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  1. Didn't know that about the sky ride accident, I had some sort of recollection that there was one.....that's what I asked. As far as yearning for "old" rides, I think there's a fair amount of people that share my view on them. I get that the parachute drop is just "old", and there are many other "cooler" options out there........but it seems that both sky rides and double/triple wheels (especially with advances in technology/safety) could have a place in this modern age.
  2. There he is, the board's resident ray of sunshine! Anyhoo.... Does anyone know of this park ever had a skyride? The lack of skyrides, double/triple wheels & parachute drops is saddening.
  3. Wow, those flags look huge---and I'm sure they'll seem tiny once installed. Everything IS bigger in TX, it appears. Still sad to see Chute Out go, but this is probably as good a replacement as you can get....are they using the old TCO building for the line, btw?
  4. Yah, either the term 'fanboy' has a new spokesperson OR there's a very spunky SFOT employee posting here! Either way, great update - it does seem like TX has the two most underrated SF parks...or, maybe now, they're properly rated?
  5. Wow, just when you thought the coaster couldn't get any cooler...those trains! I like that SIX FLAGS isn't splattered all over it, too........nice that it's just the name of the ride and the park. Wonder if the actual theme of the trains will prevent any sort of future "wrap" being put on?
  6. Have to say that the first drop "seems" off because of the tunnel -- I know it's all about perspective (when only WATCHING a video of a ride, and not feeling it), but the drop hardly seems like a drop because of the visual impact of the tunnel ceiling. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the angle the camera was pointed, and maybe this will actually ENHANCE the drop when you ride, but it just seemed off...somehow. It's obvious from the lift that you ARE a ways up in the air, but the drop doesn't seem that dramatic/steep/fast etc. Again, all perspective while watching a POV ... I get it.
  7. You might be the most consistently negative person I've seen on this board - does it not get tiring having to swing in and post the same negative crap, constantly? I think that Boomerang looks great - proof positive that a fun color scheme and excellent placement can turn even the most mediocre of ride additions into a decent move. It does seem strange to go through all of the costs of disassembling/relocating/preparing/repainting/installing such an old, seemingly outdated ride...but, despite all of that they've done a great job so far. It will be interesting to hear how highly ridden this ride is in, say, 2-3 years and if that lands within the matrix for what they expected per their expenditures. Does anyone else find the paintball idea to be a bit...odd? It's not nearly as easy to control intentional/unintentional out-of-bounds shots as, say, a golf range.....is this field within splat distance of actual park rides/buildings? Haven't been to this park in years, but I have to say that their ride offerings continue to be decent....despite/in spite of the "hated" Boomerang addition.
  8. Reading is a skill...nowhere in that post did they even reference F*ll Thr*ttle. Loop looks great, it does really seem like they went with white track as a tip of the cap to Revolution's "tiny" loop...right? Great report!
  9. This sums up perfectly why Tim is such a polarizing figure. Everything is always about him, instead of all the guys working their A$$ off so "his" rides can actually operate. Thanks for that, I had earlier questioned his rep and this article (specifically the 'I did this' and 'my' aspect you mentioned) really snapped into focus 'who' he is. To me, it just sounds like he's lost any sort of perspective, and I'd undoubtedly be less than coll with the way he alms if I had worked at the park for any amount of time. As a leader, asking claim to all of the stuff the YOU've done is certainly not a great example to set...perhaps crap like that leads to some of the issues around the park over 'his' reign?
  10. Anyone else find it odd how they are tearing out those buildings with the flags still flying? I don't know why that strikes me as odd. I haven't followed too closely exactly the new flow of the entrance plaza, but a part of me is definitely bummed about yet another Marriott staple going away. I'm thankful that remnants remain at both parks, and continue to be amazed at what still exists at Gurnee (the train, Whizzer) vs what still exists in Santa Clara (the covered walkway by the old Sky Whirl site, Eagle's Flight). Really glad that double decker carousel/pond and Demon are still at BOTH parks.....and happy to see Gurnee still working to maintain their flume rides!
  11. I agree, it's wild to think that a nice looking coaster interacting with a "midway/ride plaza" would be deemed ugly...on an enthusiast site! I think it looks great...and I think the color helps. I could imagine thinking less of it if it was neon green or purple, but the color looks nice and clean and the immediacy of the dive over the edge/INTO the hillside tunnel = COOL. Great point about the Laughing Dragon - this does seem like the perfect excuse to breath some life back into the building! I know it'd never happen (for many reasons), but how cool would it be to glass floor that looked down on to the track? In any case, as-is it seems like a great time to get that location back up and running...for sure. Heck, the first theme park location of http://www.HowDoYouRoll.com would be a good move for that portion of the park!
  12. Caught this photo from TPR member SirClinksALot on TWITTER photo credit: sirclinksalot Looks really cool going over the Superman plaza like that....will be too bad if they end up having to do some obnoxious netting to prevent thugs from throwing crap at passing trains (obviously you won't notice the netting from the tower, I'm saying it will take away from the beauty of it at ground level.
