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  1. My construction mgmt firm actually bid on this project. We didn't get it unfortunately as I've always wanted to build a coaster but during the interview process they mentioned Memorial Day weekend was the targeted opening date. Seems like they may be ahead of schedule.
  2. Hey Guys, anyone have any experience with Labor Day Weekend at SFMM? Me and a buddy are thinking about heading there on Sunday and getting FL+ regardless but I may rethink if it's known to be a cluster this weekend... thanks!
  3. I don’t post here alot but read these forums often... I was there for the first time last Wednesday specifically to ride Viper since I’ve always hated that my home park SFGADV removed the Scream Machine... anyway Viper was absolutely hauling and the MCBR barely touched the train. I absolutely loved it. Are you sure this is a permanent change? Definitely experienced a full stop on Goliath’s MCBR which I was expecting.
  4. Quick question, are you able to walk through the old area that's been cut off over the past 5+ years now? I'm talking about the path you used to use to get to the Chiller, Music Express, Stuntman's Freefall, etc....it seems like they reopened it to get to JL on the park map but haven't seen any pictures...thanks.
  5. Great story! I really loved that coaster too and to me it was iconic. A classic that dominated the park's skyline. It was so much better than Green Lantern (although I did like that one when it was still Chang back at SFKK). I totally agree....ever since they took it down I feel like the coaster lineup took a hit since pretty much every other large steel coaster is B&M (except Ka but that's over in 10 seconds). To me the B&Ms all kind of "feel" the same and GASM was a completely different animal. On paper we have one of the best lineups around and I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but the removal of GASM has always bothered me.
  6. I always read these forums but don't post alot..... but I thought I'd share. Mine was Great American Scream Machine as SFGAdv. This is the coaster that started it all for me. I can remember driving into the parking lot and being in absolute awe when I was 13. I know the ride got a lot of hate but it was always one of my absolute favorites due to its size intensity and dominance over the front of the park. I never had a problem with the roughness. When I found out it was closing I immediately bought the tickets to be on the last ride for me and my cousin. Being on the last ride ever (2nd car, 1st row) was something I'll never forget. Everyone was going crazy when they sent us around twice haha.
  7. Hey Guys, sorry I haven't had much time to update this latest, but here is the latest... I'm in the early-mid 2000s now as far as my timeline goes and I'm not sure what to add in the open space you'll see in the third picture.....any suggestions? The park's original looping coaster, Lazer Loop, was removed to make way for Black Viper, a terrain B&M sitdown looper situated on the hillside by the log flume. Here is the current park overview. If you look closely you can see several minor changes since the last update. Any suggestions of a ride or coaster to add here? Figure somewhere in the 2000-2005 time range.
  8. hey guys, here is another update: 1993 - little dipper and antique cars were closed for the season. 1994 - antique cars were modified and reopened. little dipper reopened at its new location with a new color scheme 1995 - Tomahawk, a Vekoma SLC was built in the former little dipper location 1996 - Sky Rocket - an S&S drop tower, and Time Warp, a Chance Inverter, were built. 1997 - no new rides, land clearing is beginning behind the Twister here is Little Dipper at its new location in the park, along with Time Warp and Sky Rocket. Tomahawk took over the former Little Dipper site. Here is a 1996 Park Overview In 1997, land clearing began behind Diamond Creek Twister. Could this be for the parks first B&M?
  9. @coasterbill - you cant see it but the piece the train is on slides to the left, that way a train on the block in the tunnel could hold and then advance onto the transfer section, then move forward so the transfer could hold 2 trains. here is an update.... Here is a full shot of Python's replacement. Its an Arrow junior hyper coaster called BOA built in 1992. (Morgan hypers didnt come around until the late 90s) BOA Removing Python left some room for expansion, even with the addition of BOA Current Park overview - 1992 But in a rather bizarre move, both Little Dipper and Antique cars have been closed and a construction fence has appeared with no announcement made.
  10. I really like the look of this park. Overall, it definitely feels very "Six FLags". Excited to see what comes next. Question, where did you get the diagonal path? I've been looking for something like that.
  11. Sneak peak of what replaced python... this is what the bridge was used for
  12. a couple more It's been confirmed... No announcement has been made for what is replacing Python, but work has started on a bridge structure near the parking lot that will have something to do with the new ride.
  13. Hey guys, here is an update with a few shots. For the 1986-88 seasons the park focused on internal improvements, such as adding a transfer track to Little Dipper to add a 2nd train Twister and Lazer Loop (not shown) also received 2nd trains during this period The park received a flat ride package in 1989 as this was an area the park was lacking. Python is rumored to be on the chopping block, some land clearing is going on. Arrow is rumored to be involved in whatever is going on here...
  14. @IronWolfman I noticed that as soon as I posted the pic. I replaced it with an Enterprise. Good eye! @fraroc There are actually a few areas I have in mind for expansion, but you are right. At least 1 of the coasters isn't going to be around for the long run and I am definitely going to have to do some rearranging. If this was a real park the next move I'm going to make would probably make some people mad...but I'm thinking long term...
  15. Hey Guys. I haven't really posted here much but I recently got the urge to play RCT2 again after looking at the parks on here. I wanted to start off with something pretty small to get back into it. I've never been that great at buildings or custom scenery or anything like that, but here is what I have so far. I wanted to be similar to smaller Cedar Fair park like Dorney or Valleyfair. Year 1 for this is 1985. The park has 4 roller coasters: 1- Python - Vekoma Loop Screw 2- Diamond Creek Twister - terrain woodie 3- Laser Loop - Schwarpzkopf Looping Star 4- Little Dipper - Junior Woodie I'm going to keep updating and expanding it. Any comments/criticisms are welcome. Here are a few screen shots. entrance plaza Laser Loop Python 1985 park overview
  16. Three train operation? The design of Anaconda always bothered me. 3 train ops would be the obvious answer, but the layout seems way too short for that to even make any sense. Not to mention I don't think the brake run at the end has room to stack two trains, but I could be wrong about that.
  17. Hey guys, I wanted to upload a few shots of a new park I've been working on called Cypress Harbor... I'm trying to make each park a little better than the last, though im still not that good at buildings. Check out a few screens...the park is almost done and I'm gona upload it soon. Its kind of similar to the last park I put on here, Cedar Gardens, which is in these forums somewhere and also in the game exchange. Let me know what you think. - Vital SCR11.BMP Here is a B&M floorless, Lazer, and a shuttle loop that borders the lake. SCR12.BMP The park also has a 2nd gen vekoma flyer SCR15.BMP park overview of progress so far..
  18. Its my own. i was basing it on the 7-loop designs that Arrow was doing during that time. thanks for downloading it!
  19. Haha actually i thought about removing that LIM coaster a bunch of times while i was making it but it fit into that spot pretty good so i kept it. What would you do with that spot?
  20. sorry guys, ill try to export it and repost. ok i checked off that box and re-saved it again. is that all you have to do? here is the new file... Cedar Gardens.SV6
  21. do you mean youre having trouble downloading it here from TPR or you cant open it up in the game? if its the game, what error are you getting? It downloads but wont open, it says that it's missing an object data ID whats the name of the data file? i could send it to you
  22. do you mean youre having trouble downloading it here from TPR or you cant open it up in the game? if its the game, what error are you getting?
  23. Here is the DL file in case anyone wants it. the file is the closed version of the park. to "open" it, all you have to do it place a piece of pavement in front of the park entrance and guests will be able to get in. EDIT- try the one at the further down this page
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