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  1. Too rough? It's definitely one of the smoothest coasters out there.
  2. I took my first ride on X2 last year in the back seat and "HOLY COW" was that first drop intense! Other than that, any drop tower/S&S tower genuinely scares me, even when I'm trying to mislead the person I'm next to by throwing on a fake grin.
  3. It already looks like this is going to have a unique layout for a B&M invert! Thank heavens it won't be another Talon or Patriot!
  4. I would suggest either major NorCal theme park to make dozens of improvements. SFDK: *New [Major] Coaster. *Remove V2 and it replace it with a flat (It's a silly ride!). *Major Flat Ride. *More pathways. There are way too many dead ends. Great America: *New Coaster (Of course). *Tear down that abominable so-called wooden coaster! * Add a slide to the water park that at least exceeds 50 feet. *Touch up Flight Deck. (It's looking rusty). *Refurbish the parking lot and pathways. *Set higher standards for your staff! I'm not calling out the Great America staff as a whole, but some of them were downright rude!
  5. I would definitely rank Great Bear as one of the most overrated coaster. I am going to have to disagree with people saying that Batman: The Ride is overrated because the only time I have ever seen them being hyped was when they first started opening them in various Six Flags parks in the early 90's. I believe that Batman: The Ride clones are essential workhorse Inverts and more parks could actually use them (*hint*hint* The Great Escape! *hint*hint). As far as underrated coasters go, I would definitely pick Stormrunner. This coaster always seems to be overlooked in the coaster community and the theme park media. The forces I experience on this coaster are like no other!
  6. I think the most fitting park for Invertigo's relocation would be KD. They have that crappy Shockwave monstrosity and there would be plenty of space to replace it. As for Flight Deck (which we'll see further down the road), that's tough to say because the helix at the end of the ride grooves into the pond.
  7. I fell in love with coasters at the tender age of 5 when I first rode Flyer Comet at the now defunct Whalom Park.
  8. They may as well scrap the darn park, relocate Flight Deck, Drop Tower, and some notable flats. As for the rest..let it burn (especially that benign water park). edit: SFDK could definitely use a few flats, and the possibility of the park harboring Flight Deck would be sweet with a capital 'S'!
  9. True, but there is already a GCI (Roar at DK) nearby. The problem with Northern California is that theme parks lack in diversity. Something like an Intamin woody (CA doesn't contain one) would be fantastic. Like I've stated before, Great America is a park with potential, but if they replace Invertigo with a gimmicky dark ride, flat, upcharge, whatever..you can count me out and I'll just have to to head down to Universal, SFMM and Knott's for CA thrills.
  10. I hope nobody complains due to "burst spleens" during transformed Superman's opening. I305 is one sexy coaster and it's unfortunate that they had to redesign it/tweak it due to complaints.
  11. WOW! Are they TRYING to make this park a crap shoot? Invertigo is a great coaster and it grooves right into the park's (minimal) coaster roster. Why didn't they plan properly and just remove Grizzly? That ride is abysmal! It looks like Great America's process of withering away has just sped up.
  12. It's sad to say that Great America, Discovery Kingdom and Santa Cruz are all that Northern California has to offer! I really enjoy the Drop Tower, Invertigo and Flight Deck, but after visiting the park twice, I was very underwhelmed. It might have had to do with the apathetic staff, the suburban gangster wannabes roaming the park, or the lack of attention the rides were getting! I wouldn't mind seeing this park pull an Elitch Gardens and relocating their rides that matter (Flight Deck, Invertigo, Drop Tower, some flats..) to a location nearby to set aside the stadium drama and get some more people to the park! I was there on a Saturday and the place was deserted! Come on Great America. You have potential to be the Knott's of NorCal!
  13. Thanks for the link! Shangrila Snowfield is one sexy looking beast. Imagine a Sea World getting one of these with water elements!
  14. Wow, just imagine Great Adventure's coaster 'skyline' from the parking lot when Green Lantern is all patched up! It's going to be some Grade-A coaster porn for sure!
  15. ^LOL! Ever since I was a kid, I have always envisioned a junior/kiddie coaster (top height somewhere between 15-30ft) with some sort of inversion in the mix! And what do you know, here's one right in front of me...and it looks mechanically devastating! lol
  16. Hey TPR community! This is my first post and I just want to say what you guys are doing for theme park coverage is mind blowing! I have been checking this site almost every week for the past year for updates and its great to see such enthusiasm! Anyways, the new Texas Giant is looking fierce and sexy! The elements on this ride are certainly one of a kind and some of the most extreme that I've come across! Hopefully this will turn into some sort of fad and Cedar Point can jump on the bandwagon by giving Mean Streak a much deserved re-profiling in the coming years.
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