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  1. Holy crap I don't even recognize the old screen o.o Dj. You've surpassed high beyond my expectations for what you could with that screen. People at NE will eat this up with great satisfaction. My only complaint is from a realistic standpoint is that the flat ride is completely enclosed by the trees and would appear to be invisible when you walk towards the coaster from the top diagonal path. But aesthetically it looks great so I really have no complaints on this screen. But again this screen is VERY accolade worthy. I just hope you really get this finished.
  2. What can I say? I thought you were dead :3! But I did improve a bit on layouts although I still have to admit that a lot of my layouts are akward. Anyway this park is released unfinished now on NE
  3. Hey, Xcoaster. Are you the one from NE with all the contest micros? A lot of people there are wondering if it's really you ^^
  4. ^^ looks awesome. A little layout based off a layout of suicidecarz (member of NE) posted. So yeah. I think this might be the final version of the layouts unless somebody has to say something about it, then I can get a supporter and let'em get started. And yes this is a design attempt that I've been showing screens of. I've come quite a way from just 2 buildings, I've around 7 (some are pretty big) buildings, a log flume ride and queue, finished enterprise and queue (entrances not invisible). SCR150.BMP
  5. This is a layout of a woodie not in the park but I wanted to post it here rather then the preview thread. I really have no idea what manufacturer would make this actual coaster but it had nice pacing and some nice moments so I wanted to post it here to see if the people would approve for use in a park of mine. It's very short really. 1 minutes 15 seconds but with around 3200" track length. It goes through all hilltops and turns at a comfortable pace of 30~40mph an hour. I'd wish the ride was longer by slowing down the lift but then I'd lose the dueling moment (it is 1 coaster yes) Anyway on to the screens. Colors are very subject to change. PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you think about the coaster. If I should scrap it or if you have advice for tweaks or major re-arrangement. SCR147.BMP SCR148.BMP SCR146.BMP SCR145.BMP
  6. ^^ You are reading it wrong :l. Considering I kind of think of rct2 as an art form and a game which requires inspiration to build something truly great, an artist(player) might not have any inspiration. So he would be inspiration-less. What i meant by inspiration-less was him pairing up the steel lattice fences with the slanted art deco fixtures and the fence posts. It doesn't represent how good he can build and doesn't look visually aesthetic opposed to a lot of the stuff he makes. But everybody is entitled to their opinions, at the end of the day it's his park and I'm merely contributing my suggestions and opinions for him to take or not ^^ (although I don't add that to my posts)
  7. Better. But top part still looks a bit cluttered. I'd remove that 3rd part of the coaster. The one after the signature second turn (inside the first signature turn). But just thought I'd post this here. It's a great layout! The layout is near the bottom of the page. Insomnia by Fr3ak
  8. Although I don't think this needs a big facade like sfgam said. I do agree that more of your buildings need to be connected. It also saves time by saving you the trouble of detailing one or two more sides. Think buildings like foliage. Little clumps. Of course this can or might not apply to some situations. Anyway I sense you were kind of inspiration-less with the backside of the station. It does not make much sense. I kind of get you wanted a barn style building with supports? Well windows with flowerboxes might do the trick instead. And also use all brown brick on the break run instead of green and brown. It does look like a tree but I don't think it's appealing But looks great as usual
  9. I like the layout actually. It's short and to the punch, perfect for a park of this size. I especially like the first turnaround. Very nice. My only complaint is the track color. It's very green and bland and fits in too much imo. Maybe try yellow?
  10. That's really an awesome idea for the ampitheater. For something so simple the park is amazing. Pretty cool
  11. My only suggestion is that although the combination of ride and foliage looks good. I'd advice to add some buildings to the lift hill. There seems to be lots and lots of path though. And about the inverted ride you wanted to do for me. Please send me a screen of the rough draft layout since there are many people who want to volunteer for it.
  12. A tidbit of foliage. Do you guys like the style? I'll get back to you guys on the layouts tommorow. SCR142.BMP
  13. Comeback. The entrance is kind of mediocore and the restaraunt i think just flat out sucks. Why am I being so critical you ask? A previous version of this that I lost in a complete freeze (compatibility issue with rct2 and windows 7) was 6x better. Anyways this is a design and whoever wants to do an inverted coaster with supports is welcome to pm me. If you'd like to make a design. Please send me a picture of some layouts that I possibly might want. SCR140.BMP
  14. I was referring more to the area near the flat. The pink castle fences miexed in with the white path fences and then the 2 fences near the ride. But I'm VERY glad to see that this park is landscaped. Few more concerns: (yes I'm such a perfectionist) The bridge looks too thin to support peeps. Maybe lower the curved spaced by 1 space and then put a brick block on top of the curved spaces to make the bridge look more sturdy. Also that dumpster seems to be for super humans? If that is a dumbster which I'm guessing it is. Just my personal preference but I think the backstage areas would be much better off with grey tarmac rather then dirt. Since it's out of the sight of peeps anyways.
  15. Pic looks great! But to no surprise I have some advice. On the buidling on the bottom left. The domes on the right and left don't match although they look to be the same building. Maybe make them the same height and color? Also none of this appear to be peepable. Which will be a shame to have such a great atmosphere and see not being utilized even further. But that's a personal preference of mine. I just hate empty walkways and silent parks, featuring empty coasters. But I guess it's better in some aesthetic views. Final. The weird graphic-ed rocks. I have nothing against them but i think it might look a tad better if you mixed them with rct2 1/4 rocks. You can check this out in That Guy's Work on NE. But overall it looks AMAZING. Just minor squeamishes of mine they're so annoying aren't they?
  16. Your gonna be really good man. Details and building looks great. Just make it a bit more organized? It looks cluttered with the jungle trees and the ridiculous amount of different fencing.
  17. I think it looks fine as is. Don't change a thing. Your getting there with the colors. Nice neutral colors and keeping the scheme all around. Maybe brighten it up and give a little contrast with a white building?
  18. Nice start to a pleasant park. Not seeing much buildings though.
  19. In the non sloped tunnel that the coaster either enters or exits out of. The clearance looks a little low. But if it's 1/2 wall guess you can't fix that. But I LOVE that fly-by and really that whole section about the layout next to the station.
  20. I meant Balance as in the drive-through building. It looks empty on the right side without anything to support it.
  21. Put that building on the other side of the road entrance as well to make it more balanced.
  22. Those peeps must be fat because those lanes are for BIG BIG cars. But it looks great. Just a little bit more layering with the walls. For inspiration for that go to pacificoaster's universal studio entrance.
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