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  1. Have a question: when you guys are getting that red font'd "ROOM IS FULL...." message, and the arrow just spins in a circle, are you letting it sit there to eventually connect or do you refresh and try logging in again? I've been refreshing, but I don't know if that's costing me my spot in the line to "get in line"....if that made sense! LOL
  2. Yah, it's odd...works fine in Chrome. Not so much in either version of IE I have on two different PCs. On the one, it loads up in that tiny sliver of the frame at the top of the browser...in the other, just says there is an error and won't proceed! Anyway, using Chrome....THANKS!
  3. Anyone else having a an issue where only the bottom portion of the Santa Claw screen is showing (at the TOP of the screen)? I apologize if this has been covered. I'm running IE (I know, I shouldn't be )
  4. We're taking high res pictures, iPhone pictures, and video. We moved to Orlando, we were close in proximity to SFMM, that's about it! Hey, thanks for the reply! Obviously missed the news! Hope the move was due to good things, and obviously your love of this industry would make Orlando a pretty sweet place to be! Nice coverage of the convention....would be interesting to go back 20 years and see what "upcoming tech" looked like, and how it's been implemented since then.
  5. Do you guys no longer life in California? I know it's off topic, but I just assume you're really closely associated with SFMM....maybe a work relocation? In any case, great pictures - are you guys capturing stills from your videos or taking pics in addition?
  6. I just watched a fantastic video of Log Jammer on YouTube, forgot what a long (and cool) ride that is! Incredible how it comes so close to Goldrusher! I did also forget how in goes under the old monorail track....what a sad site to see! I have great memories of riding that monorail -- getting on over across from Log Jammer and hopping off over on the other side of the hill (just up from Spin Out). I don't recall it ever being that crowded, and thus remember thinking it's day must be numbered! It also brings back great memories of the sky ride over on that side of the mountain....man, I love those things! Any update on DejaVu dismantling or Lex Luthor construction?
  7. I agree, there is a lot of pressure for the admins here to keep the site secure/backed up/etc if only to insure that nothing happens to this thread! It's quite a read - with a lot of unique-to-the-Net stuff! Would be fascinated to hear if you have any more "inside baseball" info on the final of the THREE original Great Americas (that, obviously, never came to fruition in the DC area)? Would have been really neat to see how that park would have evolved in comparison to what we know about the CA and IL parks!
  8. Whether or not you have a hard time believing it, insulting guests is part of the atmosphere. Its been like this at many (albeit not all) of the Halloween events I've been to. I think we should all think of the possible circumstances of the story not being shared before we just take the word of some random poster. I have a feeling we are not getting the whole story here. That being said, people need to stop being so offended, and learn to take a joke. When simply calling a guy a "lesbian Justin Bieber" is deemed offensive to some of you, you are enforcing a negative connotation with homosexuals, are you not? If a homosexual slur was used, that would be a different story. But simply using the word homosexual or lesbian in and of itself should not be offensive to anyone. Um...calling someone a lesbian version of Justin Bieber is not a display bigotry. It does not show intolerance of the Gay and Lesbian community. Please stop throwing that word around if you have no idea how to use it. I suppose it's silly to accuse you of framing analogies to serve your argument, as you clearly are. One point that bugs me is your excusing of the "gay/lesbian slur" is actually only a slur if you consider it one...then you, yourself, is the one with the issue. Ok, so if some white guy had a really dark tan then it'd be ok to start slinging around some hilarious zingers about being black/African-American version of _____ ? Is that what you're saying? Nothing at all wrong with being gay/lesbian, and surely nothing wrong with being African-American, so surely the latter is just as "ok" as the former, right? Anyway, it'd be wonderful if we had a video of the full exchange to be sure - as I know "kids" can be pretty mouthy at times, and it'd be interesting to see just how innocent he was/was not - but I think the responsibility falls to the employee to rise above it. I know, I know, some will claim it was that scare "actor's" job to insult (and this "clearly" wasn't past whatever the line is), but it seems to be bad form to "go there". I guess I just don't see that environment as one where I'd expect something like that---so maybe I've just been "lucky" to not hear something as tasteless as that all these years! Moving on, has there been any work on either the Deja Vu or Superman tower sites? I'm eager to see exactly how they're going to setup the queue(s) for the Drop Tower, and I'm wondering if they'll begin any clearing around Deja Vu prior to the final rides.
