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  1. Wow, quite a turn...interested to see Shane posting back to this thread soon!
  2. Steven has done a great job with that website....jealous he has several Sky Whirl cages in his possesion! This has always been one of my faves (from the "real" Great America days):
  3. This is one of the more interesting additions of recent vintage as it's been awhile since they've added something in that back corner of the park. Still amazing to think what all has been through there - from Whirligig to moving the train station over several feet for Z-Force to Iron Wolf and now this. Obviously this will be quite visible from Washington, but I wonder just how much of it you'll be able to spot from the tollway? So many of the new "big" additions have been in spots that are easily visible from the tollway....this one is back there as far as you can go. If this is a RMC project, does that effectively kill the "Iron-ing" of Eagle? You'd have to think so, right? Speaking of the view from the tollway, I'm sure I can't be the only one who misses seeing two of the three arms of Sky Whirl spinning around...right? Also, I'm halfway surprised that the piece on WGN didn't highlight this thread/site - fairly decent shot/description of another (local) forum's page was shown when talking about the town meeting. http://video.wgntv.com?freewheel=91046&sitesection=wgn_leshockvalue&VID=25064690
  4. Would be nice if they moved SFGAm's Ragin' here and renamed it Rolling Thunder. Speaking of the Bobsled, holy crap have they gotten their money's worth out of that ride! Three parks over thirty years?! Also: what's the story with Steamin' Demon? How exactly did it end up in NY from LA? Were there any modifications made when it was moved? That paint job is certainly interesting (considering how the Great America Demon rides have stayed black all these years).
  5. Not that they'll be anything new, but WGN is about to run a piece on the new ride.
  6. Wow, FASTEST wooden rollercoaster! Exciting. Lots of questions, to be sure, will be interesting to watch this unfold.
  7. How does the zoning hearing work? I mean, if they're asking some sort of Variance do they specify "publicly" exactly where they're looking to build? Also, my silly dream is to have some sort of transportation system be devised that would Pay homage to the old skyride that didn't make it long enough to be a one way trip to (what is now) SW Territory. Or, at the least, a cut through path/bridge/tunnel that would give access to both sides of the park about where First Aid-Batman's loop or B Battle/Little Dipper would meet up. Anyway, I know they'll market the hell out of whatever it is they're getting...but it does seem promising!
  8. We still in the SFMM thread? Uh huh. Oh. On a serious note, it is fun to imagine a five year commitment to maintain the thrill rides while all annual capital was put into some heavy theming/maint work. I know, I know, it's too far gone at this point .. but holy crap is the potential ever there for a really incredible, well rounded, beautiful park!
  9. Thanks, any pics of what was damaged/being worked on floating around? It's incredibly satisfying tat they are going through this effort, btw! Six Flags is the subject of a lot of trash talk, but things like this (and Whizzer and Little Dipper in IL) really makes me happy!
  10. Those guys seem a tad insensitive for my tastes. I'd hate for the family of the deceased to hear this. Agreed, I was actually curious to hear what others here thought once they gave it a listen. If you hang in there, they come back to it later with some pretty rough stuff. I like these guys' show overall, but it is crap like that that takes away from my enjoyment. Back on topic, any further updates/pics of the work being done on Shockwave?
  11. Interesting listen (go to about 15:30 in) to some "general public" talk about the accident on Chicago's 670 The Score (sports talk) station. As with most sports shows, Boers and Bernstein tend to spray to all fields (incl those beyond sports). http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dB/dE/dK/13BEK_3.MP3?authtok=5562150826724095553_L1JF7zyrwlRgmdXJmB6oUxWWq3c (again, go to about 15:30)
  12. Anyone else notice (what looks like) the return of Riddler's missing train? Was it shipped back from NJ? Thought I saw it by Scream! It is too bad that there is no chance for some sort of transportation ride to return to this park - this park, more than many, needs it AND they're just nice to have. In the "old days" it always seemed nice to have a "ride" that everyone could go on (most every ride at the park really requires you to "have" to be a ride person)....I know, I know, the park is FOR people who want to ride - but there are still plenty of parents/grandparents that tag along that end up just spending time sitting on a bench/holding jackets/watching the stroller! On a somewhat related note, anyone know what the status of that old kennel down the road is (the one where the guy had rescued a bunch of MM relics)? I know he "temporarily" went out of business, just wondering if all of the stuff is still there?
