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  1. yeah i def agree w you. those huge pavement spaces in the front are supposed to be parking lots and the one in the back is supposed to be the employee parking lot. i wish i had like parking space stripes or something.
  2. ryan, its a regular vekoma SLC. i needed an inverted but really didnt have enough room for a custom one. heres a shot of it.. cg- traum.BMP
  3. braztaz... here are a couple shots of the hyper. cg-bf11.BMP its called Brain Freeze (umm i wanted it to be themed to something cold....anyone have a better name?) cg-bf1.BMP another angle
  4. Hey guys, I had surgery last wed so i've been stuck at home all week and pretty bored so I started on a new park. Its almost done and I plan on uploading the file in case anyone wants to play around with it once i make a few more changes.. The park is a traditional amusement park, basically inspired by the type of park cedar fair would build. I tried to be as realistic as possible, but i also like to make sure the park is playable. ill be the first to admit that im absolutely terrible at buildings/architecture...i spend more time on the coasters/rides. anyway take a look at the screens and let me know what you think if you wana! -vital cg- piranah.BMP This is the park's signiture coaster. its a B&M standup called Piranah cg- hammer.BMP This is the only wooden coaster in the park, Hammerhead. cg- scrm.BMP This is the park's Arrow 7-looper called Scream Machine (tribute to GASM bc im still pissed they took it out) cg-ll.BMP This is a Premier launched coaster, Lightning Loops cg- map.BMP Here is a park overview.
  5. Hey everyone I have a question about custom supports.. I look through at alot of the parks with custom scenery and one thing ive never been able to figure out....how do you disable the supports for a particular coaster so that you can create your own supports without disabling all supports for the entire park? Ive seen screenshots where, for example, there will be a B&M coaster with custom supports but a wooden coaster or another ride with regular supports that shows that the supports have only been disabled for the one ride. How do you do this? is it a trainer or something? Thanks in advance...
  6. Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. I think the roller coasters are pretty good but its the park as a whole that I'm not that happy with. It seems like the parks I make are always too.....someone said "dense"... i think thats a good word for it. Here are two more screenshots....including one of the entire map so you can see what I'm talking about. I think I'm gonna try to remove some trees and develop the back area a bit before I release it. What do you think? Grizzly.BMP This wooden coaster is inspired by the Grizzly coasters from PKD and PGA. Map.BMP The back part of the park was originally just woods for future expansion...but I think if i build that part now it will look more even....
  7. Hey whats up everyone I've had this park I've been working on for a while. i usually just read the threads here without posting anything but I wanted to see what people thought of this park... Let me preface by saying I dont use alot of CS and I really dont have the patience to put alot of time into buildings...but anyway, take a look at these shots. Any feedback is appreciated. I could also upload the park if you want. Thanks! -Vital Intimidator.BMP Anaconda.BMP Nightcrawler.BMP Afterburn.BMP Vortex.BMP
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