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  1. Oh, ye of little faith. I'm a total weenie, but I rode twice. It's a very aggressive ride, but not painful at all. The 90-degree track sections are indescribable. Riding toward the back is great, because you can see everyone up front riding on their sides. The first tunnel is a total "head chopper." Nothing on our other coasters can compare. I can't imagine not ducking (and, again, it's fun to ride toward the back and see everyone else duck). My favorite part (so far) is the underground triple down. But what do I know? Better come ride it for yourself... Paula
  2. Head over to eBay and search for "Voyage Roller Coaster" for all the details. In essence ... an hour of Voyage ERT before we open to the public on the opening day of our 60th Anniversary Season. Oh...and a Voyage shirt and a free meal. All for a really good charity! Bid early ... bid often! Thanks, Paula Paula Werne Holiday World PR
  3. For those of you who might be wondering about the various speeds we'll reach on The Voyage, especially approaching the 90* banked sections of track and the triple-down, we posed the question to The Gravity Group. Chad Miller's reply is posted here on the HoliBlog: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2006/04/closing-in-on-speeds.html Thanks, Paula Werne Holiday World PR EDIT: Minor edit. Fixed the link.
  4. If you're seriously trying to lose weight before riding The Voyage this season, please take a look at today's HoliBlog post: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2006/01/weighty-question.html Hope we get some sincere candidates ... and that any unkind (albeit funny-to-some) comments are left unsaid. Thanks, Paula Paula Werne Holiday World PR
  5. That would be the start of The Voyage's three-story station. And that white stuff in the background is snow. Thanks, Paula
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