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  1. Costumes anyone? So far my favorite has to be the Warrior, that or the Traditionals. I can see Universal doing the two set cast with them, all nice and pretty at first but then transformed at night. Really excited for this year!
  2. The Scenic Railway Roller Coaster at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach- Built in 1932
  3. ^Here is the announcement. I think the "Welcome to" part plays well with it. So far we have a Walking Dead house and a Silent Hill house, so far I like the line up.
  4. I was just at Universal today, and the Distaster queue already has the green mesh blocking the view of the house. On the side there was an opening and from the looks of things they have a frame up for the Barn from the Farm and the scene before that will be the RV. I couldn't take any pictures do to not having my camera and my temporary replacement phone has no camera. Really excited about this house.
  5. I can only remember two, Sheikra and Kraken. If I had to choose between the two, I would say Sheikra. Front row, in the middle. I was about to wet myself.
  6. ^That's great that they announced when it will air, I have been wondering too. I went to the Manta shoot as well.
  7. Universal has started doing preview nights of the new Cinematic Spectacular show. Attractions magazine was able to record the the whole show, and it looks fantastic!
  8. I went last week and all the coasters were awesome! With Kumba I got to ride the train with the black restraints and I must say, I didn't really notice a big difference other then my head not banging around as much. Also I discovered that Cheetah Hunt is my new favorite coaster. The launches are great, it's smooth, and its quiet. We would just hear screams and not hear the coaster.
  9. I went to the Studios side Sunday and rode Rocket, and is it me or has that coaster gone from smooth to rough in a year? I remember riding it not too long ago and the ride was really smooth, got nice air time and no headaches. When I rode it I was being flung out of my seat throughout the entire ride. Also Gru's house is looking great! No pictures, I didn't take my camera with me when I went.
  10. I would like to second this...the shoot at Knott's was a great time. If the shooting at the other parks is similar, I'd recommend going if you can. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay after the shoot. To answer the question above, we were all at the shoot from about 7:30 til 10:00, so allowing 3 hours would probably be best. About the same for the Sea World shoot but we could only get 4 rides in, they took a while for the interview at the top of the lift. So we had an hour to get as many rides in as we could, but we had to follow the rule too of 2 rides then a break.
  11. Not that I know of, I got an email from Indigo Films as well and to just show up from the check in. That's all I know, I'm just hoping that I get in so I don't waste the gas. Gas prices suck right now.
  12. Just got the info back from them, I will be doing the Seaworld filming! Really hoping this works out!
  13. I would love to be in the Sea World shoot! I just sent an email asking for more information.
  14. Was an old, very old username. First I came up with, at the time(still do) my favorite game was the sims, and I love the story of Titanic(morbid right?) so I just put the two together and Bam. Simtanic8, the 8 is there just becuase I was required to have a number in my name on the sitre, it was weird.
  15. I should really start browsing the forums more often, I never knew this thread existed! Not to mention the very talented people on here! Not exactly theme park artwork, but still artwork I have done. I apologize for the big image sizes, I just took these from my deviant page so I did not have to reupload them. Fantasy-Creature Mario Mushroom I made and me. Photo-extension Horror makeup/ photomanipulation Just cool in my opinion. Any critiques or comments about them?
  16. Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia. Do I need to say more?
  17. Thanks, and they are crooked to show the unique angles. I'm always open to feed back and questions.
  18. Before you view the pictures, just know that I am an art students...so I try to get those goods shots of...well, anything. We arrived at the park around 2pm or so, we just finished up with a tour at Full Sail university on the north end of Orlando. It was a great day. I finally got to try out my new Sony camera I recieved for my graduation, its a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V with 16.2 Mega Pixel. Man this thing is nice! So we started by going to potter as always, rode the Forbidden Journey. Still one of my favorite rides. The wait time was about half an hour, which was surprisingly short for the ride. Usually it's a bout a 45 minute wait. After drinking some butterbeer I met up with my an old friend that graduated two years before me. She told me about working at the park, and gave me a lot of tips and secrets for when(if) I apply there. For lunch we ate at the Three brooksticks and than enjoyed the rest of the park. Some rides had half an hour waits, others longer. By the end of the day, the waits became surprisingly short. We were able to just walk onto the Incredible Hulk and Jurassic. Even Spiderman had a 5minute wait! I only included these pictures becuase I didn't want to have a 100 picture thread. XD Attempt shot number one of the lighthouse. Love the themeing of the entrance area. Panoramic shot FTW! Seuss-Landing, never rode anything here. You may pick your nose, or let the brids do it for you. Half an hour wait for Hogwarts, I still have yet to open my eyes during the spider part. (Arachnophbic) Flight of the Hippogriff, faster than I thought it would be. Sister's husband hadn't gone into Ollivander's yet so we took him to watch the show. Took this inline for it. Panoramic shot 2 FTW! Became a five minute wait, never has it been this clear to get a shot of the sign. Has to have the best launch ever! Had time to spare so we went on Storm Force, one of my favorite type of rides. This is what the line became like by the end of the day. Never has this happened when I visit! Universal's smartest move for the park. Yep.....still great... Pure awesome! Thank you for an awesome day Universal!!!
  19. I'm actually questioning it too, but after seeing the area the way it was Sunday, it could be true. There was hardly anyone in the area. Everywhere else had from half an hour to hour waits. The Poseidon's Fury attraction had a 5 minute wait...but that could just be the popularity of the ride.
  20. So, I'm a new member here, but I'm not new to this awesome site. This past Sunday I had to go to Fullsail to do a tour of the school. While there my family and I went to Islands of Advenutre, we basically go there everytime we go to Orlando because of Harry Potter. While there I got some news, that I know those who enjoy new expansions and demolitions will like. I have a friend that works at the Suess-Landing on one of the rides, and I was able to meet up with her at the park once she got off work. She got to tell me some secrets about the park and all of the things that go on backstage. A lot of them just made me want to work there myself, which I am hoping to do sometime in college coming up. The biggest thing that she told me, was that the Lost Continent area is for a fact going to be replaced. The area has lost it's popularity, and is mostly just passed by to get to Potter. So the rumors are true about the area being torn down. What is still undecided though is what it will turn into. The park releases a rumor to their employees to get their team members feedback, which through the team members gets released to the public. So far the two rumors that are going around through the team members are, 1) Expansion of Harry Potter to include Diagon Alley. 2) Lord of the Rings themed area. So there you have it, two possible lands and a rumor that is confirmed, from what she said...so don't hold me too it. Your thoughts and opinons? Personally I think they could do both. Lost Continent is a big area, so they could just extend Potter a little further and turn the rest of the land into Lord of the Rings.
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