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  1. My vote goes to Cheetah Hunt, it has a great, original and TWISTY layout, with tunnels and banked turns over a river.
  2. South Region Round 1 Matchups: (Seeding is random, first of the two to get five votes wins) #1 Afterburn vs. #16 i305 #8 Alpengeist vs. #9 Goliath (SFOG) #5 Rip Ride Rockit vs.#12 Volcano: TBC #4 Dare Devil Dive vs. #13 WIld Eagle #6 SheiKra vs. #11 Titan #3 Thunderhead vs. #14 Intimidator #7 Apollo's Chariot vs. #10 Manta (SWO) #2 Hulk Coaster vs. #15 New Texas Giant Pick the team you want to win by Thursday!
  3. This is meant to be a March Madness style bracket, 64 Coasters in 4 regions of 16. All of these are flagship or well known coasters in that park. Now, before you lock this thread, I am aware there are other tournaments going on, but none are active. So please DO NOT lock this forum. The coasters are grouped by: MIDWEST, SOUTH,NORTHEAST, AND WILDCARD (anywhere) With 16 per region. The pdf file is in this post. We will begin with the South region. Roller Coaster Bracket - Sheet1.pdf
  4. My apologies for the double post: My Rankings: 8 4 12 11 10 By the way, I'm glad there's no B&M hypers, cause they would whip this bunch.
  5. Funny thing, when I rode Viper it was great except for the ear banging. But 15? Also, Batman's too high. Maybe a 9, but just my opinion. Will there be more?
  6. I believe that the media said that hurricane Irene blew down kingda ka. This was like actual media that reported it. I laughed when I read it. http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2011/08/hurricane_irene_did_it_destroy.html The last paragraph is GP worthy. Also, in the "top 5 at SFGadv, one was El Torro. *cough* typo *cough* 640 foot fail *cough* I must be coming down with GPitis. All this coughing and laughing can't be good.
  7. AND, he spells ROBB wrong. I know this might be very subjective to some people, but *Facepalm*
  8. Yep. Some classmate of mine said she was going to "Harry Potter World" Conversation is as follows. GP: I'm going to HPW! Me: You mean IOA? 'Cause that's where HPW is. Good coasters there. GP: No, Harry Potter World! Me: Kinda hard not to go to IOA when you go through it to HPW. P.S.: This person is one of the smartest in my class. Except me
  9. Do. Not. Go. There. Oh, I'm kidding. You guys remember that Volkswagen commercial during the Super Bowl?
  10. He actually thought they were taking out the Pennsylvania Turnpike to put in the new coaster! And who goes to Pirates games anyway? Residents of Pittsburgh, I bear you no ill will, the Pirates just aren't too good. Off topic over posting as usual.
  11. It's the same here in Colorado with our "beloved" Vekoma SLC. And in MN, where we might actually TAKE an SLC just to get an invert. Theme parks should be more spread out, not just in Ohio, Florida and California.
  12. Precisely! My opinion is that they suck and are awesome at the same G-filled time!
  13. While reading this LOL inducing forum, I saw an ad for Six Flags coupons. One of the coasters on the ad was SHEIKRA. #2: At VF, in line for the High Roller: Girl sees Excalibur over trees. G: After this, let's ride that one! I think it's Millenium Force. G2: No, that's at Six Flags Me: *kills self*
  14. No, Chuck Norris lives twice. Chuck Norris dies, Death just hasn't told him yet, he's scared.
  15. Opening week on Cheetah Hunt. Awful wait, at least 1 hour. Plus, the queue was jam packed! I could barely move!
  16. #1: That crappy old Corkscrew at VF/CP. Ride once, head hurts. Ride twice, need a massage.
  17. YOLO is great, but short. Gatekeeper is great, but long. Gatekeeper has more inversions, and really adds to the front entrance. YOLO will be renamed YORO: You Only Ride Once. It's good, but no "come back for more 'o that awesome" elements. Gatekeeper: Let's see: Dive drop, Immelman, Flat spin, TOWER ROLL (Behold! a new inversion!) and I probably forgot a bazillion other things. My Vote Is: GateKeeper FTW!
  18. Amusement Parks=Coasters Theme Parks=Bushes This is not a bush forum, so no doubt in my mind.
  19. Hahahaha. I forgot about the YOLO joke. In that case, Full Throtle (spelled wrong to hopefully not be YOLO)
  20. and clunky, and unaerodynamic, and ugly. Bleech! Awful trains on a pretty good ride, for 1996
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