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  1. Very nice additions. I wish the parade went at least until labour day as I usually visit late summer or halloweekends. Love the idea of nightly bands. Not sure why all parks wouldn't offer that regularly as more guests would stick around to eat and drink.
  2. So basically we spend most October long weekends at Cedar point, this was our first time staying at Darien Lake instead. We rent a cabin onsite in either case. Pros and Cons: DL Pros: Way cheaper ($60/night for cabin with diamond elite vs $200/night at Cedar Point) Pretty much no lineups (CP is slammed that weekend) Quiet, laser show is cool, closer to home, (Toronto) Allows dogs and campfires Impressed with Park being open until 11pm DL Cons: The scare zones are a joke Why not have concerts going even if small scale with that venue there? Rides obviously not as good So at $180 VS $600 for accommodations I'd probably plan DL again in the future and catch CP at a less packed weekend. Hopefully they keep improving their haunt. The one maze near Viper was pretty good. BTW They have NO IDEA what they're doing. I went to member services and asked for my haunted house wristband and the lady said, "I told my boss I'm refusing to give them out because she gave me the wrong colour wristbands to give out last night"... omg haha Also terrible skip the line system of Ride of Steel.. in most cases we waited longer than the normal line and you have no seat choice. I have not been to other fright fests, only halloween haunts and screamers
  3. Ya I wasn't expecting Halloween Haunt in terms of number of scare zones or houses, but I figured they would try to make the few they had half decent. The haunt near ride of steel literally consists of two fog machines and two projectors. They should probably just not even bother and just keep the uncharge haunted houses if that's all they can manage.
  4. Staying for the weekend in a cabin. Went through two scare zones Screampunk and Voodoo Curse tonight and there wasn't anything in either. Like not one scare actor. I'm used to cedar point and wonderland that have plenty, is this normal? Will try the haunted houses tomorrow.
  5. 10 new attractions is pretty solid. Looks like they're trying. I know they find it hard to staff these events. It's not like Wonderland where there are millions of people that like a few km from the park. Very impressed with a new light show and food options.
  6. haha MF over Steel Vengeance? Really?? Does anyone think that?
  7. I do love that every park gets something. Before Six Flags owned DL it could go several years without an addition of substance. My guess is it get a coaster in 2021
  8. Smart to add to their waterpark. The lines on the slides are longer than the lines for their coasters. Would have liked a retheme of superman or a watercoaster, but this looks solid.
  9. I would guess the increase to the Fast Lane lines is due to the promotion. Everyone that renewed their passes got a free FL+. That's a lot of people. It would be better if they made the free FL+ valid for next season instead of this one to spread out the user base IMO (or at least optional to use next year).
  10. Just a heads up for Six Flags members. If you have Diamond Elite status you can book a cabin for $60/night in October. That's pretty awesome as they are over $300 in the summer months (without a membership).
  11. Oh ya fine with it not being included. It just should say so in the app. Subway also not included but I get that too. Overall a good value.
  12. Cedar Point does allow you to save money being a SPH. I just booked Hotel Breakers for August and saved money. I could be wrong, but I think it's only on breakers and not the cabins. Worth checking though. Thanks
  13. Trip Report Darien Lake: I've been going to Darien Lake every year since 2008 so I've seen it go through a lot of changes. I was curious how the rebranding of six flags would impact the park, so I thought I'd share my thoughts. Wonderland is my home park in Toronto, but I've been to most parks in North America. Good: -We stay on site in a cabin. Normally over $300/night but having a diamond elite membership cut the cost in half. That's HUGE. I wish Cedar Fair would do that for their platinum members. Discounts on accommodations are a huge perk. -The two skip a line passes are good for 4 people. That was surprising to me and a nice perk. - Much better communication before the trip with their camping office via email. You get assigned someone who makes sure you are happy with your trip. - Discount does work at most restaurants including their best restaurant IMO Beaver Brothers (but only there from 12-5pm as they exclude the buffet). Needs some work: - I asked 4 different people if Beaver Brothers was covered by 50% member discount. Got 4 different answers (yes, no, sometimes, not sure). - Two train operations are needed on ROS. - The "General Store" is listed in their app but doesn't honour member discount. It should as it's also not listed as an excluded store. Terrible: - We tried to use our skip the line pass on Ride of Steel around 9:15 last night. 15 minutes before closing. There was a wait of about 20 people up the exit ramp and maybe 100 people in the station? We waited our turn until about 9:40 and were the final two in the fast pass area and then were told they aren't taking any others. That's pretty brutal. Why let someone wait that long and then turn them away especially when they are the final two (there will still people in the regular line). Anyway, there is a learning curve with this stuff. Most staff don't seem trained very well with how the new six flags features work but hopefully that will improve. Overall there is more value in staying here than there used to be (with a membership) so that's never bad.
