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  1. I'm still snobberish after all these years. If it's not a woodie, Intamin or B&M Hyper, I'm not interested. Ah well, they still have Superman/Bizarro, so that nullifies most of anything else. How is the Riverside Cyclone riding these days? I remember actually enjoying the modified first drop in 2001, it made it super smooth, but still had plenty of airtime.
  2. True for this ride. But on Intmidator or other non loopers is what I was referring to
  3. Makes sense. I just watched a video of 305 and was surprised they even need OTSR on it. I guess it's just a sign of the liability times
  4. which is the same as maverick, kingda ka, stormrunner, etc., correct ?
  5. The last time I rode SROS was prior to the 2001 accident. Was hoping to get back there next year. I just read the Media Day thread and it looks very impressive. In regards to the new restraints: I fit fine in the previous ones (original prior to any modifications), will I automatically fit on the new ones? I'm 6'2" and the seats look like they have less leg room, but it could just be the perspective of the photos.
  6. I couldn't really tell from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufRbnqifrqE But isn't this the 1st ride in this style that Intamin has done? Might make sense for it to have a new restraint system.
  7. Ouch, this one is a long list. Magic Kingdom Epcot Cedar Point Will get to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom next month. Hoping for: Six Flags Over Georgia Wild Adventures
  8. After riding Wiindseeker at Cedar Point, I was surprised at the restraints in the video. They just look like the typical ones on the old school swing rides.
  9. Wow, wasn't aware if that was bad. I assume it's not a maintenance issue with HW, just the simple fact that the intensity of the ride beats the crap out of the trains and track?
  10. Definitely looking forward to getting back on Raven/Legend next year and The Voyage for the first time. I never could imagine a wood coaser being more intense than Legend at SRM 2001, so The Voyage seems totally up my alley. I'm not sure if I want those Timberliners to be ready to go or not. LOL I don't want a bone jarring ride, but I would still like to experience the ride that others have for all these years
  11. Sucks living in Florida when all the coasters are too "tourist friendly" It would be nice to hit all of these in the "off season" and then have easy access to most of the northeast parks.
  12. I know this has probably been a well and in depth discussed topic over the years, but since I never used it or followed how well/bad/etc it works, I wanted to get some expert opinions. Also, I haven't visited a SF park in maybe 10 years. 1 - the price point seems insane (to put it mildly) 2 - does the general rule apply of: go to a park on an off day and you get as many rides as you want, thereby nullifying the need for it? 3 - does it actually work or the park employees clueless and it end up being a total hassle? We are toying with the idea of going to SF Over Georgia before it closes for the season. Never been to the park before and likely won't be one I'd visit all the time (8 hour drive each way), so if it was essential I would consider getting it (even though the principle of it turns my stomach). We are also planning on going to Great Adventure next year as I want to ride El Toro really really bad & as many times as possible. When I used to live in the area it never seemed that Great Adventure had any "off days". Even weekdays in the early season were mildly crowded (please correct me if things have changed since then). So I figured that it was almost an essential purchase (for Great Adventure at least)
  13. Haven't been to the park in 10 years and we have plans to visit in 2012. That will make it 3 new Intamin smoothies I have not rode (Stormrunner, Fahrenheit & Skyrush). Is it safe to assume that since I fit into the Maverick restraint (Cedar Point) with no issues, I will on these 3 rides? Top Thrill Dragster the seatbelt BARELY fit and 1 time they couldn't get it to click (so I only got 5 rides as opposed to 6). Not to thread drift, but I assume Kingda Ka won't be an issue either (hopefully)
  14. Okay, don't shoot me if this has been discussed ad naseum for awhile and it's all info everyone already knows, but since I've been "out of the game" for so long and trying to "get back into the game" I was hoping people could catch me up to speed on this ride. It opened, people loved it, it was intense. Now I hear it's very rough and tearing itself apart. I saw a video last year or earlier this year where they were testing those new trains. But what came of it? Any special reason why it fell into such a bad state (if it actually did). The only time I've been to Holiday World was for Stark Raven Mad in 2001 and it was a amazing experience. We are planning to get back there next year, so was trying to "catch up to speed" as to what was going on with everything. Thanks
  15. Nothing is random with Disney. If it's open to Midnight, they expect the crowds to show.
  16. Probably Disney (since we live here) but as hoping to get to SFOG for the first time, as the wife and I have regained our "coaster itch" after all these years.
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