  13. Fair point, but that wall is in need of heavy power wash for the decades of dirt/mildew -- all the dirt/dust kicked up during construction would then be easily hosed off. But hey, guess it really doesn't matter if they end up covering it with some sort of themes skin!
  14. Excellent photo updates, thanks to those who took the time! Anyone else curious why they wouldn't have power washed the heck out of that tunnel wall PRIOR to track going in? I mean maybe they're just going to be mounting some plastic walls or something to the concrete (possible lighting/attempt at a theme?), but it still seems like they had plenty of time to send a couple of dudes in there to clean it down first. Anyway, love the colors and amazed at how close that clearance is from the track to the old red/black fence!
  15. What is everyone's take on Tim Burkhart? Is he anywhere near as beloved as Jay Thomas? I know the current lady is not well liked, I'm just wondering if folks are as sour as Tim (been the for years now, right?) as they are Bonnie/the park in general. Please note that I'm not trying to start a "why does everyone whine --- well, it's because we know what this park was/could be" discussion, I'm honestly just curious about other higher ups at the park. Lastly, it does seem a real shame to tear out the boats - but I imagine the upkeep (water/repairs etc) costs has to be right up there when you consider it "per rider cost", right?
  16. Best thread ever. HILARIOUS to see the NEW FOR 1989 FLASHBACK ad for SFOT. I guess that makes St. Louis literally a solid 20 years behind Dallas?! Crazy to imagine the metropolis of greater Houston NOT having a "real" theme/amusement park. Obviously Kemah and the Pier add something, but holy crap does it seem insane that there isn't some flavor of Six Flags or Cedar Fair park within an hour of downtown! Great stuff, per usual, Shane. Not sure when I'll next be in Vegas (or Utah), but hot damn I'll buy two of everything from your park(s)!
  17. I know I have my head out over my skis here, but is there any chance that we can just have the name Full Thr0ttle read as it is typed (not YOLO)? I get the joke, I understand the humor disclaimer, but it seems like you should be able to to post/discuss one of the most unique additions of 2013 without a word filter snagging it. In any case, it does seem like that loop will REALLY change the skyline of this park.....obviously the supports of Tatsu did quite a bit to the entrance "look", but it seems like this is one of the biggest visual additions (even from a distance) to the park since....when, Superman?
  18. It could be possible that it's just a marker indicating where some utility is buried, right? Maybe marking it on a fixed object like the bracket is easier than clearing/spraying weeds/leaves/dirt?
  19. Heh, good catch on that story re-post...I knew I had read that somewhere before! Love the picture of the bin full of gravestones.....amazing to think that it's already been 5 years since DejaVu went buh bye. Then crazy to see a picture of one of Sky Whirl's cabins just a few photos later. Man, that would honestly be one of the first guilty pleasure rides I would resurrect when I built my dream park. What a ride....that and Hay Baler were a great back-to-back.
  20. I don't necessarily care about themed areas, but either do it or don't. The half-assing is the problem, as many have pointed out. Marriott's Great America, both IL and CA, are great examples. In both cases, neither of the companies who eventually took over the parks really paid much attention to STICKING to the themed areas that were WELL established. While I'm not as familiar with the CA version, I can say that very little attention has been paid to theming NEW additions to the EXISTING theme of the area where they were placed in IL. You have instances like Ragin Cajun & Jester's Wild Ride, but more often you have things like Shockwave/Superman in Orleans/Mardi Gras area....or Vertical Velocity and Batman (where TIDAL WAVE once stood) in Yankee Harbor. It's a shame that they can't at least maintain the theme of parks that they've acquired is my big beef - no doubt that plopping down "Goliath" in the front of Fiesta Texas is one of the worst violations.
  21. What's with your hatred of JRS? Were you not able to carve your initials or stick any gum into it? Perhaps your girlfriend was unable to stand fully erect during it, so you declared war? You seem like a real charmer, "bro". The entrance to that part of the park is unique, and a bit odd to me. Seems like they could do something more over there...even over that pond/lake, right? It's quite a hike from, say, New Texas Giant all the way over there...sure would be nice to have something more over there. Sad to see the Chute Out go, it'll be interesting to see the footprint of this new swing ride versus the old one.....
  22. Is anyone else suspicious that there IS more to the ride than going over the loop and RIGHT back into the station? It seems like this has been accepted as fact, but isn't is possible that it flies past back the station...has some sort of terrain-y helix...then come back in? Do we have any inside info when ride stats/park maps/exact layout will be released? Isn't that something they normally do when they announce? Or no?
  23. Are they not supposed to build up and promote a capital expenditure? That's their job, that is marketing and PR. Does anyone know if the old fashioned cars are still lurking around by Eagle/X-Flight? Anyone else following the addition at this park's sister out in California? Can you imagine a crazy wood coaster around Sky Trek/Whizzer area INSTEAD of Whizzer/Hometown Fun Machine/the train etc? Just fascinating how the parks have evolved (devolved) so differently over the years! I wonder how some of the original designers of the three parks would grade the current day status of the two parks?
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