Funny how it corkscrews over the midway, just like a park in Japan... http://img356.imageshack.us/img356/8585/p10100612ea.jpg - Who doesn't like cobra rolls?
  3. I don't remember anything going into my anus, so I suppose I'm pretty safe there. Of course, who knows how many proctologist visits I've had that I can't remember...at least I'm not Scooby.
  4. I think I'm going to buy Scream Machines just for that. I'm going to make a feature length roller coaster movie and include screaming in agony on any SLC. EDIT: And I'm going to recreate Top Thrill Dragster and its huge-ass line, and then record a message in the station - "I've been waiting in line for Top Thrill Dragster for ages!" Also, anyone have the "Sunday Sunday Sunday" message, because I'll have to include that, also.
  5. My last TTD visit was 1.5 hours. Not that bad, but the switchbacks...OMFG I kept sitting on rails whenever the line stopped slowly progressing. Did that on Raptor, also. Oh yeah, Raptor's an ass, also. It's all in one area, and you can see the really elevated station from almost any point in the line. It's like Cedar Point wants to make your wait on Raptor hell. You can't even figure out when you're going to get into the station, it's so freaking compact.
  6. Well...anyone care to comment on the stupid video? And believe me, it is stupid. "Which is better, the merry-go-round or Goliath?" "Um...Goliath!" He had to think about that one.
  7. Well, Zach and his friend Seth went to the Dania Beach Hurricane yesterday. I would've gone but I was busy with other things. So, Zach decided to bring his video camera and tape the rides. It was a special day because he reached his 100th ride total. Note that I did not videotape this, I only edited this video. Everything else was his idea. http://rapidshare.de/files/9398285/Two_Stupid_Kids_Invade_The_Dania_Beach_Hurricane.wmv.html
  8. Go on Top Thrill Dragster, has to be one of the easiest coasters ever made.
  9. If I died today, I'd want that picture engraved on my tombstone.
  10. Okay, guys, I know this may shock you, but no matter how close of a resemblance is, the coaster in the background is... Top Thrill Dragster. It took almost two hours in Photoshop, but I eventually uncovered the TRUE meaning of the banner. After a lot of fooling around with filters, here is the result: So, what does this mean? Robb Alvey is psychic. Only Robb was able to predict TTD's opening when he first made the banner, not to mention find a picture that was taken about, what, five years after the logo was created?
  11. Damnit! I thought that WW came with TT... Okay, it's going to piss a lot of people off, but unless I can get a copy by like 5:00 tomorrow and finish (or find a working torrent - anyone?) I'm afraid I'll have to pass.
  12. Sure, I guess that's a good file. Who wants to start?
  13. Been a few hours over, so I'll take it. WIP This is my first turn.
  14. OK, this is going to be a community project. So, post "I'd like to join" if you want to be in it. I'll make a list on the initial post. After I get a few volunteers, I'll post a regular sandbox. Your goal? Transform it into a TPR-themed park. Rules: You get 24 hours to do your portion. If you exceed 24 hours, we give you a one-hour waiting period and then your turn is forfitted. You can either open a new land or work on an existing land. If creating a new land, all you can do is theming. If working on an existing land, you can create one roller coaster, one other ride, and five shops/stalls. Your coaster CAN interact with another coaster to make both of them more exciting. E/I/N can be anything rideable (so keep it under extreme, except for Excitement). Do not edit/delete anyone else's work. Put your username after all your rides. For example, "Togo Death Machine - Nemmy" or "Plain Pasta - SharkTums". Well...that's it, I guess. Post "I'd like to join" if you want to join.
  15. I am the world's stupidest person ever. How could I forget donkeys? But yeah, I like the stupid credits idea. We could call it "Whore Land", and everyone but the big coaster freaks would stay away because they'd think it was full of whores, meaning that us big coaster freaks have less lines to wait in to increase our coaster counts. I think I'll do "The Area From Hell" that includes an SLC, Corkscrew, Boomerang, recreation of Thunder Dolphin, and a Togo stand-up that doesn't loop.
  16. I just came up with this idea 30 seconds ago...an RCT2 park themed to Theme Park Review. Although I don't even have RCT2 on my laptop, here's the general idea: 1. Baseball Bay - A bayside area themed to baseball, for Dan. iCafes allow you to Email Dan any time you want. 2. Religious Shenanigans - Where Max, Mark, Joey, and Dave can all share their different religious beliefs...together. Rides include "The Boxing Nun" and "Amish Paradise". 3. Cultural Classics - We have people from America, Australia, Canada, Germany, Europe, and a lot of other places...come to Cultural Classics and combine many different cultures - you can drink wine at a McDonald's that serves pasta where everyone is skinny. I'm out of ideas...anything? MEMBERS 1. Millenniumguy 2. dragoncoaster1292 3. WDWliker Anyone else?
  17. Don't be fooled by the palm trees. We're really in the North Pole and this guy's hands have tongues.
  18. Ah, that sucks. Last time, I crashed at a friend's house for no charge (of course), which was nice.
  19. 1. In The Groove 2. DDR Extreme 2 3. DDR Extreme 4. DDR Max 2 5. DDR Max 6. DDR 5th Mix 7. DDR 4th Mix 8. DDR 3rd Mix 9. DDR 2nd Mix 10. DDR I wonder what genre I like?
  20. Last night, a freak tidal wave came in engulfing the entire Florida Peninsula. I barely managed to escape in a jet. But with nowhere to land, we had to meander around the U.S. But a freak blizzard with an eye, like a hurricane, came and froze the plane. We crashed into what we assumed would be a bunch of water, but it turned out to be frozen tundra in New York. There, we roamed around, finding some survivors huddled in a library... Oh, never mind, that was just a dream I had from watching The Day After Tomorrow one time too many. God, I hate that movie.
  21. Planning a trip...holy crap...13 months...gimmie some candy! After going to California in 2003-2004...well...we had to do it again. And we're going to the Rose Bowl again. 2006-2007. However, this is supposedly going to be more theme-park oriented. So, who's coming? (redhead is Seth, other dude is Zach) Also, Zach's father and Seth's father, both of who I do not have pictures of and do not wish to reveal. So, that's the five-person cast of this journey out to Pasadena. I have a couple questions, though. 1. We really want to get in on New Year's Eve just like we did in '03/'04. Any suggestions for cheap but efficient lodging (like in the style of the Breakers @ Cedar Point). 2. The Rose Bowl for the 2006 season will be on January 1, 2007. So, we figured that we'd start up on January 2, 2007. Are the local parks usually open? 3. We were wondering about what theme parks to hit. I was thinking that on the 2nd, we'd fool around at DW and DCA, on the 3rd, we'd hit SFMM, on the 4th, we'd go to USH, and on the 5th, we'd do KBF. Anything else we can hit/skip? 4. Any other useful information?
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