  9. Even if this "actor" were provoked, it doesn't excuse the comment (if it was is being posted was actually said). It's silly, and insulting, to somehow claim that they're "immune" or that the guest needs to grow a thicker skin. Obviously there are two sides to the story, but it's unfair to assume that "something must have been said to the guy, first" and then to excuse it as simply an "unfunny, dumb joke". Like it or not, it's a different world we're living in. I know this site likes to poke fun at the lawsuit-loving, gravy-chugging, "pussy" nature of this country ... and while you can debate all of those stereotypes all day long, if "everybody" accepts that they're true it makes this story THAT much worse - realize "where" you live, and refrain from crap like that. Right? I agree with the comparison to a comedy show - you're obviously fair game (and you know it) going into a live comedy show. Walking through a "scare zone" shouldn't come with some fine print that you need to have thick skin over topics like your personal appearance/sexual preference etc. There's a line, and from what has been posted, it was crossed. Just my half dime's worth.
  10. How well thought out, clever, and sweet? That sounds odd, but kudos to whomever decided to own this...and do it right! Love the "inside baseball" flavor of some of the comments! Thanks for taking the time to snap these pictures and sharing them!
  11. Have we seen any interior/exterior pictures of this park, recently? I'm just curious what kind of shape it's currently in?
  12. I was recalling a trip down to FL, sometime in the 80's, and was curious exactly what happened to Six Flags Atlantis. I did some searching around, and it as fun reliving that park through pictures! http://lucas-photo.com/atlantis/photos1.php I recall it being a fun park - their speed slide was something really new, and almost unthinkable to me, at the time! I guess that little sub is still around - can any locals confirm that it's still "just up the road"? Sad to think that it had to make way for KMart! Almost as sad as what is sitting on the former site of Riverview in Chicago! Anyway, thanks for the detailed memories raptorcrew! I only went there once or twice, and I seem to recall it being a Six Flags park both times. I also recall the big show one of the nights being Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine! Get on your feet, indeed!
  13. Wow! Is Jacobsen still alive? It's neat that you hung on to all of this stuff, as it appears THIS will become the source for Aero World info (Google doesn't show much else out there on this here Internet). Will be interesting to see if anything like this park is ever possible in the future....that is, have we seen the last of NEW theme parks? Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
  14. Are people actually taking seriously the picture of "X-Flight pieces on site"??? I guess sarcasm is truly a lost art on this here Internet. For the record, I appreciated the joke! Will be interesting to see what they end up doing with Iron Wolf's footprint...something tells me that they might extend Camp Cartoon Network a bit in the back - then maybe put a Sky Screamer-type ride in the old station's/lifthill footprint?
  15. Don't think I've read this yet, but could it be that the two sides of that puzzle are two different pictures? Meaning the legs shown in the bottom left are of a rider on a different ride than the one in the upper right? Whether it's one or two pictures/rides, there's one thing for sure: this is exciting times from Great America! I'd say Superman was the last "big thing", and that wasn't really that unique. This certainly has the makings of a truly unique thing (again) for this park!
  16. Thanks to the wonder of mitosis, one creature becomes two. It is the Miracle of Life! Mitosis cold, gimme some socks please!!! LOLOLOLOL!!
  17. You're 29, and you're dismissing anyone questioning the maintenance schedule/performance as "kids"?? I've read some very good critiques of the park in this thread - and not one of them really sounded like a 13 year old screaming for MOAR REHAB CREWZ SO MY COSTER DUZNT GO DWN!1!! But you've read it how you want to read it, and summarily dismissed everyone as "kids" who "don't understand how big business works". As has been mentioned, they run their own park. They're the ones who decided to become a year round park. They're the ones who continue to strive to hang on to the "most coasters" title. It is COMPLETELY understandable that people would complain when multiple attractions are either completely or partially down because of maintenance issues. Six Flags created this situation, it's on them to run the park in a way where reasonable expectations are met. If they don't (big rides being down in the middle of peak season, various rides only running one train etc), I would think that they'd expect "kids" complaining online AND to guest relations.
