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  1. Ah, Europa... one of my home parks! I didn't know Europa Park was considered to be one of the best in Europe! I really like the picture of the 'inside' of the Euro-Mir mirror towers. I've never seen that before! I agree, Euro-Mir is one of the most unique coasters ever. Although, I do think the techno spiral lift is a bit long! Did you guys happen to try the Greek food near Poesidon? It's quite delicious and I recommend it for the next time you go there! Also, did you guys also happen to try the Bananenweizen (Banana beer) there as well? It's one of my favourites because it's so sweet! Nice pictures, looks like you guys had much fun!
  2. Instead of finding a legitimate argument for what I've written, you pull out the old "age card" and leave it at that. Just to let you know, age doesn't always translate into wisdom. You were born 20 years earlier than I was, and so what? Does that mean you know everything there is to know about being gay? No, of course not. You're right, I do have my preferences, as does everyone else. However, that doesn't mean I will turn down someone rudely simply because they are overweight. Like I said before, I've met hot guys who have absolutely no substance underneath their pretty faces, and I've met average guys who are nothing short of amazing. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness, even people who are overweight. If you aren't attracted to that, then why make their lives harder by being mean about it? That was my original point. ANYWAYS! To change the topic, what annoys me at the moment is people who talk during movies!
  3. Funny how you assume you know how I would react in a situation like that. Of course I've turned down guys before as I'm sure you have, but never based strictly on appearance. My first love wasn't in great shape, but he was charming, witty, humorous and very intelligent. I was attracted to his personality and his character more so than his body. The last guy that I dated, however, was what one would label "stereotypically hot" but he had absolutely no personality or style, and he loved his reflection more so than he loved me. I am not going to lie and say that looks don't matter because they do to some extent, but I think everyone deserves at least a chance. Beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder. Not attracted to them? Just turn them down politely. No need to send them "to hell" simply because they are obese. Obviously that is how attraction works for gay guys if you only go to gay bars, clubs or gyms to meet guys. You make it seem like if you aren't thin and good looking, than you don't have a chance in the gay world. Perhaps this mindset of trying to become 'physically perfect' is true for Miami where you are from, but it definitely is not true for many gay people.
  4. ^Ugh. Those parody movies are just dreadful. They aren't even parodies! Just references to pop culture and ad placements. Watch this: Sums up those 'parody' movies perfectly. Unfortunately, they are coming out with a "Disaster Movie" and a "Sci-Fi Movie" soon too. The writers of these films need to take a hint! They aren't funny!
  5. Sorry, but this sort of snobbish attitude annoys me. I was overweight for a lot of my childhood but I couldn't help that because of my genetic background. In order to become healthier, I played soccer almost every day for 8 years so I eventually slimmed down. However, I still gain weight very easily and it's a daily struggle for me to stay in shape. Point being, being thin isn't something that is easily achievable for many people and it's not just because of laziness or unhealthy diets. Why shouldn't someone who isn't built perfectly have the right to ask someone out?
  6. I am so thankful that the Euro is such a strong currency. ($1 is equal to €1.63... almost like the British Pound!) My parents just sent me spending money for the month, and it was almost doubled in value because of the exchange rate! It really is perfect for EU international students studying in the States!
  7. The Ruins -- 8/10 I just watched The Ruins, and was surprised by how good it was! Before I saw the film, I just knew that it had something to do with killer vines. I thought it was very well done, and reminded me of the film Cabin Fever without the humor and the movie references. There were a few decisions made by the characters in the movie that annoyed me though. Thoughts like, "Why don't you burn the plants with the alcohol and the fire that you have?" "Why is the poor guy still laying near the vines?" "Throw the bushes at the guys who are quarantining you!" popped into my head. All in all though, I still thought The Ruins was a decent watch. Finally, another well-made horror film.
  8. I reckon the main reason that Americans tend to "demand more, space compared to others," is simply because Americans have a lot of land to expand. There is space to build wide/big highways, huge residential communities and houses, Costco, etc. The size of the state Montana is the same as the entire country of Germany! So one could imagine how this "personal bubble" idea doesn't really exist in Europe.
