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  1. The name of the company seems like they manufacture stuff like forges and other metal working tools, not roller coasters.
  2. Having that kind of face before the operation then finding out the surgeon just made it worse.
  3. 2004-Silver Bullet and Nighthawk 2006-Tatsu 2007-Sierra Sidewinder 2008-Pony Express, Aftershock [silverwood], and X2 [not sure if the reopening counts] 2009-Terminator Salvation the Ride 2010-Intimidator [Carowinds] 2011-Green Lantern: First Flight, Magic Flyer [sFMM], and Superman: Escape from Krypton [not sure if the reopening counts]
  4. Hi, my name is Nick and I'm from the central California coast. I am a math nerd and of course a coaster lover. Loved coasters ever since my first ride on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland.
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