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  1. Costco is selling discount tickets for the 2020 season. I think they're $50 or at least close to that price point.
  2. I took this directly from the message Lagoon (Farmington, UT) sent out by email and as social media posts. "To those who have already purchased 2020 season passports and/or season parking, we want you to have confidence in your purchase. We thank all of our season passport holders for their loyalty and support during this time. In response to the uncertainty of this virus, if you do not redeem your season passport by November 2020, with your scannable ticket or coupon the passport and/or season parking will be made valid for the next Lagoon season. However, if you are able to use your pass
  3. I'd recommend trying Samurai at Lagoon, I was excited to try Sol Spin when I attend WCB and walked away disappointed because it only rotates in one direction. Samurai rotates forwards and backwards and if you get the right arm you get a super wild ride. There have been plenty of moments where I felt like I was going to be flung from my seat.
  4. They have magnets inside the disk behind the seats, they're essentially there as a dampener to ensure that rotation is smooth and doesn't get out of control. I had an opportunity to ride the prototype last week and it was an absolutely fantastic ride. I really hope these get picked up by the parks because this ride was one of the most awesome experiences I've had on a roller coaster.
  5. Dang wish I had caught that one earlier. Oh well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. The process is automated but somewhat curated. For example, we had some testing and adjusting last year because we had certain rides be super-highly ranked but only had one or two people ranking them. That led us to develop the rule that a coaster's yearly ranking is "provisional" (marked with an asterisk instead of a number on the results) when it has less than a certain number of riders. Soaring With Dragon at Wanda Hefei is an example of one of those coasters. Okay very cool,just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. It was a very straightforward & easy to understand meth
  7. Out of curiosity do you tally the votes manually or is it an automated process?
  8. Seriously nighttime ERT was a practical ghost town. I really wish it was Saturday again. I had an amazing time and all the work that Robb & Co. and Knott's put into the event truly showed. Also shout-out to the employees who despite being up early and up late at night still had a smile. It was one of the best days I've ever had at the park.
  9. You're very welcome! I'm sure you'll be fine with your bag but we've had incidents where all of a sudden, based on a number of random things, we've had to put stuff away. And it's not a huge deal, I just always like to tell people to be prepared just in case. Have a few extra singles or a credit card handy, etc... Sounds good, I never thought about issues like that coming into play.
  10. I spent yesterday at Knott's, and carried a backpack with me. All the coasters have bins off to the side, in which my backpack fit easily. You should have no problem with not getting a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo. Again, since this is my thread and my event, I will tell you that you should always "be prepared" to have to put a bag in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo JUST IN CASE. People's experiences may vary. One day at Steel Vengeance people were able to bring their phones in line, the next day they were not. Ok, sounds good I'll just come pre
  11. Its hard to believe that this upcoming Saturday is West Coast Bash. I am so excited!!! I do have a question for past attendees that have brought a backpack/camera bag along to past Knott's events. Was it relatively easy to keep your bag with you all day or would you recommend getting a locker? (Edit: I like the autocorrect at the end there)
  12. Sounds a lot like Twisted Colossus, minus the launch. And knowing SFMM, it would never race lol. I'm glad to finally see some teasers up. I think this basically confirms it is a roller coaster. Can't wait for the announcement! Found a video of the T Rex concept shown and IAAPA and it matched what you described. I think it would be really cool if this is what their new roller coaster ends up being. But the 2 is better than 1 has me perplexed as to what they would be making.
  13. Out of curiosity is anyone coming to the Knott's event from the Aliso Viejo area? I'm wondering if I might be able to hitch a ride with someone for the event from start to end. (100% willing to split gas and parking)
  14. Ticket just bought, I'm super excited for my first West Coast Bash! Look forward to meeting people at Knott's on Saturday.
  15. I was under the impression it went the way of the dinosaurs.... "Bye-bye"
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