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  1. I went there on our "free day" while other people went sightseeing. I would have done the same thing, a classic Schwarzkopf coaster over sightseeing any day!
  2. GCI redoing Ghostrider, so yeah this makes sense too., GCI retracking and new trains?
  3. Love that crane, when I worked out at the plants one summer for construction they had one on site. It is a huge crane, good crane to build Valravn with.
  4. Maybe respecting the person who was killed? I personally like the name, its fitting of a Dive Coaster.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valravn read this and I think you will know why they may change the name now. Who knows maybe not, but interesting story on the name.
  6. You get the Christmas Card and Ornament? Or did you get the blue print? I got the Ornament and the Christmas Card with the shipping date of the Blueprint in the card Christmas Eve, was quite a surprise!
  7. 1978! Greezed Lightnin SFAW Shock Wave SFOT Loch Ness Monster
  8. I was talking with my dad about Its a Small World and he said he saw the original at the Worlds Fair. He was 13 at the time, wish he had pictures I would have loved to see that!
  9. Cant really say last one I attended since I dont go to many, but September 5th I am going to see AFI, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park here in Houston!
  10. I uploaded this to the Exchange, my first NL2 coaster, well actually my first ever No Limits coaster. I never could get good with NL1. Here is some shots of The Serpent.
  11. Here is my first coaster in NL2, will upload soon.[youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The Serpent will strike, a short but not so powerful Timberliner. I love the G Comb to watch the Gs now.
  12. Awesome coaster, working on a coaster now, making a Timberliner, but will work on it in between working so I cant finish so quick!
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