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  1. 1) Metallica 2) AC/DC 3) The Beatles 4) The Temptations
  2. I used to live near the park before 2012. I am glad Cedar Fair did not over stuff it with coasters and other rides. Also there was supposed to be a resort with an indoor water park built on site before the park was sold.
  3. 1) Rides that breakdown 2) people screaming in your ear in the ride 3) overpriced food 4) people making out at every corner 5) finding a good parking spot 6) trying to remember where you parked
  4. X-Flight was originally going to go to Paramount's Kings Island but Paramount's parks was having trouble with stealth so Six flags bought their orders for twp Flying Dutchmen. Dominator would not have been able to fit into the park. I think Steel Venom was meant to go to Geauga Lake. They were going to retheme Chang to Riddler's Revenge and T2 was going to be Batman: The Ride.
  5. I am not a big screamer, so I will probably go slow on this coaster.
  6. I am going to the Orlando parks this summer. I am still not sure it may just be two days at Disney, two days Universal or one day at Universal and one day at Disney. I also might be going to Busch Gardens Tampa. I have never been to Universal Studios or Busch Gardens Tampa and the last time I went to Disney was in 2004. I would like to go to Busch Gardens but I don't have a lot of time on this trip. Is it worth going to Busch Gardens or should I dump Busch Gardens for an extra day at Disney or Universal? Another issue is my sister hates Universal and my brother hates Disney. I am in between the cross fire. I have not been to Disney since 2004 but I have not been to Universal and I hear Universal is really good. Any tips?
  7. Hey my name is Chris Talor. I live in Dexter, Michigan which is two hours from my home park Cedar Point. Raptor is my favorite coaster at Cedar Point.
  8. XLR-8 was originally intended for Six Flags AutoWorld
  9. The Matrix, Back to the Future, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
  10. 1) Hilton Head Island in South Carolina 2) Saint Pierre and Miquelon in Canada (it is a French territory but it is a fun place to visit) 3) national parks (Yellow Stone is my favorite one I have been to)
  11. I can't wait to ride SlingShot. I like also how it is not in Challenge Park.
  12. You might be a coaster Nerd if you can name all the elements of a coaster while riding it.
  13. My avatar is a photo I took of Raptor when I went to Cedar Point last year.
  14. I was there in 2008 when Six Flags closed off Twisted Twins. The park was really dead when I went. I hope the new management will pull more people in so it does not feel like a ghetto park.
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