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  1. For those who are afraid, I'm 6'5" with a lot that in the legs and while I've never been on Bizarro (will later this summer), I have ridden Superman: Ride of Steel at SFA which has identical trains (including ankle "restraints") and height restrictions but I have ridden dozens of times without incident. No guarantee of course, especially if ride ops are actively checking heights. The trains aren't identical. When it became bizarro it got new trains with big lap bars and no legroom.
  2. I had hear that limited motion was restored last year. I hear that he doesn't swoop but his arm moves again.
  3. Next year wildcat will get new trains most likely. I have asked them on instagram a while back and they said that they had until 2015 to get them
  4. My guess is something along the lines of outlaw run or an intamin mega light.
  5. That sign has been there for years. Six flags doesn't care about it
  6. Every sf park pretty much needs a boomerang. I hope my guess is right. Is some park contacting inatamin?
  7. I have a feeling that next year there might be something big and red in the skyline
  8. It will. It's the first wooden roller coaster where the train jumps the lift hill to get to the drop.
  9. I didn't know where to post this. Do u have to be a certain age to join club tpr and go on the trips? I'm 14 and I am interested in signing up.
  10. Bizarro or goliath first. After those anything doesn't usually have a line.
  11. I'm small, about 13, and the trains were horribly. Very tight, so much g force, felt like I was going to black out, and I almost did. I want the new trains back, some of you may agree. As for getting valleyed, they closed it for the rest of the day, I went on it 2 times though, not a fan of it any more.. I surely wasn't counting on that. I thought they were going to be an improvement (even though I had no problems with the old ones). I'm not sure I get what you're saying. Are you saying that they run it faster than before (which they can't, really) to combat wind resistance? Sorry if I got you wrong, I just wasn't sure. I mean that the old train was staggered and was more aero dynamic. The new one however is like a flat out wall. They probably made the old trains like that purpose. The air actually had a way to get through. I don't really know how hot explain it See the difference See the difference
  12. All the forces might have to do because the trains are not as aero dynamic as the old ones, so it takes more to push it thru the wind.
  13. #save cyclone. Markers found around it today. Please be for iron cyclone and not cyclone:the Bon fire
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