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  1. We knew someone would ask! Actually, it's an ACE calendar. James has been a member since he was 10.
  2. We hosted a crew from HGTV's House Hunters back in the summer ... it airs tonight at 9pm CST. The couple (empty-nesters from Ohio) liked Thunderbird's oversized windows, panoramic views and roomy closets!
  3. ^ In general, we get busier as we get closer to Halloween. And, of course, when the weather is lovely. And when you "smell something really good" over in 4th of July, it's the BOOmin' Onions at The Alamo. I've had a number of people ask me about it after the fact - and they wailed at the thought of missing a chance to get some. Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen also has tons of pumpkin treats. Oh, and ... this: If you'd like to show us some love, we sure appreciate reviews on TripAdvisor, Google+ and Facebook.
  4. ^^ Oh, heavens - nothing nearly as intriguing as all that. The person who produced that music video is Rory Kramer, who is originally from Indiana (I Googled it). The footage was shot without our knowledge or permission. Sorry to burst your bubble that the recording artist shot the footage himself or even appeared in the video. And since we're on the subject, I will implore all who read this to please obey all park safety rules. We're not trying to be jerks; we're trying to keep everyone safe.
  5. ^ Since we don't allow cameras on coasters, it was a bit of a twitchy situation. Originally, he posted his on-ride photo (taken by the park) on Twitter; our RT caught the attention of the media. It was only then that the video popped up - including the ride op's voice asking them to put the phone away. The groom-to-be has since added a note of apology to the description on his YouTube post, which we appreciate.
  6. That's exactly what it was - they're in the process of fixing it. Thanks for pointing it out!
  7. ^ We conduct these large, multi-county emergency-preparedness drills on a regular basis (last night's drill wasn't in reaction to anything) along with even more frequent smaller drills.
  8. Cordero! We're so glad you finally got to visit us! Thanks for all your kind comments. We're so glad you had a fun day!
  9. Regarding the earlier discussion about whether a tweet or an email is preferred - since I tend to handle both of them - definitely an email. A tweet is yelling in a crowd while an email is a quiet conversation. And the mid-course brake has always been there - and we even used it one season when Will was still with us.
  10. I think you'll be in good shape visiting on the 12th, as many of our local schools are already back in session by then. (Please be aware of the shorter hours, though.)
  11. Alright, so I gave it a year. And what I predicted hasn't happened. You disappoint me. Listen to our Thunderbird Theme, concentrating on the chanting. I was obsessed that the random chant was sending a message (it wasn't) and that the enthusiasts would pick up on it (you didn't). Sigh. Now I don't get to say "I told you so" to the group of us who listened to the theme over and over, seeking perfection. Instead, they get to say it to me. One more chance: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] And ... Happy Christmas Eve in July to all!
  12. ^ You are the gloomiest, doomiest bunch lately! Maybe remember that we're family owned - these coasters are siblings: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2011/07/13/when-your-sister-roller-coaster/
  13. ^ And I can't believe they were wearing JACKETS on July 24! It's triple digits here today.
  14. ^ Here's the link to the show schedule for next Friday: http://www.holidayworld.com/park-tickets/park-hours/at-a-glance/?d=2015-07-24 That's an important day in our history ... anyone remember?
  15. Thunderbird Ice Cream is part of Prairie Farms' "Critics Choice" series ... meaning they keep it on the shelves for a set amount of time and then there's a new flavor to take its place. I believe our flavor will be available a few more months. Glad you like it!
  16. Awww, how cute! Please tell her we're looking forward to her next visit!
  17. ^ Ha! I'd actually proposed this earlier in the season for our full-time staff - one "banned" card for each of us to use at our individual discretion. Despite the fact that this didn't fly, I've already used mine.
  18. To keep Thunderbird lines moving as quickly as safely possible, we do direct riders to specific seats. (Please keep in mind that seats in rows 2 and 3 have a longer seat belt, so anyone needing a bit more room should ask to be seated there.) The front row is very popular on Thunderbird and if the queue isn't already full, we're happy to directs riders there upon request. We apologize if this is not what you experienced when you visited and promise to tell our ride operators you called them "lame."
  19. ^ Please tell you friend Thunderbird, Raven and Legend are all open (as are our water coasters, Mammoth and Wildebeest). Voyage is expected to open early this afternoon.
  20. Here's what the ice cream guy at Prairie Farms told me: Priceless Foods on Old Hickory Blvd. (yes, he can be so cold ....) They're still working on placement in additional stores - so don't hesitate to "demand" Thunderbird Ice Cream at your store if it normally carries PF products.
  21. ^ Please know it was unbelievably frustrating for us, too. It's always our intent to have every ride open every day - we sincerely apologize that that didn't happen on Saturday. If you'd like to send us an email, please direct it to fun -at- holidayworld.com Congratulations to your daughter and her ensemble!
  22. ^ Yes, that's an excellent explanation. And, by the way, the board was replaced yesterday morning.
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