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  1. I watched the Volume 7 steel and wood videos on a 27" iMac screen and the resolution was excellent. Perhaps for the "bad" coasters (White Canyon, Bandit) there could be a disclaimer: "we rode them so you don't have to!" I also appreciated the finale of the wood coaster video. Fun tip: set your viewer to double speed (fast forward) to watch the videos. Formula Rossa looks especially fast with ejector airtime surpassing Skyrush. (joke)
  2. Skyrush definitely gets the award for strongest negative g-force. My favorite first drop is still Griffon, it has a better "weightless" feel than any other I've been on.
  3. SOB was SBNO when I visited. But Flight Deck was excellent, the best Arrow swinging coaster I've been on. Its pacing was better than Ninja at SFMM, although I like that one, too. (Ninja, of course, suffers from the longer lift being the finale of the ride, but otherwise is a great little ride.) I'd be sad if and when Flight Deck comes to the end of its life. Vortex, on the other hand, reminded me why computer aided design is better than coat hangers. It wasn't a "one and done," it was a "two and done." Front seat and back seat, then back to Diamondback for most of the rest of the day. SOB had one useful purpose when it was SBNO - it provided a "near miss" section of the Flight Deck ride. The only thing I didn't like about Flight Deck was their maintenance crew was doing full scale industrial lawnmowing underneath the lift at one point. Grass Pollen: The Ride. Surely they could have a more natural landscaping that didn't require super-sized lawn mowing that blew grass and soot into the rider's faces? Sneezing at 50 mph (80 kph) was a new experience.
  4. I hope Skyrush won't be added to this list. I'm glad I rode it this year. First ride was in the very last seat, more intense than I was expecting (and I was expecting it to be intense).
  5. I went to SFMM on Veterans Day, 2010 and it was very busy. The least crowded I've seen it was a December day, mid week, gentle drizzle on and off. Walk ons for almost everything, even Tatsu. The employee parking lot had about as many cars as the main parking lot (as seen from the tower). The weather forecast for this Monday looks perfect.
  6. I thought Dare Devil Dive was fun. I'm glad I didn't have to wait in a long, slow line on a super busy day. I wonder what the ride would be without the holding brake on the drop. I liked the restraints on it. I was disappointed by Mystery Mine. It was very bumpy in the middle part. It felt like a Wild Mouse on steroids. I can see why the newer versions don't have over the shoulder restraints. I did not like the fireball at the top of the second lift. I knew it was coming yet still inhaled a lungful of exhaust. The area was under an air pollution warning that day as NOx-ville is a particularly polluted region (the forests at the top of the Smokies are in decline, in part from the smog). Wild Eagle's view of the mountains was great even if the air time was toned down.
  7. I don't think Anaconda is / was a classic ride. Rebel Yell is a classic. Loch Ness Monster is a classic.
  8. I have read (here, somewhere else?) the suggestion that Loch Ness Monster is much smoother than some other old Arrows because the layout is relatively simple. It doesn't have corkscrews, spiral drops and other sections that are harder to make out of coathangers ... I found Anaconda more tolerable than Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds, which I regretted riding midway through (earlier this year). I'm nostalgic about Arrow coasters but I only rode Anaconda once when I went to KD to ride I-305 and Dominator. I hope when it is scrapped they build a new upside down ride over what's left of the lake.
  9. I rode Vortex twice, once in front, once in the back. I wouldn't miss it if it was scrapped. It has some OK moments but it is an example of why heartlined track is a good idea. Flight Deck, their Arrow swinging suspended coaster, was delightful. I enjoyed it almost as much as Diamondback (almost). Delirium was better than a lot of coasters. I'd love to see Giant Frisbees more widespread than they are.
  10. No. Technically, a Darwin Award requires one to remove oneself from the gene pool, not cause someone else to be removed.
  11. This story suggests having licenses to become parents might be a good idea.
  12. Texas Cyclone also in their early days: Hercules Riverside Cyclone
  13. It's not the "most travelled" coaster anywhere, but Aftershock at Silverwood should be a candidate for "best coaster" that has been relocated. It's definitely the best I've been on (that has been relocated). It apparently is more reliable at Silverwood than it was at Six Flags. Their Corkscrew, relocated from Knott's, is mostly a historical curiosity. It wasn't rough but it wasn't memorable either.
