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  1. Atari this is why you're dying. This is rubbish. This is not Rct 4. You had one good series left. And you absolutely destroyed it. Theme park studio it is.
  2. They've said the ride will be seven minutes long. So if that means 200 people every seven minutes that some where around 1700 people per hour. If they run two trains that will go up and they haven't said if they counted loading and unloading in the at time. If they did and they run two trains capacity could be in excess of 3000 people per hour.
  3. Mind eraser was the first of the four in Six Flags America. So out of the three clones at the park two originated in this park. That's not that bad.
  4. Well, the whole park being a shell is kind of true, the park still works anyway. As for why the park is a shell is kind of interesting. It also coincides with why islands of adventure is really good. For those who don't know, here it is. (them park tourist is my source) Animal kingdom would have a number of key differences when it opened, but the animal attractions were costing more and more, to the point where these were changed. The first would be a symbol of the park, the animal carousel. It would be three tiered, one dumbo style bit, one normal carousel and one carousel on water. The tree was chosen instead. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20131125/15135/unbuilt-disney-animal-carousel-disneys-animal-kingdom The more interesting one was originally going to be in the site of primeval whirl, and triceratop spin. Called the excavator, it was going to be the thrill ride of the park, similar in thrill to big thunder mountain. Thanks to coast, this wasn't built and the site was used for the midway games and rides in around 2001. More details: http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20131201/15216/unbuilt-disney-excavator-disneys-animal-kingdom However the big thing was beastly kingdom. It would have featured a number of major rides and would have been in the area avatar is going. This would take a while to write so read here for details. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20131017/14745/avatar-what-was-beastly-kingdom The interesting thing is that when this was canned the imagineers left, and worked on island of adventure instead. The result is a park that is still kind of empty. So why hasn't something happened sooner? Because I, along with many others still love the park. The limited attractions are some of the best in WDW and the attractions take a while to ride. They are some major crowd pleasers.
  5. Only a few days until my trip to disney and I have to ask how is disney quest? It's included in our tickets so we'll probably go at least once but I would like to know if it's any good.
  6. If Ireland keeps getting summers like we just had then Ireland. I just want a theme park in my country. -_-
  7. While the go karting stuff isn't strictly necessary it makes it look nicer. Just some generic race themeing would go a long way. (Here in Ireland and when I went in europe you had to put on helmets). The viking voyage just seem very bare the me. Building a hit under it to cut dwn the size of the supports would help a lot but I think just a few viking style things would help a lot. That said the buildings are great, as are the coasters and besides those two rides I find the lack of themeing fine. It may be I'm just used to Disney level of themeing that you see on shyguys world. Here are some viking sets I found. http://cslist.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?item=1439 http://cslist.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?item=1440 http://cslist.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?item=1441
  8. I don't have a picture but it would be goofy's barnstormer at wiseacre farm in magic kingdom in October 2002 when I was 2.
  9. I like your park, but none of it is themed. There's no reason for Viking voyage to be called Viking voyage. Imagine if that was in a park. You just went up with no type of theming at all around you, facing out into empty grass. Then you turned and dropped. That was the ride you waited twenty minutes in a unthemed queue for. You make nice buildings yet all of the rides have the same open queue design with a big shelter thing over them. This is really most noticeable on the gokarts. It's just track no run off area if you crash, no entry building to put on your helmets and stuff. A lot of it is very plain. That said some foliage would go a long way and I do like your buildings.
  10. I live in Ireland so my nearest theme park is in u.k .Never been to any of them ever either. I've only ever been to the Orlando parks (and bush gardens Tampa) but i'm only thirteen so I still have plenty of time.
  11. Does anyone have a guide on how to install revolutionary rides stuff. I downloaded one and it said I need a differnet one to make it work in the read me (It was the roller skater) so I downloaded that one (The concrete and race dark ride track). Now in the read me it says to place it in the working ctr creator folder. So I downloaded that. And it gives me no instructions on what to do. What do I do? (P.s if other custom stuff needs different stuff to make work it would be really helpful if you told me what to do with that. I'm clueless with this stuff)
  12. Thank you very much for the info. May I ask what's wrong with the adventures of captain jack sparrow. Is it worth skipping altogether or should I try it out?
  13. Amazing!!! Really amazing. May I ask if you have to download a mod to make wing coasters in the game? I don't see them.
  14. I've never been (might go if people think it's any good? How expensive would it be to pay per ride?) But based on there current line up I defiantly think that a water ride, preferably a log flume, would be the way to go. It would complete the line up and it's so warm in Florida it would be a great way to cool off.
  15. The new snow white ride looks cool. Shame it won't be ready when I'm their next. (In October). Last time I was in Disney was 2006. Anything new to look out for since then?I'll be going to all the Disney parks and Disney quest. Maybe funspot if it's any good.
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