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  1. I feel bad for this park. It's a really nice place to stay but man they need a supporting cast for superman. Motocoaster doesn't quite do it. Doesn't help that two of their coasters are wonderland clones. Urgg
  2. Only launching B&M (though the launch part was done by a different company). Okay thanks. Kind of thought we might see a bigger scale one of these at wonderland. Robb. Any plans to rate coasters on this site or only parks. Would be interested to see this community's top 10
  3. Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me the closest clone to the incredible hulk at universal? Seems like a rare ride no?
  4. They KIND of have that in Cedar Point from Magnum to Millennium Force to Top Thrill Dragster. True but they are all different types of rides there. At least I think magnum feels completely different than mf. And top thrill is well top thrill.
  5. Just another crazy thought. What if 5 yrs from now they build the first 400ft b&m and they become known as a speciality park for this type of experience. Imagine someone coming to the park and starting with behemoth and working their way up to leviathan and then __________. That would be pretty unique in itself by having a trio of similar but increasing in intensity rides. The similarity is in essence what makes it unique. No other park could offer this experience.
  6. Well vampire and Ednor are really not that similar. I found them to be quite different experiences. Same with the two at Hershey. In fact storm runner seems to be one of the most unique coasters I've come across IMO. While I've been on quite a few launch coasters, not many have taken you through elements that high up. Here's a thought. Personally I love mf and nitro but am not a big fan of behemoth in comparison. This new coaster seems more like mf to me than behemoth (in layout not trains). So are they really that similar? Could it not be argued that leviathan is going to offer a fairly substantial different experience? Behemoth seems to do the same thing over and over which is great if you like that, but I'm more a fan of twists, turns and speed. Leviathan seems to cater to that crowd. Just my thoughts
  7. Okay definitely shocked at this announcement. My first choice for this amount of $$ would have been a tatsu type flying coaster. 2nd choice would have been a maverick style. 3rd a Storm runner type launch coaster. 4th a hulk style or 5th a dive machine Having said that I go to wonderland a lot and although behemoth is a good ride, I think this one has a more interesting layout personally. This reminds me a lot of millennium force, and who can go wrong with that in your park. This will really help with capacity in what is the busiest park I've ever been to. Surprised but excited. Anyone who complains about a 300 ft monster coaster needs to look at other parks in the area (marine land, Darien lake) and see how lucky wonderland is to be getting these magnificent additions.
  8. While my first choice was an epic flying coaster to burry the pain of tomb raider/time warp, it's hard to complain about a B&M bigger than behemoth. I've always found the out and back format a little dry, so I'd say a giga B&M with more twists and turns would be a very different experience. Also the trains at 4 across are much better. Often times I travel with 3 others and it doesn't really feel like you're sitting with the other people when on Behemoth as they are in front or behind you. Will this raise Wonderland to the 2nd best Cedar Fair park or would people say King's Island or Dominion has a stronger lineup even with this addition? I've been to many CF parks and I'd rank them currently as: (out of the ones I've been to) Cedar Point King's Dominion King's Island Wonderland Dorney Mich Adventure
  9. Predator @ Darien Lake before the new trains, it is much more comfortable now. Now it would have to go to Disaster Transport or Mean Streak. Both complete wastes of space. I actually liked SOB, a bit of pain can add to the thrill
  10. Waldameer is my favourite small park. Not sure if Darien Lake would count (4 coasters), but I love the ride of steel and the fact that you can stay on site in cabins. (cheap refills on beer too!)
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