  14. I also rode Hydra for the first time this year and was disappointed. It was smooth but forceless (even more than "Steel Force-less" next to it). At least the lines that day were non-existant. I didn't spend as long at Dorney as planned, especially since Skyrush and Storm Runner were not that far away. Of the 30 B&Ms I've been on, all in the US, Hydra is the most boring, even more than Silver Bullet. At least CGA's "Vortex" isn't boring (it's painful, but it's not dull). I found the upside down roll out of the station very strange. It was the only part of the ride where I actually felt upside down. I also found Talon disappointing although it was better than Hydra. Great Bear is more forceful although there could have been a bunny hop or something to end that ride. I liked Hercules more than Hydra, but I only rode that when it was relatively new and hadn't yet become "Hurt Your Knees."
  15. While Outlaw Run is their first original design from scratch, they've built some of the best coasters in the world. Look at their website for a complete list of coasters they've built. It has photos from the construction of El Toro and T-Express (2 of the 4 Intamin pre-fab wooden coasters). I've never heard anyone say anything bad about those rides. Rocky Mountain also built Tremors and Timber Terror at Silverwood and more recently added Topper Track to the curvy parts of Tremors (which is undetectable while riding unless you are looking carefully from the front seat). They were involved in relocating a Giant Inverted Boomerang to Silverwood. Plus they have done several Topper Track installations on existing coasters that need the repair. That's more installations "under their belt" than Gravity Group or GCI, even if others did the design work for most of them.
  16. The Star Jet in New Jersey is on the Miler home page as an example of their work. Perhaps they will need a new photo to showcase themselves.
  17. I wonder about Galveston Island "Historic" Pleasure Pier in Texas. Hurricane Ike a few years ago had a higher storm surge than Sandy's in the place where the Galveston park is. I can't imagine they got good insurance coverage, especially after Ike. I haven't been to the NJ parks nor the Galveston park, although the looper in Texas looks nice. (I've been on Dare Devil Dive in Georgia, which I assume is similar.) I'm not much of a credit whore, I'll ride all the coasters in a park (when I've gone there for a good coaster) but I've never gone out of my way to ride "credit only" rides like the ones that were destroyed by Sandy. I'm more interested if the cyclone damaged the Coney Island Cyclone. Of course, it's not even a tertiary concern for New York, today.
  18. My guess is it will be difficult, if not impossible, for any business that close to the beach to get new insurance coverage for hurricane damage. I'm more interested in the train damage to the NYC rail network, it's going to be interesting to see how quickly that can be repaired and how expensive it will be.
  19. I've been to Holiday in the Park on weekdays and the lines were minimal to non-existent. The ideal time is when the temperature is warm enough for the rides but too cold for most Californians. Medusa in the dark when it is cold was fun. I also went to SFMM last year (after christmas, not before) and the park was full with huge lines everywhere. A previous December visit found walk-ons (including on Tatsu), but it was drizzling on and off, which scared people away.
  20. Scream at SFMM. Sure, the parking lot needs something planted in it (like Goliath) but it's a good ride when it is running well. The Dive Loop through Zero G Roll is excellent. (I still like Medusa more but that section of the ride is my favorite.) It's my favorite Zero G roll I've been on, better than Medusa West, Silver Bullet, Batmen, Talon, Raptor. Great Bear.
  21. Medusa West, it got me interested in coasters again. I was amazed at how smooth it was. It's still smooth.
  22. They live there and they raid the garbage cans for junk food. I doubt they enjoy the coasters, although I've seen pictures of a dog (a few decades ago) that liked to ride coasters.
  23. I assume to be accurate, the app would have to have some verified information gathering. Has anyone ever been polled by an employee on the exact amount of time they waited in a line for a coaster (either at SFMM or anywhere?). My understanding is the highway signs in some congested cities (ie. SF Bay Area) that say "Berkeley 20 minutes" use cell phone tracking to see how long it takes for a car to get from A to B. How would Six Flags keep track of this? Cell phone tracking? I've used a Flash Pass a couple times and wondered how they managed to know how long a line is. Length of line (physical length) is a crude estimate but not a precise measurement of how many minutes it takes.
  24. It is amusing - and sad - that the State of Kentucky is subsidizing an anti-evolution museum / theme park. Perhaps if Kentucky Kingdom added a dinosaur ride or some "educational" exhibits about how the Earth is six thousand years old they'd be more likely to reopen. Live dinosaurs, not the Cedar Fair version.
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