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  1. (Politcal BS that has no place in the discussion.) And how well is Italy doing with their "free" government-run healthcare-for-all in this situation? Please take your opinions on to the functionality of health care in the US elsewhere. I wasn't comparing the US to Italy. Both countries have extremely corrupt governments and are not civilized in any sense of the word. But keep drinking the grape-flavored sugar water; that's what the government expects. as a good American, you only know how to give air to your mouth. a bit like your president
  2. mirabilandia canceled the opening of April 4th. and announced that it will open on May 1st
  3. ah yes yes, I'm a troll, of course. the important thing is to adore that island full of concrete. with the name of cedar point
  4. if you don't write your daily bullshit, you're not happy are you?
  5. it's just a trick, it changes absolutely nothing. the managers always remain those
  6. flashpass https://www.mirabilandia.it/en/plan-your-visit/flashpass
  7. because you are a foolish person, but we all know it and your humor is no one's laughing
  8. This baby was never born. And that article was written by Mr. Screamscape, who helped propagate this utter nonsense. actually he was a user on fb. Screamscape has dismantled this theory after due certification
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