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  1. ^^ Lauren and Leah will be featured in a future video talking about their dad's/Will's original plans for a steel coaster to intertwine with Voyage. ^ There are 46 days between now and Opening Day. What's your hurry?!
  2. ^ Indeed. The farmer who owned this land back in the early 1820s buried the 66 Days at Sea journal in a wooden box, hoping his descendents wouldn't have to deal with Thunderbird's moodiness and its effect on the weather. Until one day last May: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/05/21/yet/
  3. ^ I blame Thunderbird. He's all about extremes in weather. The day we topped the Immelmann (last fall) we had hail! I heard thunder yesterday ...
  4. ^ Pffffffft! By the way, we're auctioning off a Thunderbird Launch Pack, if you're interested in Front of the Line Passes, tickets, shirts and more: http://www.holidayworld.com/auction-FOL (yes, we've read those high-anxiety posts about anticipated lines).
  5. ^ Gee, thanks. Really, though, we were ready to burst - for months afterwards, every time I'd say "Thunderbird" out loud, a little alarm would go off in my head. (VP James recently told me he experienced the same thing.)
  6. ^ We announced Thunderbird on July 24 last year - the date was chosen because our first load of steel was due to arrive the next week. At that point there were already lots of indications (footers, etc.) that something big was coming.
  7. ^ Maybe you needed to clear your cache? We haven't adjusted the webcams today.
  8. ^ Eek! Please remove my phone number. Not that I wouldn't like to get a phone call from each and every one of you ...
  9. ^ Rayvon Owen. Here are a couple of HoliBlog posts about him: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/tag/american-idol/
  10. The video we shot with Lauren and Leah showing their dad's plans for a steel coaster will be part of a longer video - not for a few more weeks, though - probably in March. Thanks, Paula
  11. ^ Testing, using this technology, takes time. It's a lot of stop and go and adjustments. Please be patient. It'll be worth it - promise!
  12. ^ Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort also has rental RVs, cabins and cottages - plus a free shuttle to the park. (And a discount for Club TPR members.)
  13. ^ That's exactly right. After we show the video at Eastcoaster, we'll share with everyone else. Anyone here active on Google+? I was thinking of trying a Google Video Hangout for this ...
  14. ^ They're from the first train. Second train should arrive in about a month.
  15. ^ What about the text that went with it, huh? Words are important, too! (Glad you like the photo.)
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