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  1. Growing up, my older sisters listened to things like Erasure and Depeche Mode, so I've always been partial to them. Most of my favorites are still 80's bands, my all-time fav being U2, then DM, Pet Shop Boys... I have to agree that 'Violator' is DM's best, followed closely by 'Playing the Angel'. My favorite Erasure song is probably "Ship of Fools", I heard 'The Innocents' a lot growing up. Nate "loves DM and Erasure but is not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that"
  2. ginzo said: Yeah, same thing here. Being a bit taller than my wife, the restraints only hit my neck if I leaned slightly forward, and it didn't hurt after the ride. But seriously, for a ride with such quick transitions, didn't anybody think about the effects of the OTSRs? I can genuinely say that I really enjoyed the ride, in spite of the restraint choice. It was a fun and intense ride. It's not going to knock MF out of my #1 spot, though. It's not the greatest ride ever at the Point, but I think it's good in how different it is. I was amazed at just how intense it was.
  3. Wow, the river looked like it was up pretty high in front of the Arch. I remember walking down there as a kid and seeing a good 10 car-widths parked down there, but the river was just about to eat your car. It was really neat to see someone else's trip to the Arch. It really is a wonder of modern construction, I'm glad you liked it! I'll second you about the Ninja. I rode it last about 4 years ago, and YOUCH!!! I remember thinking it was great when I was 9 years old, and so was the Screamin' Eagle, and the Mine Train. In fact, I thought the whole park was the greatest thing until I moved up here (I know, CP fanboy and stuff). The last time I was at SDC, they had none of the thrill rides (I was probably five), so I'll have to get back there again sometime. Great TR!!!
  4. Chance Rides Toboggan: Coaster of Pain. I rode the one at Conneaut Lake Park, and afterwards I felt like I had been brutalized. There are no words to describe the pain in being crammed into that shoe-shaped box, having the lapbar so tight that the circulation leaves your legs, and the lid firm against the top of your head, even with your neck at an angle. Then you are released to the "lift tunnel of death" where your car fails to grab the chain, rolls back, and THEN grabs with a horrendously jarring BANG!, wich is also what happens as your head meet the top of the car. After ascending the tube and going around in pointless circles, you suddenly reach the first "drop" of the ride- and your head once again meets the roof. This is repeated in two more homicidal bunny hops, and you hit the brakes (and I do mean HIT), and vow never to subject your body to such a devilishly designed torture machine again.
  5. Your favorite Carrabbas dish is Scott Thompson from The Kids In The Hall?
  6. I think this is a very positive development for small parks that want a launch coaster but can't afford a Vekoma Booster Bike, let alone an Intamin Accelerator. I'm just thinking, though, if this is available as a portable model, how difficult it may be for carnival staff to set up on-site speedily. I would expect that the assembly and testing for the launch track would be much more complex than that of a traditional lift hill. Just out of curiosity, were any of the Schwarzkopf shuttle loops ever portable? Virdu_ said: So you're saying that a Zamperla Moto Coaster is bad because...the same company also makes a powered buffalo coaster? I'm not trying to say they are good or bad coasters or anything, or flame you. I personally have never ridden one. I'm just trying to understand the logic of your post.
  7. Call it home-park favoritism if you want, but I prefer Raptor over Batman. I'm certainly not calling it a bad ride; it beats the hell out of an SLC torture machine! B:TR is probably the best Six Flags clone ride IMO, and an example of the kind of ride they should have put into every one of their parks. I wish Premier Parks-era Geauga Lake had put one of those in instead of Serial Killamajig. As far as the differences, the biggest one is that the SFNO and SFStL rides are a mirror image of the others. Oh, and the Mexico Batman is a Vekoma quality Supanded Lauping Claster.
  8. I'm almost embarassed: Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, last fall. I'll have to wait another month for anything to open around here.
  9. The thing with Mantis is that I love the portion before the block brakes with the vertical loop, dive loop, turnaround over the station, and the inclined loop, but the second part always feels like it's going to rip my legs right off. Those turns in the figure-eight finale are just too tight. A lot of others thoroughly enjoy it, though. Yeah, that's been discussed to death on pointbuzz.com before. I don't know, though. Then we'd have no standups in Ohio and two floorless owned by the same chain in close proximity. I wish I had gotten to ride PKI's King Cobra before it was removed just for comparison's sake!
  10. Yes, ride Magnum first and then Millenium Force. Magnum usually doesn't have a long line, and it's a great way to warm up to Millenium. I love them both, though I really can't compare them directly. Maggie is the airtime junkie's favorite, the original hypercoaster. Millenium Force is an out-and-out adrenaline rush, the sensation of speed that just doesn't let up. When you hit the brakes, you're still doing 60mph! Also, it is the original giga coaster, and the only one still operating (as well as the tallest CONVENTIONAL coaster). And don't forget the new ride for this year, Skyhawk! Hope you have tons of fun, Austin!
  11. When I moved to NE Ohio from St. Louis, the park was still called Six Flags Over Mid-America. It's kind of amazing to me to see how little the park has changed in the past 12 years, and yet the bulk of their roller coasters were built after I moved. I wonder how much this announcement will change the look of the park. Just where is the drop tower being built, anyway? Is it near the back by Rush st. Flyer?
  12. Robb, what was the "Kingda Ka" toy? Was that a K'nex coaster or something? "MOTORIZED", ha. Should say,"realistic Down-Time". I loved the Round-Up at Lakeside. "Space Sensation"? What, the sensation of moving through three-dimensional space? Anyway, great (retrospective) TR as usual.
  13. Is that actually a NEW Wrangler? As in new/redesigned frame and powertrain, totally new body, redesigned interior, etc? Or is it like the last 6 or so times they've redesigned them, by slapping a new looking body on a WWII chassis? But then, why mess with proven technology? All joking aside, IF I was an off-roader (and I don't mean just driving on snowy roads like all the yuppies), that would be my vehicle of choice, even though I hate Chryslers. Sorry, I work on enough of them, I have the right to say that .
  14. Jman, are you staying at one of the Cedar Point resorts? If so, you get into the park half an hour before general public, and generally two of the major coasters will be open for you. I would use that to get on one of the rides that you know will have a line (ie. Millenium Force, Dragster if its up and running in May...) Don't forget the new ride this year, Skyhawk (a Screamin' Swing). Hope you have fun!
  15. So, I take it you DIDN'T go on the spinning boat ride! Or else, you'll have to rely on "PSP Porn" for your sex life! LOL!
  16. "STEEEEEAAAAAKKKKK!!!!!!" LMAO!!! Great TR, glad you're having fun. Merry Xmas. hope the creepy old fat guy bring you lots of gifts, lol.
  17. It was kind of different for me...we had kind of mutually decided to get married (nothing forced or anything). We just knew we were in love and wanted to be together. So, when I popped the question, we both knew the answer. Not to say it wasn't something to remember, though. I took her to a very nice restaurant, ring (which she picked out) in my pocket, and asked her. Two years later (because that's how long it took for us to become financially adequate) we are married.
  18. I just ordered a TPR DVD (Eurotrip) and watched Shrek 2. Yay Donkey!
  19. Hi, this is my first post here> We went to PKI this August and wanted to get ALL the credits (obviously). We waited for about 20 mins. for Ghoster Coaster, and realized that we weren't but 10 feet further in the queue. So we said !@%! it, and went to Beastie. (sniff) I shall never have that credit (sniff). Oh, well, I'm sure Beastie was better anyway. BTW, no Face/Off credit either, closed all day.
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