  9. Genau wie ich mir es wünsche - Erdmöbel
  10. ^^Wow! Christian Bale is an amazing actor. He re-invented the Bruce Wayne character in the new Batman films (he's the best Batman by far in my opinion), and all of his other movies are simply brilliant. (ie: American Psycho, The Prestige, The Machinist... etc) Being a huge fan of the Terminator films, I honestly cannot wait to see Bale take on the role of John Connor. I'll be there opening day! Well, what do you expect from one of the most overrated directors/writers in Hollywood? "The Happening" gets my vote for worst movie of 2008 thus far. I do not know one person who has found this film to be any good.
  11. Ah, I've always wondered what the area before the fire looked like! I'm glad they built Winjas instead! Thanks for the picture!
  12. Hello everyone! I recently stumbled across an article about a type of "Haunted Mansion" attraction at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Here is the article with the pictures and promotional video: HKD made a promotional video for this new attraction: Looks rather good! Not quite as good as the original Haunted Mansion of course, but scary nonetheless! Does anyone know more about this attraction? Or for those who have visited HKD during the Halloween season, how is it like?
  13. ^^Ah, Paris! What a beautiful city! How lucky you are! I've only been once, but I loved it. There is such great art, fashion and delicious food to be found there! Did you visit the Louvre?
  14. Now that you mention it, I've noticed how my behavior can come off as a bit 'gay' when I meet an American guy, even though back home in Germany it's considered totally normal. For example, Americans seem to need a lot of space in their conversations (or as my roommate called it, his "personal bubble") but Europeans don't seem to have this concept. I didn't know about this, so I would talk very closely with my roommate because I was interested in what he had to say. A little while later, my roommate told me that he thought that I fancied him because our conversations were too intimate for him. I was too close to his face, and I kept keeping eye contact. This is very true. Kissing men (gay or straight) on the cheeks as a greeting is totally normal, but apparently it isn't here in the States! I learned that the hard way when I went to my first Frat party and tried to kiss all the guys on the cheeks.
  15. haha cool But seriously though, why do Americans confuse European with gay? As a European, I do not understand this strange comparison. Someone enlighten me please...?
  16. I am on Facebook, but it annoys me when people add one million of these applications on their profile, and then it slows down my entire computer because the page takes so long to load. (ie: What kind of alcoholic beverage are you? Your friend just sent you a gift, click here to find out what it is!)
  17. All I got to say to those Kewpie commercials is... WHAT. THE. F*CK. I want one though... especially earwax baby.
  18. ^I'm not quite sure how I feel about Jennifer Carpenter playing Angela. Manuela Velasco, who played Angela in the original, was photogenic, bubbly, and totally credible... I rooted her on throughout the entire movie, even during her bitchiest moments. Carpenter, on the other hand, seems whining and annoying. Generally speaking, 'Quarantine' will probably scare Americans, as it is a shot-by-shot, word-by-word copy of one of the most terrifying films ever made. However, for those who haven't seen [REC] yet... I suggest watching the original, to support Jaume Balagueró (the original writer and director) and his attempt at bringing something fresh and scary to the screen. See 'Quarantine' if you're too lazy to read subtitles and can't be bothered with watching a movie in Spanish.
  19. Wall-E -- 10/10 Easily the best Pixar film made to date, with Ratatouille and Finding Nemo coming in a close second. Charming, witty, and beautifully filmed... Wall-E exceeded my expectations and more. Go see it! Waaaaaall-E!
  20. I would do it... it seems like it would be refreshing! As long as people don't mind looking at my junk, I don't mind riding coasters naked!
  21. To stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is very expensive. I just converted the prices... To stay in a suite, it costs roughly ¥250,000 which is about $2,332 dollars per night. To stay in a regular room, it costs roughly ¥55,000 which is about $510 dollars per night. ...but, I think with the luxury that you will receive, it is worth it if you have the money!
  22. I hate it when people tYpE lyKe DiS
  23. This is my dog Anke... she's about 11 now!
  24. I've recently been listening to Leona Lewis, a British singer. Not usually my type of music, but her vocal range and ability are just incredible, and I can't help but listen. Her debut album, "Spirit", became the fastest-selling debut album ever in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With her album reaching number one in four continents and nine countries, Lewis has had the most successful launch of any television talent show contestant ever. Check out Leona singing her new single, "Better in Time" live... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq-TBKF4u6s
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