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  1. I don't think so. I'm not sure if it has a setting on the computer to make it go backwards or they have to physically turn the chairs around They turn the chairs.
  2. Interesting; thought it was like how some of the parks in Japan have horns or alarms going off signalling the train departing the station (which I think is from their railroading rules but I'm not sure). No, it's just for fun.
  3. The woo woop noise is like sfga's ole. They say it on some ride to get people pumped.
  4. Jb BBQ is good food along with take 6 cafe. Try to hit up Houdini, tomahawk, and buzzsaw.
  5. Maybe since it hasn't been well maintend at all, it will need more work to have it open around the right time For that reason, and, as another user mentioned, because of New England's winters. And to answer RCF's question, the Medusa Steel Coaster project also involved a lot of land clearing. Perhaps they're extending the queue. Why would Six Flags tear down a roller coaster to replace it with another ride when they already have a structure upon which to build a top-10 ride? Remember, Rolling Thunder, although designed by Cobb, was demolished under much different circumstances. It was a small, pedestrian out-and-back coaster that was largely obscured by it's neighbor El Toro. Cyclone, on the other hand, is a unique coaster that's still a major part of the North End's skyline. I'm pretty sure the Enterance is going to be where the rides original Enterance was. Near sky screamer.
  6. Maybe since it hasn't been well maintend at all, it will need more work to have it open around the right time
  7. Dude, it's almost assuredly not coming back. They got rid of everything except for a couple of inconsequential parts, and the thing was a maintenance nightmare that is probably even more of a bitch to get parts for now that HUSS most likely doesn't even make the damn thing any more. Just forget about it. I never said it was coming back. Nobody actually knows for sure if it's back there. And huss does make the fly away still.
  8. Jen said nightwing wasn't coming back, but she never said it was gone. I asked her about what rides are in storage and she replayed that she will say them when she is allowed to.
  9. The spinning mouse at my local fair has a better station than that.
  10. On cyclone they let me ride 4 in a row. Then they did what they should have and when someone got in line for my row they told me I should get off...OR I could go sit in the seat in front.
  11. Actually, the Bizarro station was almost entirely empty for most of the day yesterday. This is not an exaggeration - the place really was that dead. They regularly sent out trains with over half of the seats empty because the few people that were waiting clustered towards either the front or the back, so it's totally conceivable that the ops just let him go ahead with it until someone else showed up to wait for his seat. They wouldn't let you 14 in a row though. I think that they will make u get out if they let you stay after about 10 rides.
  12. It depends. cyclone had no wait today so the op let me stay on 5 times until someone was in line for my row.
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