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  1. Sorry, that's not what she was trying to explain. We're not required to have a Plan B, we just thought it was a good idea. The State requires that all of our rides be inspected and sealed, which they are.
  2. Regarding the questions about The Voyage: The mid-course brakes on Voyage (coming out of the spaghetti bowl) have existed since we opened it in 2006. They have been used on and off over the years, including when Will was still with us. This season, they are on, to keep the speed of Voyage heading into the triple-down at a constant speed. What that means is the amount of trim is based on timing. The time it takes to travel from the top of the lift hill to the mid-course brakes will determine the amount of trim applied, so every train (whether fully loaded with husky adults or with only a few seats filled) will enter the triple-down at a consistent speed. This is to improve the experience for many, many of our Guests who simply do not enjoy the super-aggressiveness of the second half of the ride (the first half of the ride has not changed - there aren't brakes hidden in a tunnel). I spoke with many enthusiasts yesterday who enjoyed their Voyage rides immensely, noticing either nothing or very little difference at the safety block. We hope you'll attend HoliWood Nights and see for yourself!
  3. ^ Our ice cream connection (yes, I have one) tells me if your local store carries Prairie Farm dairy products, but doesn't have Thunderbird Ice Cream, ask for it. The store will be able to get it for you.
  4. Okay, so you saved yourself with "still wonderful." I took it from a distance on my iPhone as the sun was getting ready to set. We'll have some sharper photos soon.
  5. ^^ Not that I'm aware of, but that's a nice thought. ^ Yes, it's Employee Ride Night. Six hours of Thunderbird!
  6. Thanks for all your kind words - it's been a labor of love for a lot of people, that's for sure. And we have so many "Easter Eggs" that we haven't talked about. Can't wait to see you discover them when you visit! And speaking of that, we still have room for a few dozen more riders for our Thunderbird Media Preview coming up on Thursday. All it takes is a $50 donation to Give Kids The World. It's a full day of rides and food, including Thunderbird ice cream. Details are here: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2015/04/14/lets-help-give-kids-world-even/ and the deadline to sign up is 11:59pm CDT on Sunday (tomorrow).
  7. ^ They'll be in the same Kroger stores as last year, yes. Regarding our other coasters, they've all received off-season TLC, so there should be a lot of happy riders this season.
  8. ^^ The 27 states are all the states east of the Mississippi, plus just a few to the west. You can always call and DEMAND they stock it, right? ^ And the park map is in the hands of our web designers. You can always call and DEMAND they post it sooner, right?
  9. ^ It started rolling out the past week or so. Schnucks will carry it locally, as well at Holiday Foods and IGA. Walmarts, too. Oh, and my house.
  10. I scream, you scream, we all scream ... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. ^ We're waiting for the trees to leaf-out and other springtime beautification to take place. No worries, there'll be another spot in a month or so.
  12. Well, yes, I believe I did: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2015/04/11/confessions-screaming-grandma/
  13. ^ Yes, it's been very windy this week. (Sorry, I didn't see this last night, so I'd didn't see what you're asking about.) As for the "I can't believe this is in Holiday World" comment - we all keep saying it, too! Every day there's something more to marvel about. We're having great fun and can't wait for Guests to arrive!
  14. We're testing the thunder sound effect now, too - which is sort of freaky, given all the bad weather we've been having. It's hard to tell when to take cover and when to be impressed with our theming!
  15. ^ Thank you for your kind words. We're so glad to host your family this season! To all: By the way, our auction page is also set up for donations. If you're not available for the First Flight, or if the bids are too high for your budget, there's a place to make a donation to Give Kids The World. You'll never regret it! Thanks, Paula
  16. ^ And just maybe place a bid on Thunderbird's First Flight Auction - to benefit Give Kids the World! http://HolidayWorld.com/FirstFlight
  17. This is a good time for me to hop on and let you know if you do happen to see what you think is a rollback on our webcam, it's an intentional half-power warm up as we start testing. Sort of like stretching before exercising ... oh, sorry, bad analogy?
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