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  1. I really hate that. Don't tell me where to sit. I sit where I want to damnit. If I want to sit in the back then I'll wait at the back row gate. God, I really hate that LOL.
  2. Come on guys, it's not the worst ride in the park, but it is one of their best overall. No, it's not an airtime machine but it DOES have airtime. No, it's not a jaw dropping coaster but it IS a fun & thrilling coaster. B&M worked with the space that they were able to use & they did a damn good job with Fury 325. Who cares how it ranks? You cannot deny a good ride when you ride one! Period. Regardless of where it lands on your personal rank list. Honestly, at the end of the day, Fury 325 is like Cold Stones cup sizes; either you like it, love it, or gotta have it.
  3. Well that's unfortunate. I figured it wouldn't be a coaster that was airtime inducted. Intimidator was the airtime giga. Fury 325 is the speed monster. I don't see a problem with it not being full of airtime at all. The speed of it is what's the thrill point. Granted, that last helix could've had more pop to it (would've been bad ass if it went into a inline twist, just my crazy thinking), but it's a nice "calming down" section to say the least, right?
  4. Watching the webcams & you can clearly see the lights moving in the tunnel section!!! YES!!!! YES FOR TUNNEL LIGHT PACKAGE THAT BOUNCES AROUND!!!!
  5. Fury is a coaster to be reckoned with. Do you see how fast it just goes through the maneuvers & the course of the layout itself? This thing is not playing around!
  6. It would be EPIC if they made a dive coaster with one of those free fall drop elements That's just my idiotic thinking...BUT IT COULD HAPPEN!
  7. Honestly, the Pavilion is what made Myrtle Beach. It was THE premier place for M.B. & when they took it down instead of renovating it & adding to it, M.B. overall went downhill. It honestly looks like a waste to me.
  8. I'm not feeling the whole "Screampunk" vibe theming. Twisted Colossus doesn't scream "punk" to me, it's more so....freakshow/carnival vibe, given the white supports, blue/green tracks, it's overall vibrance. But, okay.....
  9. I'm waiting for RMC to start doing custom coasters instead of renovations. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE their renovation coasters, but I'd love to see how they tackle an RMC Original. Perhaps they'll add a vertical loop in a coaster one day? I'm sure they can do it & I'd love for them to do it.
  10. After studying the video for like...30mins, I figured it out. I'm not sure if anyone has said it & I didn't feel like going through the pages to see haha, so here's how it's set up: - You start out on the blue track coming out of the station, into the little bunny hops, into the first lift hill - Near the end of the 1st half (blue track), it switches to green. Thus, you will then take a ride on the green side (2nd half). At this point, another train will be making it's way up the lift on the blue tracked side. - The green track is what will turn into the brake run, go back to blue track, into the station. So, with that being said, it seems to be that they will only be running 2 trains (not a big shock), one station, 2 for 1 type of ride. In reality the coaster is not short since you're taking two rides on the same coaster, different layouts. With the way it's being ran, the dueling won't start right off the back. One train will lead the coaster, then the other will come after, then the dueling will be continuous from that point on. Whew, there we go
  11. I hope they realize that a lot of the RCT fans from way back when have now crossed over to Mac, me being one of them, solely because of what I'm majoring in. So, with that being said, if there isn't a Mac version, a lot of us will be very upset. I've been waiting for this day since.....I can't even remember. "Dropping to PC" scares me
  12. Yikes, you're right. I stand corrected. My apologies bud. Either way, a shame there aren't more videos of it.
  13. There's certainly not a lot of videos on this coaster. Sucks to be honest, especially for us who can't up & travel to most of these places to ride them ourselves Struggles of a college student smh.
  14. ...............................................................................wtf.
  15. Here's another video of it off-ride! This thing just ZIPS through the course! That barrel roll near the queue line is gorgeous!
  16. Is it just me, or do folks overseas get some really awesome roller coasters haha. Why can't we get a roller coaster with trains that have headlights & siding lights O_O Do you know how awesome that looks!! GEEZ! C'MON 'MERICA!
  17. This is has been out for about a month I think. It was either posted here or on Kicentral before. I can't remeber. A month? That video was posted 2 weeks ago...at least it was posted on YouTube 2 weeks ago.
  18. NEW TESTING VIDEO Update* I was trying to make it easier for you peeps haha.
  19. Meh, then the reveal would've been on April 1st, not April 8th bro...riiiiiiight? Lol.
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