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    One of the locals at the park Saturday said that the creek levels have been much higher after a rain ever since they built the Cowboy's stadium just upstream. It seems that a lot of land that used to help soak up the water is now parking lot.



    Parking lots produce a lot of water run off in even moderate rainfall, and I have a sneaking suspicion they possibly drain storm water their lots right into the creek rather than a storm water management pond. (Or supposing there is a pond, it's far too shallow and it's overflowing too quickly.)

  2. I loved the glow-in-the-dark trains on Drachenfire.


    Of course it beat ya likea n Arrow, but to see it go by at night was awesome. Most of the ride area was dark as well from what I remember.


    I don't know why Arrow never used those on any other coasters.


    Sit-down loopers sort of lost their thunder not long after Drachen Fire's debut with inverted coasters arriving a year afterward. Consequently Arrow only managed to make a couple more of those coasters with those cars.

  3. RECC = Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge - Goofy name for a rather goofy interactive dark ride.



    It suffers a bit in the public eye because it's non-descriptive name, unobtrusive show building (on a strange part of the midway) and a lack of signage on the midway to attract guests to it. It's like PKD's Grizzly used to be, except it has no following or folklore that got people to seek it out. While it's not bad as shoot-em-up dark ride, it's not that great, either. I've always gotten off feeling as if I was dragged through some journey through extreme "marketing".


    They probably would have been a lot better off if they had just opted for the typical haunted house motif. Otherwise, if they should go to better lengths to theming the exterior of the show building if they plan on attracting the crowd they probably want for the ride. (Also, don't overlook the idea of an indoor climate controlled queue for the place.) It's hard to believe the well-themed Boardwalk is in the same park.

  4. How do you get a ballot for the GTA? I'm as guilty as the rest of us of bashing the GTA, but I've never bothered to try to get a ballot.


    Be an Amusement Today subscriber?


    While I'm bummed about Intimidator 305, I only really question one thing- how is Aska at Nara Dreamland, which closed in 2006, still ranking as the 34th best wooden roller coaster?


    It's just THAT good.

  5. Oh no! Hersheypark has one of those horrifying Tornado slides, too!


    Didn't the monorail used to take guests to a bonafide factory tour?

    It did, but Chocolate World ended that and now there's just an unused 2nd station in the parking lot.




    There is also a unused ramp at the park station to ground level behind the old arena. Does the monorail date back to before they enclosed the park?

  6. Neither park has a dive machine, either.


    Lightning Racer x 2- 40 minutes. Great Ride, one of the more smoother woodies I have ever ridden. Green Side seemed to dominate today as I really didn't see red get off to a good start on the hill at all. Still, it was fast, smooth, and the drop was great.

    They are well designed and wins generally seem to go back and forth, though I've personally seen Thunder run better in hotter weather, while Lightning seems to dominate in cool or wet weather.


    Didn't get a chance to ride Comet, the line was moving at a snail's pace (over an hour wait) and I just got my woodie fix in at Lightning Racer instead.


    The Comet always seems to load very slowly. Half the problem is dealing with the skid brakes, but loading and unloading is fairly slow paced too.


    No Wildcat love?


    The Water park seems nice, but it was so packed that the family didn't want to get burned waiting for a 20 second slide. One odd thing I noticed was that there was a line for the wave pool there, first time I've seen that in a park. Maybe on non-crowded days there isn't a line, but I just found it funny that you were forced out of the pool after a specific amount of time.


    It's not a very big wave pool, so it does fill up on very crowded days. In fairness though there is rarely a line at all for it unless the water park is absolutely packed.

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