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  1. I am in LOVE with their new website re-design! I REALLY hope other Cedar Fair parks go with that design, or a similar one. It's defiantly a MUCH needed upgrade to many of their sites. As they look very "old" and useless. I am happy to see switches.
  2. It really looks to be an amazing ride. The duration is quite short, but, you can always hop back in line and ride it a few more times!
  3. I actually think we won't see anything large, like a coaster until 2014. Maybe even 2015(at the latest)
  4. Two reasons, First, To guide the crown piece in. Second, for the workers to stand on when the crown is coming into place and being installed due to lack of trucks to get all them up.
  5. Looking at it, and the track that's in the airfield. I would say just like I305's does.
  6. I agree, if they want something bad enough, they'll find a way no doubt.
  7. Cedar Point is DEFINITELY due for a new coaster. It's been since 2007, right?
  8. I just went to the site(yes, again) to get an update for All-American Thrills, but, they weren't working! Time is VERY short since the crane goes to the PPL building in Harrisburg at the end of January. Everything was in the exact same place as it was yesterday when I was there. A shame they weren't working considering the BEAUTIFUL weather today. And they worked last Sunday.
  9. Awesome! I can't wait to see an actual in-motion video of the train going!
  10. I have to disagree 100% of the lift being an eye sore. The lift, and entire ride is just beautiful. The way the track glistens off the sun. It's really beautiful in person.
  11. I do agree, seems like a B&M version of Mellinum Force. The only concern I have of this ride is clearly seeing trim brakes being used. :/
  12. Well, today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Hershey! No wind, the sun is shining. Should be a very productive day with construction.
  13. Great Bear at Hersheypark is a loud ride. I LOVE the roar of it though, don't get me wrong. Comet Hollow wouldn't feel right without it IMO.
  14. I'm glad we finally have a color version of that diagram. Defiantly looking at what's going to be on the 2012 brochure, and map. The colors are also beautiful. In other news, today was a very blustery day. So I don't expect much more of the lift was worked on today. I suspect today's work was mainly station work; since they can tear the temp fence in the Hollow down now that the Park is done with Candylane. Or today's work probably could of been focused on finishing the few remaining footers, or electrical work around the lift(which they have been working on days like today) All-American Thrills will have an update posted Thursday and Saturday(or Sunday) also. So keep tuned for that. EDIT: Sorry this reply posted twice, not sure why. I deleted the second one.
  15. I agree there is an okay balance of rides at CP. But, I think CP could use some more entertainment. Like shows, strolling shows/characters, ect. And ones' that aren't Peanuts related.
  16. Well, considering at least the first part of this week is going to be a bit breezy, that will slow work of the lift up. I expect at least the first part of this week to be mainly station work, and track that will wrap around Comet and then brakes. The second half of the week we'll have to wait and see what mother nature feels like bringing us.
  17. I have a new Skyrush Construction Update posted here MOD EDIT: Link deleted Please remember to abide by the Terms Of Service you agreed to when registering on TPR. 14. Posting Links or "Spamming" - You must have at least 50 posts if you want to create a post which sole purpose is to link to your personal website, update, YouTube video, forum or any other website. If your post count is under 50 posts and your link has not be pre-approved by an admin or moderator, your link will be removed. Please note - links to your website in your signature are acceptable.
  18. Really? Leviathan, Verbolten, Wild Eagle, X-Flight? I think it will be good but only be like 3rd or 4th best. Leviathan and Wild Eagle FTW. As for as forces are going to go, Skyrush will defiantly win.. Skyrush has been so far a VERY under rated coaster for the 2012 season. Most people on here don't realize how small the construction site is, and with these speeds, we will get some mad airtime. I'm NOT saying Wild Eagle, Leviathan, ect won't be thrilling rides(they will be) But, NO way Skyrush ranks "3rd or 4th" More like, "2nd or likely 1st" If inversions is your thing, Wild Eagle MAY be your personal fav, but if you're into airtime and other forces, Skyrush DEFIANTLY tops them all. Just wait and see on May 26th.
  19. keystonethrills.megabb.com/t319p100-skyrush-and-comet-hollow-renovation-official-discussion-thread#5918
  20. Does anyone know if there is a Skyrush car down there? If so, I hope they're able to grab a pic or two!
  21. ^ But, the first airtime hill after the drop is still a regular airtime hill. (I don't think you were talking about the first hill though, but just checking)
  22. I went to HP yesterday for about an hour(I love my season pass. ), ONE coaster was in operation, Wild Mouse!
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