  13. Hah, yah, touche'. I guess my point is that it doesn't surprise me that they didn't (as Six Flags has done) shut done other trains just like this one....they have a bit more motivation/necessity to keep them running. But, yes, I think "rush" is a term for which there is no Spanish word
  14. Robb the difference I see is one of necessity. A roller coaster is something that is an entertainment device and having it closed for a while doesn't have any real impact on anything other than the bottom line of the park. In Spain, closing the train system down for a short while would have a huge national level consequences and would be far more problematic. I look at it in the same way I look at a plane crash. Just because a plane crashes in the United States (with the obvious exception being 9/11) we don't ground all air traffic pending an investigation. With that said I think the reaction here is being blown way out of proportion. Something bad happened and likely it was preventable at some point. I'm sure somebody is going to be found responsible and policies will be adjusted. Then people will go back to having there 1 in 700 million chance of being killed at an amusement park and nobody will think about it again until the next time it happens a few years from now. I would be willing to guess that almost everything you do during your day at the park will be more dangerous than the time spent on the rides. Heart attacks and heat stroke are far bigger risks you take at the park each time you go. I've been into this hobby to some degree for about 15 years now, each accident I've seen (and really there have not been that many) has suddenly convinced people that these are death machines. Each time people overreact, then promptly forget and start going on the coaster again, until the next time an accident occurs and starts the entire cycle over again. Solid post, a very necessary part of an economy that publicly funded the rail system VS a ride at an amusement park isn't exactly the same thing. I think the timing of it makes it convenient to use as an example. Also, from the start it seems that the cause (operator error (going too fast around that curve)) is a bit more clear than New Texas Giant. Obviously it appears that the guest's body dimensions + the restraint style is what led to the Texas accident, but putting in place a "solution" isn't quite as easy as the Spanish simply charging the train engineer with multiple crimes. Bottom line is that there simply isn't the need to "rush" to get the ride open as there is to keep the workers/tourists of Spain moving around the country.
  15. Specifically, I guess I'm curious why Robb uses the "extra" U in words like favourite or labour or colour? It took me some time, but I finally realized that you had moved from SoCal to Orlando some time back...but wondering where both of you are originally from. And if not from Canada or Europe, where does the "U" come from?
  16. How can we figure out how to do this as a TPR pool? I'd throw some money down. -chris "too soon?" con Serious Edit: looked at the reverse POV posted earlier in this thread.. It looks like via Robb and Jake's movement that only major ejector air is at 3:46 and 4:04 ...Based on my incredibly limited knowledge of roller coasters, I'd expect that it happened at either of these places on the ride ( sorry to speculate! ) Why is this ok to post? I get the humor disclaimer, but is an accident like this one really a time to joke about Six Flags killing people or placing pretend wagers on the next death? Really? I don't really even get the need to crack wise when a kid hops a fence to grab his hat and gets killed...but, ok, Darein and his garbage truck -- here it was some lady (who wasn't acting like an ass) that tragically died causing much sadness to her friends/family/folks who witnessed it etc. Anyway, this seems like a horrendous set of circumstances where most every precaution possible is taken and a bad thing happens - if this were your mom or sister or aunt, can you imagine trying to rationalize all of this? Awful.
  17. It's a good point, and I can only assume that the neighbors had some idea that the park would eventually be gone.....? Further, not sure why (when you're building parking lots/garages and buildings why you wouldn't just butt up your parking garage along the park's border....and not the actual building. It does seem to me that the IL park has held on to more of the "charm" of the Marriott days....but, damn, seeing that covered walkway (by the old Sky Whirl site) and Eagle's Flight still operating in CA sure does score some points for the Santa Clara park!
  18. Robb/TMC: You guys posted at the same time, hence the confusion. Not attempting to start a fight here, but will there be a point where you can actually type the name of the park's new coaster without it filtering to YOLO? Also, just watched the Future Scream Machines thing that was on Travel Channel (nice job, Alveys!) and I was wondering if transportation companies have any sort of presence there? What I mean is that this park is basically down to one transportation "ride', and I'm curious if any parks would ever consider adding a transportation system/ride in the future? Obviously I'm correlating their existence at IAAPA to there possibly being a market for an established park to add a train/ride/monorail etc. It seems like the "future" of transportation (if there is one) would be about the only chance that this park would add back any sort of sky ride/train/monorail system.
  19. Looks great (that extra height is stunning even in pictures), but your posts need more links.
  20. I think the parachute drop comment was a joke...obviously they wouldn't "give it back". Once the last parachute drop in the US is removed, that'll be it for those rides, it seems. It is interesting that Great Adventure has both that classic ride and a Sky Screamer, though. Preemptively I'd like to apologize for bringing up parachute drops, as I'm sure someone will be in shortly to yell about a soon-to-be-defunct ride type being discussed here Is there any more word on the paintball field? Again, this just seems so strange to me.....combine the antics of some with the ability to fire in any direction, a fair distance = paint splotches everywhere?
  21. Just a unique ride that I'm a fan of - as are others. That ride, specifically, would benefit quite a bit from advances in technology. But I'm not honestly holding out any sort of real hope that my reminiscing will result in a resurgence! The Ferris wheel is cool, I agree - neat to see it in the parks skyline.
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