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  1. I absolutely love all the tracer lights at Hershey, especially on the woodies. It's all the more fun when I'm riding Lightning Racer and can look over and see the twisted paths illuminated for me, or when the lights actually make a ride seem slightly faster and more disorienting (as they were supposedly designed to do).


    Just think of tracers being reflected on the water of the pond below- it would look magical, and give that revived Sunken Gardens area needed "pop" at nighttime.

  2. GIga boom? That's doubtful as far as the western world is concerned: even before the massive economic recession these rides are hugely expensive for number of reasons, steel has only gotten more expensive, and very few parks have had the money or space to spend on these rides in the first place. There are FOUR of these coasters in the entire world, and it's been over a decade since they first debuted. How many inverted coasters were built in the 10 years following their debut? Hell, it also may be worth mentioning that half of these Giga coasters have been built only in the last two years. People are just caught up in the excitement of seeing these new, huge traditional coasters, but I don't see these becoming a feature at every major park yet.


    As for the East, like China, heaven knows. It's worth nothing at this point they have not built any there and none of the parks seems to have any plans for one. And if there is any place in the industry that could be considered booming or ripe for a boom, it's China.

  3. ^A fast pass system would be great!


    Ohh no it wouldn't. Last time they tried it about ten years ago they had to discontinue it after fights began breaking out at rides.

    Well if people would learn they have fast pass it wouldn't be a problem.


    The problem generally is either the same people who refuse pay into the program have a problem with the people that do so; or that they don't like or understand that people are being allowed to pay extra to skip the lines.

  4. I'm still thinking KD will recieve one (along with Dinosaurs Alive!), but I'm not sure who will get the third one yet....


    I'm really doubtful as well that KD would get Dinosaurs Alive!, I just have suspicion that's something CF would rather give to their first tier parks. A Windseeker is not a clear fit either in my opinion; you see, unlike Carowinds, at KD a Windseeker would be the 4th attraction topping 300 ft. And two of those already have you lingering at that height (even if it's fairly brief on The Drop Tower,) so I just don't see a Windseeker having that big of a "wow" factor there.


    This will really get a ton of attention at Carowinds considering their Drop Tower is a midget and the only ride of this height is the Carolina SkyTower. When down there I remember people acting/saying like Intimidator was the "tallest roller coaster ever", so they will probably crap their pants when they see this one...


    They would probably do so if they saw the "other" Intimidator as well.

  5. ^Dive machines do the same thing with a vertical drop, so it's not exactly "unique."


    The fact that it has an entire layout as opposed to drop, inversion, turn, brake, drop, inversion, splash, brake is different, but floorless seats 200 feet off the ground are nothing new.


    It really depends on how cozy the seating is on the train. B&M Dive Machines have you literally elbow to elbow with the riders beside you, so only the front row and perhaps the seats on the very end give you any great feeling of being suspended in mid air. Intamin trains, like Fahrenheit, are airy, the have a lot more room between passengers.

  6. I think most people are happy with the addition (I know I am), but it's that "weirdness" that's throwing everyone off. At any other park, I would have been "holy crap, that's awesome". But here, I'm all "that's cool...but wtf?".
    Exactly. At any other park that DIDN'T just get a B&M hyper coaster as their last coaster, you wouldn't have questioned it, even at one of the CF parks who already have a Morgan hyper from 10 years ago, you wouldn't question it. But this...sure, it will be great for the park considering what they've gotten in the 10 years prior to Behemoth...it's just weird, that's all.


    I can't but help but to wonder what some of those parks think about it- particularly those who were a part of Cedar Fair before the acquisition of the Paramount parks. While most or all of them have received something some time in the last few years, the biggest projects have been going to former Paramount parks.

  7. Those were some crazy storms on Saturday, I have never wandered an amusement park at night and in the rain, with almost no rides running. It was so surreal. I don't think any of the roller coasters resumed operations after the downpours at 7 pm. Thank god we managed to hit most of the coasters we wanted to ride early in the day, although I was denied the nighttime riding I kinda craved with such a late closing. My wife and I managed a rainy, after-dark ride on the Claw and rode Chocolate World tour after the crowds there thinned out, but I think we spent most of the last few hours in the arcades.

  8. I really hope the lap bars stay since not only do they provide a more unrestricted ride, but they also help Sooperdooperlooper have incredibly fast dispatches. I rode the Sooperdooperlooper last year and still thought that the trains rode very well, but I guess they have just been around a while and need to be updated.


    Sooperdooperlooper has some extremely quick dispatches, it's almost always the quickest in the park. I cannot describe how many times I've seen them dispatch a train quick enough to allow the next train to glide down the brake run, into the station, unload and reload quick enough to dispatch and repeat the process.


    My guess is old age and parts availability have caught up with the ride's trains.

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