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  1. Most of my favourite coasters are B&M and are in the UK (where I live). I've noticed a lot of people from the USA are saying they prefer Intamin coasters. I'm guessing B&M coasters are more common in the UK because they tend to be more compact and our parks aren't as spacious. There are probably a number of other reasons. TOP 10 1. B&M (Incredible Hulk, Universal Orlando, USA) 2. B&M (Flying Dinosaur, Universal Japan) 3. B&M (Galactica/Air, Alton Towers, UK) 4. Intamin (Thunder Dolphin, Tokyo Dome City, Japan) 5. B&M (Swarm, Thorpe Park, UK) 6. Intamin (Thirte
  2. Sorry I posted in the wrong topic. Please delete this.
  3. WARNING: Do not visit Thorpe Park with intention of riding the Derren Brown Ghost Train. The ride is experiencing many, many faults and it is not guaranteed to be open during your visit. I advise anyone wishing to go on the ride waits several weeks, if not months until the ride can be deemed reliable. I visited the park yesterday with the intention of going on Derren Browns Ghost Train. Sadly the ride was closed all day until 3pm. One of the members of staff at the queue lines said told me the ride only opened yesterday at 4pm. I joined the queue soon after it opened, I had ridden eve
  4. The G-Force lift hill is bizarre, in fact the whole ride is insane. I definitely would not want to go on a ride with a longer lift hill of that nature.
  5. 1. Incredible Hulk - Universal Studios Islands of Adventure 2. Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan 3. Air (Galactica) - Alton Towers 4. Thunder Dolphin - Tokyo Dome City 5. Thirteen - Alton Towers 6. Rita - Alton Towers 7. Dragon Challenge - Universal Studios of Adventure 8. The Scenic Railway - Margate Dreamland 9. Stealth - Thorpe Park 10. Oblivion - Alton Towers I know Nemesis at Alton Towers get's a lot of praise but the I've found it very uncomfortable and the last time I rode it I hit my head quite hard on the headrests and spent the rest of the day in pain. Luckily it
  6. I haven't visited yet, but there are some interesting behind the scenes photos of the opening day on the Dreamland Blog, https://dreamlandopenday.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/dreamland-opening-19th-june-2015/ I'm actually looking forward to visiting the arcade. I've never seen an arcade in Margate with pinball machines, only the same old 2p coin pusher machines.
  7. It looks like the Scenic Railway won't be ready for the grand opening., which is a shame because I'm sure most people are looking forward to that ride the most. On another note, who should I contact to get this discussion thread linked from the park page? I would have completely missed this thread if I didn't find it on Google. Dreamland rollercoaster 'not ready' for park's opening The wooden rollercoaster at the revamped Dreamland in Margate will not be ready for the official opening, bosses say. The Grade II listed Scenic Railway rollercoaster, badly damaged in an arson attac
  8. It's really exciting to see a new attraction at Legoland. This is huge project for a Legoland park, I look forward to seeing more Lego theming in place.
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