  18. Wow. Thanks a lot. Really gave me a great feel of a park I've yet to make it to! Surprisingly beautiful place!
  19. The line hasn't been used in years, and to be honest, it's cheaper just to buy a new ride. If they were to modify it, it would cost tons of money to re-profile and inspect. Even if they just put in another monorail on the line, it could cost millions of dollars, because of how building codes have changed since it was built, and when it was last inspected. Remember, Magic Mt. still has plenty of room to add other rides versus, say, Disneyland, who would have to remove other attractions to add anything else without building rides on top of each other RCT2-style. Yah, I guess no matter HOW you re-purposed the layout of the monorail it wouldn't probably be worth it. It is interesting how they've left the old stations in place they way they have -- I've always thought that must be an interesting thing to notice if you've only frequented the part post-Metro. I know the topic has been beaten to death, but I find it unfortunate that the industry is at a point where the installation of transportation-type rides (like monorails or sky rides or trains) are becoming more and more rare. I suppose the best shot at seeing any new installation(s) would be in a new park. Great news at the Mountain, cannot wait to get back out there!!! Things are looking awesome.
  20. It just seemed, to me at least, that this ride was already being written off as "wussified" and that the "lack of spinning" was a result of some dumbing down of the ride for America (which was/is "predictable"). I'm just saying that it seems like an odd observation after just a few days (and posts indicating that they're in some sort of testing/tweeking phase) to start slinging arrows like that. But, I know, I'm the one overreacting. Anyway, really impressed with the whole area and the new ride. As has been said, kudos to the park. Perhaps the new park GM is awful at guest relations, but maybe she is partly responsible for this coming together so nicely (or was all of this hammered out and done on paper prior to her taking the reigns)? As far as the old Metro line, do we have any idea if it's still structurally sound (for those suggesting that it be put to other use than another monorail)?
  21. Why are we labelling a group of people that way? That seems odd. Especially on an enthusiast message board. Can you truly say that an entire group of 100s of millions of people are ________________, while a group of 9 million people are ___________ ? And I swear I've read, at least twice in this thread, that they've stated that they are still in sort of a test phase and the thing will be spinning more in time....or am I nuts? I get that it's not spinning "as much as the one in Sweden" right now, but do we have evidence that the one overseas was spinning balls out from the get-go? Or did they also have a break-in/monitoring period (as MM seems to be doing)? This all just seems, from BOTH sides of this "debate", to be over-reacting a wee bit.
  22. Awesome pictures! I agree that it'd be incredible to have onride photo turn out half this well - then you'd actually feel "ok" about paying those crazy prices! Well done ... although I have to admit I was sifting through them looking for some hidden treasure (or wardrobe malfunction)!
  23. Huzzah! Great post. I think you nailed the "reason" that so many people dislike the jacked up parking fees. Thanks for taking the time to post that, a refreshing change of pace from WFChris' "I'm bored" or "get a new hobby if you don't like it!!!" posts. For me, in every area of my life, I much rather pay one up front fee than have a monthly payment. So, when it comes to the insane parking prices I don't actually care what the "better deal" would be (in terms of discounted season pass + high, pay each time, parking VS a more expensive season pass with discounted/free parking.) I mean, I guess I do care - but if it were slightly more expensive, or just a push, I'd much rather pay everything up front and not have to "worry" about the insane parking charge when I visit other parks (because they're not offering a a chain-wide parking option, are they?) I understand those that look at it as they are getting in, on a per visit basis, for next to nothing SO paying $20 for parking (averaged out) is not a big deal --- but, as has been posted I'd rather just pay for it all up front than have to worry about "feeling" like I'm being nickeled and dimed throughout various visits.
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