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  1. Cody for the win: EPIC!


    And where did all this bickering about the F'ing color come from? GET OVER IT, PLEASE. If you're talking about bland colors, go to Japan where you can find entire parks where the coasters are WHITE.


    Well there is a somewhat disturbing preference for hues of blue all over Hersheypark. Maybe hopefully after they're done altering Comet Hollow for Skyrush, they'll move uphill and makes some changes in Minetown, which looks largely the same since it was made over two decades(?) ago.


    Please. Instead of complaining about the colors: Let's talk about the greatness of SkyRush- and for that matter, the rest of HP.


    Seriously! Only second to a freaking(!) B&M Giga in the poll here for the most exciting installation next year. [And we all know it's pulling serious Canadian bias..right? )

  2. I just watched a video of 305 and was surprised they even need OTSR on it.


    II don't think that the transitions on Skyrush wil be as extreme as on Intimidator 305, but having the straps on Skyrush will be much better than the normal Intamin "over the shoulder lapbars"/OTSRs.


    It's hard to say yes or no, but the photo evidence is looking promising; in some aspects it looks more and more like a mini-Intimidator. They did mention zero-g transitions on the announcement video but I guess until we see things assembled it's just cross your fingers.


    People still definitely line up for the front row, and it's always 10x longer than the line for any other seat. It just takes a bit longer to get there. Even I find myself waiting in the line for the back when I'm not supposed to be.


    Not always, bottlenecks tend to do weird things, and I have definitely witnessed a front row queue nearly empty while the rest of the people in line are stuck behind groups waiting for the back.

  4. Volcano's station. It has the same problem as Iron Wolf, except turned around; the back row line cuts into those going into all the other rows. This makes the wait for the back the same as all other rows.




    What's even stranger is it often seems to leave the front row queue (as short as it is for an inverted coaster) mostly empty in the confusion, making the wait for the front row about the same as every other seat.


    Now just get a B&M invert back there & I'll really be happy.


    I doubt they'll ever see one. A Wingrider somewhere else in the park seems more likely going by current trends, and Old Virginia deserves more love than there IMO. This is purely speculation, but if they do anything back there, they should just tear down Hurler, and replace it with a wooden twister- as they already have three other out and back woodies.

  6. ^Not to mention they were already saturated from early August. They had over five inches of rain the day before we visited on the TPR Trip and had two rides down and some pathways blocked because of flooding.



    Yeah, I was there that day, it rained throughout the afternoon, but the real storm and downpour that shut everything down was at 7pm. They let people into the catering pavilions just to get out of the rain. Afterward, only the flat rides managed to reopen at all before more storms rolled in. I don't think I've ever been it a park that late with literally only the games opened.

  7. It isn't just you. I've yet to see all of Drop Tower's seats filled, either.


    I agree that KD's drop is more intense, but Mach Tower is fun. The rotation as you ascend is its best feature.


    They tried yesterday, but for some reason later in the day a drop was aborted and a full load of disappointed guests was slowly lowered back to the ground. When it ran later it was partially full again. And even if the ride cycle is 30 seconds, loading/unloading guests seems to take several minutes a time.


    And THEN, Drop Tower doesn't rotate any more.

  8. I've seen them stack trains on every coaster but perhaps Grizzly. There were issues at every station, but if I were to suppose the blanket issue it was that they just don't do restraint checks very quickly. There were regular issues with having to unlock and then recheck again: I witness multiple cases or guests that were borderline too big in some way to ride and time was wasted by ops trying to get them on. One time, a line jumper had boarded FoF, and ops had to spend 5-10 minutes confronting him in order to remove him from the train. And it seems like guests are in no way encouraged to do anything but take their time in the station.



    I also got to witness the Anaconda op nearly shutting the gates on boarding guests because the previous guests took too long disembarking because they were fumbling to get out of the restraints and not getting immediate help. Then the OP proceeded to scold the station's guests to stay clear when the gates are closing.


    And I don't think Rebel Yell is just old, shaky coaster; my wife and I were getting jackhammered on the return run. I've been on far older coasters that are not that rough. Heck, Grizzly is was smoother in spite of being a more intense coaster.


    I did like they did take the effort to fill every train on I-305, and while it took a little time it was a great gesture to calming the crowds, and the crew was easily the most enthusiastic in the park.

  9. ^ I NEVER use "text talk" even when texting. Ok, I use a few of them, like the more common OMG or WTF, but really, I spell out almost EVERY word. I could almost understand when phones didn't have a full QWERTY keyboard that people would write text speak, but now, dude, you gotta full keyboard in your hands... USE IT!


    Quoted because it's the damn gospel! And the fact that I do too: the acronyms I do use are just holdouts from 15 years of internet chat, which is nearly always emoting by text.

  10. Rebel Yell hardly ever has much of a line... even with one train one side operations. Next season the ride should get more riders considering WindSeeker is opening up over there which should draw some guests back over towards that end of the Grove.


    They rarely run both sides, and hardly ever race it. It's also dreadfully rough, it's no wonder why the thing is so unpopular. Rebel Yell would easily be the worst ride in the park; that is if it's neighbor the Hurler wasn't so uninspired, and that it didn't have the fortune of being in one of only three places you can ride a TOGO in North America.


    I haven't seen more than one train running on 305 since the spring, and I only go on weekdays. It's a shame that I have to wait in some ridiculous line on a dead day because they only feel like running one train on their best ride. Most of my 305 rides during the summer have come in that 10 minute early-entry period at the beginning of the day. After 11, the line is back in the queue and I refuse to wait that long for a ride I've ridden 35 times in one day before (without waiting longer than 10 minutes).


    That's a shame, night rides are blissful since they decided for whatever reason to keep most of the layout unlit and in the dark.

  11. What's up with B&M's new coasters and their long drawn out brakes at the end.


    Wait..how is this new? A lot of B&M rides have fairly long sections from the beginning of the final brakes to the station, partly necessary for blocking, and because they prefer transfer tables to switch track. Most until now have just have had the length broken up at some point by a 180 degree bend.

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