  14. Well, that's not necessarily true. If the park has two trains and runs one of them, they'll save money by being able to use parts from their spare they already paid for, and not paying to order new parts. Also, they're using power every time they run the lift motor, that power costs money. If they're only running one train they're running that lift less often, therefore saving money. I also believe maybe the biggest factor is they actually want the lineup to take a long time. The longer people are in the park, the more tempting to spend money. With a smaller park with fewer coasters such as DL, they don't want you to be finished in a couple of hours and leave. My thoughts anyway.
  15. They're personally my fav type of ride. Manta is my #1 coaster. The superman flying coasters are in my top 10. My dream would be Cedar Point building a flying coaster over the lake... is it not strange this is the one type of coaster they seem to avoid?
  16. I agree with this.. just think they need something unique and new to draw even more from the GTA. I remember one summer when ROS went down for most of the summer I cancelled my trip to Darien Lake.. they need a backup ride of the same caliber.
  17. Sorry I meant clones of Wonderland rides.. I think as a vacation getaway resort they need to target people from their biggest market in nearby regions.
  18. While the point of being stuck in line and not being able to move around and spend money is valid, I'm convinced the reason they don't operate two trains boils down to this: The park is on the smaller side, especially for rollercoaster lovers. If you run two trains you are "done" the rollercoasters in possibly 1-2 hrs. I think they intentionally slow your experience down. While true you are stuck in lines and temporarily not able to spend money while in line, being at the park longer makes you span more meal times. If someone is forced to buy lunch and dinner at a park they are going to make more money. Not to mention the number of people camping or staying on site. I think they believe if someone is able to do ride of steel 20 times in one day they might not stay as many days. I don't agree with that logic, but I'm convinced they use this strategy. That combined with less staff being needed to man 1 train. Anyway this park has a lot of potential. I feel like if they installed 2-3 more unique coasters they would draw many more from the GTA. Wonderland has really invested in their park and Darien Lake has not touched their coaster lineup for quite some time. What makes it worse is two of their coasters are direct clones of ones already at Wonderland. A maverick type ride or a really good flyer would do the park wonders.
  19. It is true, I am at Darien Lake right now. They have a sign up saying welcome back to the scrambler.
  20. I was there labour day weekend and have been there 5 of the past 7 labour day weekends. I personally find the place enjoyable, especially if you stay on site and just enjoy a slower paced amusement park. I have noticed that the operations have really gone down hill the past couple of years. One year they allowed the ROS to stay down for almost half their season, that's crazy! This year all of the coasters were open, but again they refuse to run two trains. I honestly believe this is due to staffing and the desire to keep people around a little longer in their park. The washrooms were filthy and there aren't even people at the side gates to check your tickets (wristbands). The waterpark was insanely busy and they didn't even open all of their water slides. At least 4 major water attractions were out of operation. In a park this size, you really need all of your rides operating to keep people busy. I think Darien Lake has an enormous amount of potential, and it already draws many from Toronto and surrounding areas. I can only imagine what it could become with a couple premier ride additions, cleanly washrooms, and adequate staffing. I wasn't around for the 6 flags days, did they do a better job?
  21. This is one of the worst parks for operations. I love Darien Lake, but they close a lot of rides to save money and almost always run one train only.
  22. Agreed, the new trains helped a great deal. It's gone from an avoid at all coaster to a decent woodie. Darien Lake needs one more solid coaster to really make this a park I'd go to on an annual basis. I'd love to see a flying coaster of some sort or something that Wonderland doesn't have. Can't understand why they would have two identical coasters to Wonderland when the parks are so close together.
  23. Are you a sadomasochist? Not really, I don't normally like pain. I guess some feeling of OMG this thing is crazy and might destroy me adds to the excitement. I only felt the pain in the ribs the next day when I got on Mean Streak at Cedar Point, which very well could have added to the discomfort. lol
  24. Son of Beast (post loop), but I liked the pain. My ribs hurt for days, but still fun.
  25. 1. Magnum - cedar point 2. Ride of Steel - Darien Lake 3. Maverick - cedar point 4. The Beast - King's Island 5. El Toro - six flags great adventure 6. Nitro - six flags great adventure 7. Dominator - kings dominion 8. Millenium Force - cedar point 9. Storm Runner - hershey park 10. Top Thrill Dragster - cedar point
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